Why You Should Have A Chase Sapphire Preferred Travel Credit Card If You’re Traveling Abroad

Credit cards, debit cards, bank cards… anything money related is usually the first question we’re asked when talking about traveling. And that’s for a good reason. Bank fees are the absolute pit of all pits when it comes to money spent while traveling, so finding the best card for your next adventure is a top priority.

After poor experiences with our credit card while traveling in South America, we switched to the Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card and have nothing but great things to say about it! We can full heartedly recommend this card as the best travel card to get for overseas travel!

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Car Rental Insurance

Although not always our top choice for transportation in foreign countries, sometimes you need to rent a car to really explore. With renting a car comes rental insurance. It’s always extra, and it’s always expensive. However, the Chase Sapphire Preferred card covers car insurance if you book the rental car with your credit card. That means when you’re asked to pay the extra insurance costs, you can smile and say, “No thanks, my card’s got me covered”.

This in and of itself has easily saved us hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, over the past few years! It’s a HUGE credit card perk that most people don’t know about!


No Transaction Fees

Foreign transaction fees will break the budget. The Sapphire Preferred card covers those outrageous bank fees. That means you can swipe your card in any country just the same as you would at home and not get charged for the currency conversion or using the card abroad!

{Traveler’s Tip… This does not include cash advances. If you’re going to withdraw money in a foreign country, you need a debit card to do so. This is the online bank we recommend going through for a zero fee debit card.}

Theft Protection

If Chase registers that someone is purchasing something with your card in an unusual place, they will automatically stop the transaction and send you an email to ensure you’re trying to make that purchase. If it’s you, a simple response to the email will open your card back up, if it’s not, you just got saved from someone else making a purchase on your card!

{Traveler’s Tip… Always inform your bank/credit card company of where and when you’re traveling. This way you lessen the chance of getting shut out yourself!}

{Traveler’s Tip… Have a backup card or cash on you in case your card does get shut down when you don’t have access to the internet. You don’t want to come up completely empty handed.}


Double the Points on Travel Purchases

One thing we love about using our credit card vs. a debit card is racking up the points for free stuff! (Like when we cashed out all our points and got a free Canon 70D and all the gear to go with it.) With the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, you get double the points on travel expenses like transportation, accommodation, and restaurants. Hello, faster rewards! You can then use those points for more travel, or cash it out for a nice little paycheck!


Extended Gear Warranty

Okay… This perk is killer. If something you purchase with your card has a US warranty of under three years, Chase will extend the warranty an extra year!! How cool is that?! Goodbye extended warranties for outrageous prices, and hello free ones!


Flight Compensation

Instead of tacking on that extra flight insurance, purchasing through your card will automatically cover you! If your flight is delayed they’ve got you covered. Trip canceled for extreme weather, illness, or other matters… they’ve got you covered. Chase’s travel coverage is top notch. Although we’ve never had to use this, we feel more at ease knowing we can.


Lost Luggage Compensation

This goes along with the above coverage, only this is for your baggage. If your luggage is lost or delayed for more than 6 hours during your travels, Chase will cover you for the daily necessities up to 100 USD per day for five days. That’s basically a free $500 shopping spree if your luggage gets lost! Man, I wish my bags would get lost just so I could use this!


Visa – So Very Widely Accepted

We’ve found that every country we’ve gone to so far has accepted Visa cards, making visa’s our go-to recommended card. We’ve found that not everywhere accepts cards like American Express or Discover, so getting a Visa keeps you in the safe zone!



If you aren’t sold on the Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card and want to do some more research, this post here will show you what to look out for when shopping for a travel credit card.




To read more of the in-depth terms and conditions and see what other perks the Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card offers, check out this Chase page here. You can even apply for your credit card directly through that link, or email us on our contact page, and we’ll send you a direct link to apply that gives us extra points for referring you! – Hello, win for you and us!

**Disclaimer… although we LOVE using our credit card, and think everyone should have one to rack up free points, please be responsible with yours. If you don’t pay your credit card balance every month, you’ll accumulate interest, which in turn costs you more money – obviously not the way we recommend using a card. We recommend using the card as you would a debit card, pay it off every month so you don’t accumulate interest, and then you can fully enjoy all the extra benefits at no extra charge!

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Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, Chase Sapphire Visa, Travel Credit card, Chase Sapphire Preferred Card Benefits, arboursabroad

Travel Credit Card, Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, the best credit card rewards, arboursabroad

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