Hey there, I’m Heather – the wife side of this ArboursAbroad duo. I’m a teacher, a believer, and a lover of all things outdoors. When we moved to Scotland, my teaching license didn’t transfer, so I began pouring my passion of helping and teaching others into this website. It’s become a great escape for me to teach people – not to travel – but to live out their dreams.
When I’m not sharing about all things travel, you’ll find me writing about something that’s been on my heart or something I’ve learned throughout the years – and more recently, you can find me sitting behind the screen turning other people’s dreams of traveling into a reality through planning trips for others!
I’m glad you’re here. I hope ArboursAbroad can be a tool for you to live your life to the fullest. Away from the ways society tells you that you have to live, and into a place that you find joy and fulfillment of your own.


Hey there, I’m Jason - a Christ following, physiotherapy student nut of a husband. While Heather does the writing for this website, you’ll find me with the camera in hand capturing photos and videos of our travels.
When I was ten, I did a ten-day trip across Europe that completely opened my small town world to something huge. I saw so many cultures, monumental landmarks, and varying countrysides that left my heart in what’s now coined as “wanderlust”.
Nearly 20 years later, I’ve had my fair share of travel, and still can’t seem to get enough. I’m currently completing a master’s in PT while living in a van down by the river and traveling to new places with every opportunity that arises. I’ve promised myself (and my wife) that we’ll continue living out our love for exploration, diving into new cultures, and seeing what the world has to offer in the time we have here on Earth.
I hope ArboursAbroad inspires you to, not necessarily sell everything and travel forever, but to break away from what society tells you you have to do and start doing the things you feel the most joy and satisfaction in. And hey, if that’s travel, I’ve got a feeling you should stick around here with us!


Here at ArboursAbroad, we’re on a mission to get out and explore the beautiful Creation around us. Somewhere between road tripping the United States and backpacking through South America, we realized our desire to travel wasn’t as much a desire to travel, but a desire to live life in a way we feel most fulfilled – out exploring new places and cultures.
So, we’re doing just that.
We’re currently living out our dream of living in a van, being as nomadic as we can in Scotland while traveling every dang chance we get experiencing new cultures and scenery. 
Whether you're into strapping on all the necessities to your back and hitting the trail, loading your gear in a car and taking on the road mile by mile, jumping on a plane and moving to a new country, or building out a van and exploring wherever you are, we're here to share tips and tricks about it all!
Thanks so much for stopping in. We hope you stick around to get inspired and encouraged.
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3 thoughts on “About ArboursAbroad

  • Hi Jason and Heather!
    Glad to see you back on FB. Looking forward to reading about your adventures!
    Lana Lowe

    • Hey there Lana!! It would be an understatement to say we are glad to be back on here! We have been dying to share with everyone.. so we are so so so happy to have our page up and running again!! We will be posting again soon to share some experiences seeing our first castles over here!!
      Heather and Jason

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