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Photography is quite the spendy hobby to get into. There seems to always be a new lens or gear that a photographer needs/wants, and there’s always room for upgrades. But, we’ve come to learn that you don’t always have to have the newest and best gear around, and a lot of things aren’t things you actually need to shoot a photo. We’ll admit we love a good photo, and now good video too, and we’ve been asked loads of times what gear we use. So, we’ve made a list of the gear we use and love!

We’ve separated the gifts into different price points, though most photography gear does tend to be more expensive.  All the items are linked to Amazon which is where we’ve purchased all of these things, and we’d love for you to shop through the links, as this gives us a little kick back at nothing extra to you!

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SD Card | Find it Here 

All the digital media needs to go somewhere, hello, SD card. We recommend getting a large card because honestly, on the road you shoot way more than you think, and it’s nice to not have to worry about offloading the card every day!


Cleaning Kit | Find it Here

In order to keep something in its perfect working condition, you must clean it, right? We use this thing inside and out as we typically shoot in all sorts of weather, and tend to carry our camera on the dirtiest of trails!


Extra Batteries | Find them Here

There’s literally nothing worse than hiking to a beautiful viewpoint and then having the camera die from all the photos taken on the way there. Extra batteries need to be in every photographer’s bag! We typically carry four on us, as we blow through them with all the videos and photos we take!


USB Charger | Find it Here

This thing has been a priceless addition to our camera bag. It’s super small and lightweight and plugs straight into our battery pack or USB port in the van. It’s so much nicer being able to just take the battery out and pop it on this thing instead of having to plug the entire camera into the wall!! This combined with the extra batteries mentioned above make for a perfect gift!!



Travel Tripod | Find it Here

Hey-o a step up from a selfie stick!! A tripod is the way we get most of our photos together and is perfect for long exposure shots in low lighting!  This one is lightweight and super small (the size of a subway footlong sandwich) easily fitting into the carry-on camera bag we recommend below!


Versatile Grippy Tripod | Find it Here

This tripod is well, grippy! It’s called a gorilla pod because the legs of it maneuver to lock around trees, poles, really anything! It’s a perfect for selfies and is a great gift for the traveler that’s not super into photography, but still wants to get a good shot of themselves in any and all places! We also use this to vlog, because it makes the shots a bit more stable, and allows the camera to be far enough away from your face with an easy handle. If you get this tripod, we recommend also getting the ballpoint head to make things more easily adjustable when setting up the tripod!  You can find it here.


Camera Strap | Find it Here 

One of the most annoying things about cameras are the straps that come with them. Not only are they ugly plastered with the brand and style of the camera attached, but they’re also really annoying because they’re not easy to get on and off. We use this strap and love that it doesn’t scream out what kind of camera we’re using, and also has easy clips for taking the strap on and off! If the traveler you’re getting this strap for isn’t traveling with a big DSLR camera, there’s a smaller version of this strap here.


External Hard Drive | Find it Here

An external hard drive is a place to store videos and photos, and really anything else without taking up space on a computer. We recommend this only if your traveler is taking a computer with them (as you need a computer to plug it into), and only if they’re going to be traveling for an extended amount of time.


Mic for Videoing | Find it Here

If your traveler is planning on doing any sort of videography during their travels, they’re going to need a mic and possibly a windscreen. This will really up the game for their videos and makes all the difference in a clear voice!



DSLR Camera (The Big Guy) | Find it Here 

This is the camera we use for all our photography. It’s big, bulky, and expensive (we got ours with credit card points), but it’s for the traveler that really wants to capture nice printable photos! Canon has come out with a newer version to this class of entry-level DSLR cameras, the Canon 80D. Both cameras are great, if you have the extra cash, I would go with the 80D, otherwise just purchase the refurbished 70D to save some extra cash for your lenses!!


Point and Shoot/Handheld Camera | Find it Here

If you are looking for a little bit of a smaller camera that isn’t as bulky as the DSLR but is still capable of doing the job of a 70D/80D, then look at getting the mirrorless Canon M5. This camera is great for pictures and video and is a little bit cheaper, though still pricey.


Less Pricey Point and Shoot | Find it Here 

This camera is a bit out of date, but we recommend having a point and shoot camera for anyone traveling that’s not super into photography. This is what we traveled with throughout all of South America, and really enjoyed the ease of using it in low light settings and the freedom of manual settings too! It’s better than most phones, but not as big and bulky as a DSLR.  This is the point and shoot we recommend upgrading too though with newer and better technology.. though it’s a pretty penny as well!


GoPro Action Camera | Find it Here 

This one is pretty self-explanatory… An action packed camera that can go with you from sky to sea, all with a fairly cheap price point to take you there. Loads of people we know only travel with a GoPro and their cell phones. These are waterproof cameras that are a real bang for you buck… though they don’t allow for manual settings like the other cameras above.


Camera Lens | Find it Here  

This lens allows for semi-wide-angle shots to fairly zoomed in. It is great in low light because of its low aperture number of f/2.8. It is a great all-around lens to always keep on your camera for most situations that you will encounter. This is the lens that most of our photos are taken on, and the one we have on our camera probably 80% of the time.


Wide Angle Lens | Find it Here

This lens is perfect for capturing buildings when up close and is also great for night photography. It’s super nice indoors as the wide angle gets more of the area than the lens above does!


Camera Bag | Find it Here 

Probably one of our most favorite pieces of our entire kit. Our Peak Design everyday backpack! When they named this bag, they really meant what they were saying. You can use this bag for school, work, travel—everything really! It fits everything that I have outlined above and MORE!!! I can put my computer, notebooks, clothes, extra shoes/sandals, and some snacks along with all the gear for wherever we travel, and for however long we’re gone — as long as we aren’t planning on camping, this is the bag I use for everything! You must get this bag. Yes, it’s a little pricey, but it’s totally worth it. Did I mention it has a lifetime guarantee too!?


Again, this is a list of all the gear we use and absolutely love! If you want more details on these items, please, leave a comment below, or feel free to shoot us an email on our contact us page. We’ll be able to chat with you about any of these purchases!

Interested in the other gear we travel with? Check out this post for a list of all the gear in our bags whether we travel for a weekend getaway or an extended trip abroad. It’s a great gift guide for your traveling friends!! 🙂

And don’t forget, one way we keep this website up and running is through affiliate linking. By purchasing products through the links provided (within 24 hours of opening the link) we get a kickback on your purchase, and it doesn’t cost you anything extra! We’d really appreciate if you could use these links so we can keep making posts like this!


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