We’re Back in Aberdeen… Our September Update

We haven’t given everyone an update in quite some time as to how we are doing and what we’re up to… so we thought we would share a bit with you all!!


First off… We went to Thailand for a month back in July. If you missed that trip, head here to see all about our time there. We got back to Aberdeen at the beginning of August, and since then, Jason’s been keeping busy studying neuro and writing a paper, while Heather’s been working hard on the blog.


Although it has been extremely busy this past month and a half, and is only getting crazier for the next couple weeks, we have been able to squeeze in some fun too. We went to our first Highland Games on August 14th in Perth, which was quite the experience. Picture a track meet with Scottish dancing, bagpipe competitions, and men throwing huge logs, hammers, and cowbells.  If you aren’t laughing yet, you’re sure to be after seeing the photos below!


We brought our friends Erin and Travis along for our first weekend with friends in Isobel. Erin and Heather watched movies in the back of the van while Jason and Travis chatted away in the front. With perfect weather for the weekend and a killer campsite on top of a hill, we enjoyed every minute of our getaway. We even got to witness a meteor shower our first night! It was definitely a weekend for the books!



Since then, we have been hunkering down on work. Lots of it. With Jason being in school, and Heather working on the blog, we’ve had our fair share of coffee shops in and around Aberdeen, late nights at the school library, and workdays just sitting in the van. And we can honestly sit here and say we love it! How could we not love the freedom the van gives us and the closeness to each other it brings?!



We have found some great places to park in town during the week, and typically try and head outside of town for the weekend. A few weekends ago, we made our way to Ellon to visit our friend Sydney at work. After a fun night at the brewery, we were thankful for having a vehicle that’s a home to sleep in right outside. A late morning’s start and a road closure later, we spent the day in a café in Ellon where we learned of the Pedal Car Race.


We decided to park in Ellon for the night to enjoy the festival with the locals in the morning. With the town’s main roads turned into a race track, and booths set up along the river, we loved being Scottish for the day. We sat and watched people race by foot and bike, and then ended the festival watching people race cars they had built at home. It was such a great festival to stumble upon!



That evening we made our way to Haddo House. (Kind of like a castle, but called a house instead. Not sure what makes it a house verses a castle, but you get the idea).  We walked through the gardens, relaxed soaking up the sun, and then attended a church service that evening in the chapel on site. Again, one of those things we won’t forget. An hour of tea time in a historic library, followed by a service in the chapel of this massive historic house to end our day made for the most Scottish day we have experienced to date!



Fast forward a bit…


Jason finishes his module (like a term back in the states) on the 20th of this month. Which means we have twelve more days left before have a quick 6-day break followed by the start of a new placement. He’s working on a huge paper that’s due at the end of the module, and will soon start to study for his OSPE (practical test) that he has in a week and a half.


Jay’s next placement will begin on September 26th and will go through November 4th. Remember how his last placement was in Inverness and we loved every minute of it?! This one is in the Shetland Islands, and we again couldn’t be more thrilled! We’ll be embarking on a 14 hour ferry ride on the 24th of this month to move to the new place we will call home for about six weeks.  We’re super excited to get to experience the island, yet are a bit nervous about the lack of daylight we’ll be experiencing. Towards the end of his placement, it will be getting dark by 3:00 in the afternoon! Talk about missing out on some serious vitamin D! Good news with the lack of daylight… we have a really, really good chance of seeing a bit of the northern lights! We’ll keep you posted with that for sure!!


With us both working extremely hard this past month and a half, we decided to treat ourselves to a quick vacay for the four days between Jay’s big test and our ferry ride to Shetland. So, right after Jay’s test, we fly to London!! We’re really looking forward to a break with no stress or worries about school/work before everything picks back up on placement. We even get to spend time with our friends that we met in South America that live in London! We’re super stoked to catch up with them again! It will be a quick city break, but one that will be much deserved after all the hard work that’s been happening this month!


[If you have any tips on London, please, please, please share them with us!! We don’t typically travel to big cities, and don’t want to miss out on what this one has to offer!]





If you have the time, or care to check it out at all, please click through some of our most recent traveling posts on Thailand. Heather’s been working hard putting together loads of information we gained on that trip, and we’re really excited to share it with people that are traveling there in the future. Even if you’re not heading to Thailand, please still check it out and give us some feedback on what looks good or bad/the structure of the post/what information we didn’t share that you think we should!! It truly would mean the world to us for you to spend a few minutes browsing through and sharing your thoughts with us! Thanks so much!!




…Prayer Requests…

Pray for safety in our upcoming travels, both to London and our ferry ride up to Shetland.

Praise the Lord for the ease we have had thus far living in the van. It has been a huge blessing and has been way better than we ever expected.

Pray for Jay with his paper and OSPE coming up… that the Lord would give him the knowledge he needs a resources to use to for both.

Pray for continued healing of Jay’s stomach!

Pray for Heather as she continues to transition to life over here. It’s a lot of time spent alone/in front of the computer screen working. So pray for peace and reassurance in her work.



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