Cheap Travel Destinations || Places to Travel on a Budget in 2017

What’s a new year without making a list of goals and dreams for the upcoming year? Whether you write it down, or simply have it in your head, we’d bet your thinking about all that you’ll accomplish in the year 2017. With traveling being high on many people’s bucket lists for 2017, we’re sharing cheap travel destinations across the globe.





Our hearts and souls are left in Bolivia. While hiking Torres del Paine was the highlight of backpacking through South America, our second favorite was our time spent in Bolivia. This country is extremely underrated and is on nobody’s radar quite yet. However, we recommend this country to anyone wanting to experience South America!

With meals under 1 USD per person and private rooms for two with luxurious views under 10 USD per night, you really can’t find any cheap travel destinations better than this. If we haven’t sold you yet, find more traveling inspiration for this beautiful country on our Bolivia page.

{Traveler’s Tip… You may need a visa for Bolivia, however, they’re pretty cheap, and even with the visa cost, the country is far cheaper than any other we’ve been to. We’re talking only like 30 USD for 30 days for US citizens.. and you buy it at the border no problem! Check if you need a visa for Bolivia here.}





Poland is a hidden gem of Europe. This is one of our top cheap travel destinations for loads of reasons. One, it’s relatively cheap to get to Poland, and with the airline WizzAir flying out of many places in Poland you can travel throughout Poland and to other countries in Europe for really cheap as well. You can splurge and stay at 5-star hotels under 100 USD a night, or keep to a budget and travel for much cheaper!

Poland offers fabulous scenery, a great mix of history and culture, and really gives off the European feel for a much cheaper rate than most other countries throughout Europe. If you want more details on Poland, check out our Poland page here.





While not quite as cheap as Bolivia, Peru is definitely one of the cheaper places to travel. And hey, you get to see Machu Picchu while you’re there! Not only are hostels and public transportation extremely cheap in Peru, you rarely have to book things in advance.

Peru is full of so many secrets, and the country as a whole offers so much to see. To check ideas for places to visit in Peru, take a look at our Peru page here. If you’re looking to fly into Peru, Lima is definitely the cheapest airport we found. You can easily take public transportation from Lima to anywhere else in Peru for much cheaper than booking flights straight to those destinations.

{Traveler’s Tip… If you want to visit Machu Picchu go sooner rather than later. Rumor has it, they’re closing down the access to actually walking through Machu Picchu, but instead, opening up only a view point for this majestic area. Trust us, you’ll definitely want to roam through the ruins and not just look at them from a viewpoint up top!}





Thailand, oh Thailand. We’re a bit hesitant to put Thailand on our 2017 cheap travel destinations list. With the overtaking of tourism in this country, it’s a bit hard to really enjoy Thailand for the culture that we believe once was there. However, it’s on the top of many people’s bucket lists, so we’re including it.

Our weekly budget while backpacking in Thailand was actually more than our weekly budget for backpacking South America. We found that gone were the days of lots of food for really cheap and in were the days of really cheap food, however, really small portions. While yes, you can stay in private rooms in Thailand for under 10 USD a night, they aren’t going to give you the dreamy views that Bolivia offers for the same price. And yes, you can eat street food for around 1 USD a plate, however, you’re going to need about 3-4 plates to really satisfy your hunger.

With all that said, Thailand is still a budget destination. However, after traveling throughout Thailand for about a month, we really wished we had visited some of the neighboring countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, or Laos. To get a little insight into our tips and travel advice for Thailand, check out our Thailand page here.

{Traveler’s Tip… Check out this two-week Thailand itinerary for budget traveling and a bit of off the beaten path secrets to Thailand!}





Estonia is another one of those unknown travel destinations in Europe. With hostel rooms coming in at under 15 USD a night, and a whole liter of beer for under 5 USD, Estonia ranks as one of the cheapest places we’ve visited in Europe.

The history, great nightlife, and unbelievable food make Estonia a place you won’t want to miss! Be sure to check out this budget airline post for cheap ways to get to Estonia from other major cities in Europe, as flying straight to Estonia may be a bit pricey.

{Traveler’s Tip… Don’t miss the III Draakon in Tallinn. The décor and authentic food comes highly recommended by Jason. Just be prepared for some medieval dining and bathroom experiences!}


Road Trip the United States



Yeah, we know you all probably think we’re crazy for including this one. Yes, the United States can be an expensive place to travel, but no, it doesn’t have to be. If you’re planning on going to the United States and only seeing the major cities it will be extremely expensive. However, if you go to the states and road trip, camping along the way, a trip to the US can be cheap!

We’ve done a couple posts on traveling the United States on a budget and even shared tips on four ways to camp for free in the United States. With these tips, an open mind, and finding cheap cars to rent on Turo, your road trip in the states will be cheaper than ever!

Zanzibar, Tanzania



If you find a cheap flight to Tanzania and want a relaxing beach vacation, Zanzibar is where you should head! Heather lived in Zanzibar for three months, and while the culture is difficult for women traveling solo, the rewards of scenery and insanely cheap costs outweigh the hardships.

{Traveler’s Tip… To get to Zanzibar we suggest flying from Dar Es Salaam. You can also ferry, but they seem to be overcrowded and not very safe.}

Once in Zanzibar, you can stay at really nice beach resorts for under 30 USD a night. And with meals being less than 10 USD, you can stay cheaply on the island. And honestly, that 10 USD per meal is on the high side.

{Traveler’s Tip… Stone Town is the main town of Zanzibar. You’ll find extremely cheap restaurants here, and a nightly market at the town square where you can get dinner for under 1 USD a night.}

It’s worth noting…If you stay in the hotels around Stone Town, you should respect the culture and cover up while swimming in the ocean. Bikinis are more acceptable to wear on the beaches in the northern part of the island (Nungwi). This is where you will find the really nice beaches as well…ahh.. we have so many tips for Zanzibar.. we need to just do a post on Zanzibar itself! (Maybe we’ll get one up soon!!)

You really can make your 2017 traveling dreams come true by heading to these budget travel destinations. While this list is not a comprehensive list, these are all places we’ve traveled before and can offer more details on each of these destinations.

For more tips on budget traveling check out our Travel Advice page here, and don’t forget to read our tips how to save hundreds on your future flights before planning your dream vacation.

If you have any questions about any of these destinations or want more advice on budget traveling, gear you may need for your vacation, or just general traveling tips feel free to comment below!

🙂 Happy Travels 🙂


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