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There is no doubt in our minds that the Lord moved us to Scotland January 2016 to embark on a master’s in physiotherapy for Jason. However, what we didn’t know was that His plans for our lives over here were going to be different than the average physio student. A few weeks ago, we were told Jay wouldn’t be completing his program as planned. Praise the Lord we see the Light in this, and know the Lord has bigger, better plans for our future here.

For those of you who don’t know, Jason has been battling a flare up with his Crohn’s disease since May of 2016. With the first signs of the flare-up occurring just before two major tests in his program, we thought the symptoms would go away after the stress of the exams passed. However, they continually got worse.

In August, we decided to make a plan to visit the doctor here in Scotland. After being pushed around from one doctor to the next, and getting on more meds than you can imagine that didn’t work, Jay finally has an appointment with the gastroenterologist tomorrow.


People… we’re talking over 20 weeks after the initial request to get in, he’s finally seeing the doctor.

Although it’s extremely hard to be hopeful that this appointment will go well, and Jay will get the help he needs, we have hope in the Lord that what Jason is going through is part of the Lord’s bigger, better plans for our lives here.

With the progression of his flare up, Jason is at a point where he cannot complete this clinical placement for school. Although this may seem scary, and is definitely not how we thought the Lord’s plans for us in Scotland were going to play out, we are confident the Lord’s hand is in this.


So what exactly that means for us…


While Jay’s classmates are working nearly 40-hour weeks with patients, we’ll be spending the next six-weeks doing what we can to heal Jay and get him on par for starting back up in school in March. The one major difference that will be happening for us is the timeline for completing school. Instead of being done with school this December, Jason will be finishing up his program in March of 2018.

Again, we’re praising the Lord that Jason’s in a program where extending his program a bit isn’t the end of the world. And we know that this little hiccup in the way we thought our time in Scotland would play out is not a hiccup at all, but rather part of the Lord’s bigger, better plans for us.


Bigger, Better Plans…

We keep saying that this is part of the Lord’s bigger, better plans for our lives… And we’re sure you’re wondering what exactly we mean by that, so we’ll try and explain. We’ve been listening to sermons by Matt Chandler at the Village Church, and the Lord used one of his recent sermons to speak SO clearly to us. The sermon is called More Numerous Than the Stars, (we’ll link to it below), but for now, let us give you some insight.

Matt discusses how the Lord always keeps His promises. And yes, while we know that to be true, Matt’s biblical reminders of how those promises don’t always unfold the way we think they will, was exactly what we needed to hear at this time.

We know the Lord has us here in Scotland enrolled in the program Jason is in, but what we didn’t expect was for Jason to be taking six weeks off in the middle of schooling. So we’re looking at it from the perspective of the revealing of the Lord’s bigger, better plans for us.

As most of you know, Heather has been working away on the blog, and our dream for the blog is to build an income that can one day keep Heather at home with our children. While she’s been working away, and her work is starting to be recognized, we have huge dreams for the blog and Jay is a big part of those dreams too. With the time Jay has off, he’ll be keeping up to date with physio stuff, but also working on something else that’s been on his heart… vlogging.

We’ll be using these six weeks to heal Jason, explore the countryside of Scotland, and really build our online work into what we’ve been dreaming about for almost a year. We full heartedly believe that Jason’s time off from school right now is a huge part of the Lord’s plans for our lives, as growing the blog and sustaining an income greater than 1 USD can only be done with lots of commitment and focus from both of us.



We’ve got loads of video footage to make into vlogs, and Jay’s already been excitedly working through some of the footage from our most recent trip. While these vlogs will show the highlights of our travels, please do not have harsh judgment upon us. Remember that you’re only seeing a part of our day, and Jay’s condition at this point is real.

If you have any questions about Jay’s condition or want more details about what’s going on with us, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send us an email (contact @ We’d love to hear from you, as well as answer any questions you may have about Crohn’s Disease or about what our lives are going to look like here in Scotland from this point forward.


If you’re willing, we’d love prayer from you.

-You can pray for healing for Jason.

-Strength for us both in this time, as it’s much more needed than what you may see.

-Wisdom from the Lord with the blog/vlog.

-And prayers for an income with ArboursAbroad that will grow and fulfill our dreams.


Thanks for sticking with us on this crazy journey we are blessed to call our lives. We’ll be posting more soon about our Christmas break adventures, and will have a vlog up and live within the next day or two!

If you’re interested in the sermon that gave us huge insight into how real our God is, and how much He loves us, check out this sermon below. We only pray the Lord speaks to you as clearly as He spoke to us through it.



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