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When searching for a place to stay in Zadar, we scoured every different booking site, read review after review of the best areas to stay in Zadar, and spent hours trying to find a place that’s outside of the touristy scene Zadar typically offers. When we came across the Art Villa Ines, we knew we had to stay with Dr. Ines and the team.

The pictures and reviews of the Art Villa sold us on wanting to stay, but it wasn’t until we checked in that we really knew what we were in for. Upon check-in, we instantly felt we were welcomed as part of the Art Villa family. We were taken in under the wings of all the staff at the Art Villa, each person wanting to make our stay the best it could be – not only at the Art Villa but in Croatia as a whole.

Walking up to our room we felt so at home. The personal touches added to every detail of the Art Villa wasn’t something you could just see, but it was something you could feel. The quirkiness of the grounds put off a feeling of ease and comfort, and the friendliness of the staff showed we were more than just guests, we were family.



The Art:

As if you couldn’t tell by the name, this place truly is a art villa. The woman who owns the place, Dr. Ines Jurin, is an amazing artist, and her work is what you’ll find decorating each room. With hundreds of paintings along the walls and each room perfectly decorated with themed paintings as well, you’ll feel like you’re staying at an art gallery, not a villa.

The Bed:

Oooo.. the bed. This is our second favorite bed that we’ve ever slept on. With bedding to snuggle up tight in, large plush pillows and the comfort of a bed that makes you fall asleep on impact, you better only lay down if you’re ready for a great night’s rest!

The Bathroom:

Even in the bathroom, you’ll find Dr. Ines’ art. She hand paints the walls to again make you feel relaxed… who knew bathroom relaxation was even a thing?! You’ll find the essential toiletries, towels, and even bathrobes too! She’s currently updating things as she has time, so some bathrooms are more luxurious than others, although all are great to use!

The Feeling:

It’s hard to put into words the exact feeling walking into an Art Villa room gives you. The décor, design, and theme portray romance, life, and just pure happiness. You can tell that the art isn’t found just within each painting in the room but in the room as a whole.

The View:

While we aren’t sure that every room has a good of a view as ours did, most have a view towards the water, and some you can even see a sliver of that beautiful sea. We even caught a glimpse of the sunset from our balcony as well! Speaking of balconies, yes, they’re complete with a private table and chairs!




With romance hidden around every corner, the Art Villa is the perfect place for couples. The overall feeling of the Art Villa will make you want to do nothing more than simply spending time with a loved one. Find a private area to sit together in deep conversation, or sit and chat with others at the villa. Either way, there’s a place for you!



Traveling solo or with someone special, you’ll feel the romantic vibe everywhere here. Find yourself feeling lost in a Nicholas Sparks movie, and embrace this rare environment. Walk away feeling like there’s hope for your romantic soul!


Easygoing, Soul Searching Travelers:

If you’re traveling and are ready for a little break from the hostel/party scene, stay at the Art Villa. You’ll find time to recoup, refocus, and be reenergized on life. We left the Art Villa feeling so refreshed and with such a positive outlook on what’s next, we hope you’ll leave feeling the same!



The Lounges:

Found in every nook and cranny, on every balcony, indoors, and outdoors is some kind of comfortable lounge space. There are oversized couches and pillows inside, tables and chairs, couches and beach loungers all outdoors, and places in the shade or under the sun. The Art Villa is full of places for you to sit back and get comfy!



On those hot summer days, the pool is the only place you’ll want to be. And the nicest thing about this pool is that it’s for relaxing, not rough play! So you can sit right on the ledge with a book in hand without worrying you’ll ruin your great read.  Paddle around and get refreshed before just hanging out by the water.



Each room comes with a private balcony. Some of them face the ocean, others the street. But whichever view you have, there’s a nice seating area regardless! The balconies make the perfect place for a late night glass of wine or an early morning cup of tea!




Not only are each of the rooms decorated personally by Dr. Ines Jurin’ art, the villa as a whole is one large masterpiece. You’ll quickly find that each piece of the property has meaning and every detail from the flowers to the room décor has been thoroughly thought through and simply put, loved. Enjoy this villa as a true work of art and just sit back and relax!



Spend a day swimming in the large pool at the Art Villa. It’s kept really clean and was at a great temperature when we were there. Definitely, take advantage of the nice pool to take a break in!


Day Trip to Plitvice Lakes:

Plitvice Lakes National Park is the uber famous waterfall national park in Croatia. With Plitvice Lakes being less than two hours away from Zadar, they make for a great day trip. Do be aware that there is no swimming in these lakes, and it can get a bit touristy.

WATCH MORE : A Day at Plitvice Lakes National Park


Day Trip to Krka National Park:

Krka National Park is a lesser visited national park in Croatia, but we aren’t sure why. At this national park, you can actually get into the water and swim around at the bottom of the falls! It again can get quite touristy, but it is well worth the visit!

WATCH MORE : A Day at Krka National Park


Explore Zadar:

Zadar is a beautiful city to pay a visit to! With things like the Greeting to the Sun and the Sea Organ, wandering around Zadar makes for a great evening! Walk along the waterfront and enjoy some gelato, and don’t forget to catch the sunset near the Greeting to the Sun!




Map Apps Problems:

We had a bit of difficulty actually finding exactly where to park and reach the Art Villa. Both Google maps, and our maps.me app, took us to the general location of the villa, however, not the exact place. If you’re on the main road (Put Dikla) in the general location the map apps bring you, you’ll see a restaurant called Mamma Mia and a small market. The Art Villa Ines is the building right across the market with the long covered walkway coming out of the building.

However, if you’re driving, you’ll actually want to go to the side of the Art Villa, to the main parking area. Turn off of Put Dikla before the Mamma Mia restaurant (opposite side as the restaurant) onto Ul. Augusta Senoe. Drive down until you see a small casino with men on the balcony on the left, and then on the right, you’ll see a large dirt parking lot. Pull in there and walk through the gap in the wall to the Art Villa.




Search for the Art Villa here, and then choose what room fits your desired stay. By booking through this link, we get a little kickback. We’d love for you to use this link if you enjoyed this post!


Save this Art Villa Ines info for a quick reference later!

Recommended Gear for Art Villa Ines:

The Art Villa is a great place to just sit back and relax. We’re including gear here to help capture all your memories from your stay, a simple way to have multiple books in one spot, and our go to traveling backpack too!

*Although we stayed at the Art Villa Ines as Dr. Ines special guests, all opinions are our own, and we honestly can 100% recommend the Art Villa to you!
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