Arches NP

Arches National Park was a really fun park to run through and explore. With the free wild camping, the short and long hikes, and amazing red rocks all around, Arches National Park is a must! Everywhere you look there’s gorgeous views, crazy rock formations, and unbelievable arches!



Heading into Arches NP we began studying about it in our national park book, Your Guide to the National Parks. We quickly learned that there was free backcountry camping in the park as long as we obtained a free permit. So, first things first.. we headed into the visitor center to find out where we could camp and snatch up a permit to do so.  We found out it’s basically the same rules as any other national park, away from the road, out of site, and clean up your mess! We decided we would set up camp before exploring the park, and I think it’s safe to say we could have easily just stayed at camp all day. However, with a few hours left in our day, we wanted to get out and see some arches!!



After figuring out where we would call home for the night, we headed up through the park stopping along the way to do short hikes to some of the most amazing arches. People, this park is full of short hikes. So don’t even if you only have an hour or so left of daylight.. be sure to get out and see some of these amazing arches.



Once it started getting dark, we headed to our camping spot, grabbed a backpackers meal for dinner and began trekking through the park to our “home”. We set up camp on a rock bed, made our dinner, and enjoyed watching the sun disappear as the full moon was sneaking up behind us.



We were awoken in the morning by rain drenching our tent. The rain decided to stay until we were back to our car.. and went away as we began driving to where we would begin hiking for the day.  Of course it stopped once we were under cover!! ha…  We drove to the end of the only road in the national park and began a five mile hike where we would see multiple gorgeous arches, and meet some fun people along the way.



After this hike, we got back in our car and headed to the three mile Delicate Arch hike.. We enjoyed our lunch outside in the rain (which doubled as a shower) and then headed up the path to Delicate Arch. This is the one everyone says you have to do.. and they are so right!! This arch was so spectacular- it’s the arch that is featured on Utah license plates.. and the people watching up there was seriously to die for!! Don’t get us wrong.. we truly enjoyed the mystery of the arch formation, but stayed for longer to enjoy the amusement of people watching.



After taking in all the beauty of Delicate Arch and all the people we could, we headed out of this national park and made our way over to Canyonlands National Park, only a 45 minute drive away!



A little side note.. before we made our way into the park, we attended church at Alpine Bible Church in Lehi. And can we just say, wow, the service was so good—God has a serious sense of humor. The pastor at Alpine Bible Church was speaking on Acts.. the very same book our “homegroup” back in Grants Pass was starting.. also the same book the pastor we have on CD is going through.. Walking out of the service we looked at each other and were all.. Alright God, we get it.. You want us to study Acts!! So yes.. we have started going through Acts and are absolutely loving the book so far.. A great book to go through for anyone that’s wanting to start reading through something!



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