5 Tips to Flying Budget Airlines Including Luggage Guidelines


It’s no question that budget airlines provide extremely cheap rates. Flying roundtrip between countries for sometimes under 40 USD can save you loads while traveling. However, flying with budget airlines can be expensive if you don’t know these few tips.




1. Pack Light

Each checked bag is an extra cost with budget airlines. Packing only a carry on will allow you to skip the extra luggage fees. Check the luggage guidelines below to see their size restrictions. If you aren’t sure how to downsize your luggage, take a look at these ideas here.


2. Check-In Online

Each of the budget airlines listed below charge for anything they themselves have to pay for. This includes a lovely assistant at the check in desk. Be sure to check in online before heading to the airport. You can typically do so about a week before your flight, and the sooner you check in the better chance you have of sitting with your traveling companion!

3. Print Your Boarding Pass

This goes along with tip two. Print off your boarding pass. Some airlines (like EasyJet) now allow you to add your boarding pass to your phone and scan it through check-in. However, most airlines aren’t equipped with that luxury yet, so you’ll want to print your boarding pass. Surprisingly, this can save you up to 50 USD with certain airlines!


4. Bring Your Own Snacks

Flying with budget airlines means you’re paying for everything. There’s no such thing as complimentary peanuts with these airlines. Be sure to pack your own snack! Even if you don’t think you’ll be hungry, once everyone else starts opening their 10 dollar snacks on the flight, you’ll get hungry too! Lucky for you, you’ve read this post, taken these great tips and have a 50 cent Snickers in your bag. Way better than peanuts, and you’re saving some cash!


5. Bring a Bottle that Closes and Fill Up Before Boarding

Snacks aren’t included, and neither are drinks. Not even water! On budget airlines, a cup of water will cost nearly 2 USD! Be sure to pack an empty small water bottle, and then fill it up with a drink from the airport. We’ve never been turned down by a barista or bartender when we’ve asked them to fill our water bottles for us! Be sure to have it in an enclosed container, and put away when you go through boarding, as we have seen people get their drinks confiscated before boarding a flight.




[Each link provided here, leads you to baggage restrictions for each of the following budget airlines. We’ve included the size allowances for each airline, however, by clicking on the individual budget airline links, you will be directed to further guidelines regarding luggage.]



Region of World: Europe/UK

Luggage Allowance: One personal item (35cm x 20cm x20cm) and if you chose to fly priority you’re granted a second cabin bag (10kg bag 55cm x 40cm x 20cm) — This is new as of January 15, 2018, and I’m really interested to see how it pans out for the airline.

Website: For more information on luggage allowances for RyanAir, head here 



Region of World: Europe/UK

Luggage Allowance: One free cabin bag (56cm x 45cm x 25cm)

Website: For more information on luggage allowances for EasyJet, head here. 



Region of World: Europe/UK

Luggage Allowance: One free cabin bag (42cm x 32cm x 25cm)

Website: For more information on luggage allowances for WizzAir, head here.  


Region of World: Europe/UK

Luggage Allowance: Two free bags (One cabin bag 55cm x 35cm x 20cm) and (one personal item such as a purse or briefcase that fits under the seat in front of you)

Website: For more information on luggage allowances for Flybe, head here. 


Allegiant Air 

Region of World: United States

Luggage Allowance: One free cabin bag (40.6cm x 38.1cm x 17.8cm)

Website:  For more information on luggage allowances with Allegiant Air, click here.



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Always remember to follow the five tips above when flying with budget airlines. The reason these airlines are so cheap is because they only charge for the services you use. If you’re going to fly with a checked bag, can’t print your boarding pass or check in online before your flight, or plan on buying loads of food and drinks on the plane, flying with these budget airlines may end up being more money than a regular flight.

Travel Light and Live Freely!

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