August 27, 2014

About ArboursAbroad

Hi Folks!!


We are Jason and Heather Arbour! We're on a mission to get out and explore as much of the beautiful Creation around us as possible and want to share it with you all! We've been so blessed as to road trip across the United States, backpack through South America, and move to the United Kingdom!


We're currently living in Scotland, traveling around in Isobel (our van), while Jason attends graduate school for physiotherapy.


Whether you're into strapping on all the necessities to your back and hitting the trail, loading your gear in a car and taking on the road mile by mile, jumping on a plane and moving to a new country, or building out a van and exploring wherever you are, we're here to share tips and tricks about it all!


Thanks for stopping in.. We hope you stick around to get inspired and encouraged! You can subscribe here, or fill out your details below 🙂


Oh and P.S. -- If you want to know more about us, or are looking for a good place to start.. we recommend this post here!



Heather and Jay



2 thoughts on “About ArboursAbroad

  • Hi Jason and Heather!
    Glad to see you back on FB. Looking forward to reading about your adventures!
    Lana Lowe

    • Hey there Lana!! It would be an understatement to say we are glad to be back on here! We have been dying to share with everyone.. so we are so so so happy to have our page up and running again!! We will be posting again soon to share some experiences seeing our first castles over here!!
      Heather and Jason

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