Capital Reef NP and Salt Lake City


After Bryce Canyon NP, we made our way over to Capitol Reef NP. This was the drive we were told we had to stop to get a burger in Boulder, UT at Burr Trail Grill. We were driving by the burger place and nearly missed it. Thank goodness we didn’t!! We both ordered the Red Rock Burger, a local favorite, and were left only wanting more once we finished. This burger had guacamole, salsa, and their special sauce on it.. It was to die for! Now the town of Boulder has a population of 200 people, so as you can imagine, the burger place was quite small and quiet. We were able to chat with our waitress for quite some time about the town and get the ins and outs of what it is like to live in such a small area. It was an awesome dining experience.


Viewpoint on the drive to Capitol Reef


Absolutely DELICIOUS burgers!!

We pulled into Capitol Reef around six o’clock, the visitors center was closed and there was a storm rolling in, so we decided to drive to the campground to get some information about the park. Pulling into the campground we felt like we were at an RV resort. This place was so clean cut – definitely not a place we would want to stay for the night. There was nobody around to give us information about the park or where else to camp so we decided to just do the park in a day.. or more like a couple hours.

We took the scenic drive out to the end of the road and enjoyed all the enormous rock formations along the way. Now this road wasn’t just an ordinary road. It was built right in the middle of a flood zone. Every couple miles we would run into an area that was clearly where water flowed if there was a flood. It was quite the experience, and a bit scary knowing that if it started to rain, we would be stuck in the middle of this random road. But we made it through and made our way out of the park.


Having fun with the camera 🙂


Flood Zone… where the lighter road is… just mud paths on both sides








Had to have some fun while taking pictures 🙂

On the way out we totally pulled the tourist card and stopped to take pictures of huge deer eating off the fruit trees right on the side of the road and stopped at Panorama Point. Panorama Point was gorgeous!! We got there right at sunset and were able to enjoy watching the sun go down as God painted beautiful colors in the sky. From there we headed up to Lehi, Utah where Brooke and Luke Lathen opened their doors for us to crash and SHOWER!!!


The deer eating from the tree.. so cute!!






Brooke and Luke welcomed us around 11:30 p.m. We chatted with them for a bit then made our way upstairs and enjoyed a nice refreshing shower then headed to bed. Now people you don’t understand how nice our showers were. This was our first real shower in a week, and oh boy did we need it!! The next day we enjoyed egg sandwiches and headed up to Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City on this particular day was the PERFECT day to people watch. It was ComiCon. This is apparently a HUGE deal to people. ComiCon is an event where people dress up as their favorite comic characters and head into town for the day for this huge ordeal where they can meet Spiderman, Ironman, and many other characters. So our day consisted mostly of people watching, with a little walk through an outdoor mall, the Saturday market, Temple Square, and just enjoying the city. We decided we really needed to update you all on what was going on, so we headed to a coffee shop, spent three hours there updating the blog, and then headed back to the Lathen house to spend the night again. Sunday we woke up found Alpine Bible Church and enjoyed a Sunday morning service, then headed down to Arches NP.

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