Welcome to our California page. With California being a state we’ve visited often, we have loads of stories to share with you. (more coming soon) California is a state really in its own world. Home to beaches, beautiful national parks, and Disneyland, this is quite the state to see.

  • The Cereda Household of Newport Beach

    The Cereda Household of Newport Beach

    We left Disneyland and it hit us.. A week from that day (Sunday) we would be heading to the airport to take off for South America. What??!! How did this come up so quickly? Then we thought, a week… okay that’s plenty of time to still relax and hang out! You can get a lot Read more about The Cereda Household of Newport Beach[…]Read More »
  • Disneyland


    The drive to get Daniel was full of lots of different emotions. We were excited to be seeing Daniel and the family, but this also meant that our road trip journey was at its end. The road trip was full of so many great things, and was such a freeing experience, that it was hard Read more about Disneyland[…]Read More »
  • Joshua Tree NP

    Joshua Tree NP

    After leaving the Grand Canyon we drove for about two hours and stopped at the very finest Walmart we could find. This was our last time sleeping in a Walmart parking lot, so we found the classiest one! In the morning, we woke up and made our way to California. We took our last picture Read more about Joshua Tree NP[…]Read More »
  • Where we are Now :)

    Where we are Now 🙂

    Hey everyone…   We’re sorry we are still playing catch up with the blog! We promise to write all the posts about the road trip before we take off for South America.   We thought we would let you know what the plan is for us at this point and give you some insight on what’s Read more about Where we are Now :)[…]Read More »

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