Welcome to our Arizona page. Here you’ll find details on national parks in Arizona, the only two major problems we had during our road trip, and a side to Arizona you didn’t know existed! Whether you’re interested in huge cacti at Saguaro National Park or all things grand at the Grand Canyon, you’ve found yourself in the right place!

  • Grand Canyon NP     

    Grand Canyon NP    

    Well, since we were stuck in Flagstaff for the three days that we were supposed to be in the Grand Canyon, we only had one and a half days to spend there. We decided that we would go to the visitor’s center and see if we could get a back country pass so we could Read more about Grand Canyon NP    […]Read More »
  • Stranded in Flagstaff, Arizona

    Stranded in Flagstaff, Arizona

    Clunk, gurgle, gurgle.. “Is that our car?” “No that’s not good ol’ Zippy, she’s a champ!” Clunk, gurgle, gurgle.. (A bit louder this time) “Uhh.. yep, that’s definitely our car!” “We’re almost to Jiffy Lube, we can make it!” Gurgle, gurgle, no power.. “I think we can roll down to that gas station.” And there Read more about Stranded in Flagstaff, Arizona[…]Read More »
  • Petrified Forest NP

    Petrified Forest NP

    We left Tucson around 10:00 am Sunday the 12th to head up to Petrified Forest National Park in the northeast part of Arizona. This park has very, very little hiking trails, so we knew it would be a park to only spend three or four hours at then hit the road again. Driving up to Read more about Petrified Forest NP[…]Read More »
  • Tucson and Saguaro NP

    Tucson and Saguaro NP

    We made it to Tucson, Arizona in the late afternoon,  as soon as we made it to Kevin’s house the three of us got right back in the car and drove out to Saguaro National Park (East) to explore the Saguaro Forest Drive and hike a few short trails. We have never seen a Saguaro Read more about Tucson and Saguaro NP[…]Read More »

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