And We’re Off



And we are off!!!!

Wow, what an adventure we have begun…and a bit later than what we were hoping, but hey, it’s a road trip, that’s expected right?


Our original plan was to leave Friday afternoon – we quickly realized that was an extremely unrealistic goal with how much we had to pack and whom we still needed to say goodbye to. So we changed our plan to be leaving Saturday morning between 8:00 and 10:00 and again reality kicked in and we didn’t actually get on the road till midnight – again the fun side of traveling.. nothing is as expected.




So we guess technically our trip didn’t actually begin until Sunday early early morning. We drove, well Jason drove and I slept on and off for three hours. We ended up camping at Hat Creek Overlook on California Highway 44. People get this.. it’s a free yes free campsite. For those of you who like to camp check out it has free campsites everywhere!!




Now it’s free, so you can’t expect much, especially when you arrive after 3:00am. We drove around the parking lot to try and find the 6-15 campsites that were supposed to be there, thought that maybe we just needed to get out and walk around to try and find them, and then got tired of doing that so we pitched a tent in the parking lot. The stars were amazing, and the cement was quite comfy with our sleeping pads. We slept like babies.. literally.. you know when you have a newborn and they only sleep for short periods of time. Yes, that was us. We went to bed after 4:00am and ended up waking up at 6:30 from the first car that stopped at this gorgeous lookout.




When we say gorgeous that’s exactly what we mean. Again we got there while it was pitch black, so we couldn’t see anything outside of our flashlight’s range. So waking up was a true treat. God’s beauty was shining through the devastation of the fire there in 2009. The valley was so pretty and the huge mountainous backdrop was to die for. The bathrooms and picnic tables to eat breakfast on were just added bonuses.




We hit the road again around 8:00am and are hoping to get to Great Basin National Park tonight. The plan is to camp there for a night, hike through the caves in the morning and then hit the road again heading for Zion National Park in Utah.



*Praise Him for safe travels so far, and pray for continued safe travels

*Praise Him that Jason’s Crohn’s disease is in complete remission and that he continues to be healed from Crohn’s

*Pray that we would see where the Lord is guiding us on this trip

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15 thoughts on “And We’re Off

  • We miss you already! Glad you made it safe on your first night! Keep us posted! Love you guys!
    Brian, ashley, Kiara & Charlie 🐶

  • Have a great trip. I’m looking forward to enjoying your adventure thru your writings. Give Kaylee a big hug from me when you see here.

  • I see you got a late start, that’s bound to happen much on your trip as you have already seen.
    My prayers going out to the both of you. I bit of advice , ” stop all intake of wheat products to help your Crohn’s disease.”
    Great Pics and have as much fun as you can. Oh yah, did I say Have fun. Have fun. LOL

  • My favorite phrase…..And the adventure begins!!! I will be praying for you daily. What an amazing story you are creating!

  • This is awesome! I really like this idea, and its great to keep tabs on your wonderful adventure together. My advice is, nothing is expected right? So toss both of your watches out the window on some back road. Time is not a matter for this adventure! Have fun you two!

  • I wondered what time you actually got out of town….lol. Very excited to follow this adventure with you. We will praying for you the entire way. You two are pretty special to us and we’re so grateful our paths have crossed. Love you two, be safe and enjoy every second God has planned for you!
    Murf & Carol

  • FIRST!!! Hey I was just thinking about you two and wondering how far you made it last night(this morning)! Thanks for making us your final visit last night, we had a great time visiting and we were thrilled you were able to meet our newest family member:-)
    Well, we’re praying your time is rich and blessed beyond measure as you enter into this new season and chapter or your lives!

    Keep us all posted, we know you will haha:-)

    Jared, Kelli, Finley, Madie, and Benny

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