Find the Cheapest Flights for Your Next Vacation

Finding flights is one of the most stressful parts of traveling. With so many different websites to purchase tickets, it’s hard to know if you’ve found the cheapest flights.  We have flown more times than we can count and have a couple tricks up our sleeves for finding the cheapest flight possible.



In this post, you’ll find what booking websites we use, what airlines have the best deals in certain parts of the world, and tips on how to search for your flights!





Skyscanner is hands down most traveler’s go-to website for finding good deals. They compare all different airlines/websites and don’t charge any commission on the sales! In most cases, we find the cheapest flights through them, and always use them to at least compare flights we find on other websites.



Momondo is like Skyscanner, however, personally, we like them better because of the view they give to show cheaper times to fly. After you input your details of where you want to fly, a graph will show up across the top of the next screen showing you the cheapest days to fly within a couple weeks of the dates you chose! We’ve found the reviews for booking agents Momondo uses to not be the best in every aspect, but after using them for most our longer hauls these past two years, we can say we haven’t had any problems!

Student Universe

As you could probably guess by the name, this is a website that gives students discounts on flights. If you’re a teacher, you can also get discounts. We’ve found flights hundreds of dollars cheaper on this website! Holla!! However, sometimes the prices are actually more than elsewhere, so be sure to cross-reference with other websites too!


STA Travel

STA Travel is another great website for finding flights. They also run a tour and accommodation business. We’ve only used them for flights, so we can’t really talk much about the other two offers. However, we will say… The two best parts of this business are that it’s run by other travelers and they have a Best Price Guarantee. If you find what you booked with them for cheaper, they’ll give you $1000 credit!


Hack the Flight

This website isn’t necessarily a website to book your tickets, but rather a website for some traveling inspiration. Other travelers are constantly posting killer deals they find for flights, accommodation, or all-inclusive vacations. It’s definitely worth checking out if you have flexible vacation time and don’t really have an idea of where you want to go!



Flying with budget airlines is probably one of the easiest ways to find cheap flights. These airlines only fly to certain destinations on specific dates and have some top notch baggage restrictions. They typically don’t offer drinks or any extras, but if you’re on a budget they’re great to use. Check out this post on budget airlines to learn why these flights are cheap, and how they can get expensive.


Long Haul Budget Airlines 

Norwegian Air – 

We’ve yet to fly Norwegian Air, however, one of our #ArboursAbroadTraveler ‘s did, and had no problems with the airline. They fly from some of the larger cities across the United States, and to quite a few places across Europe. You have to be sure you look at what’s included with the ticket price though — as the cheapest ones do not allow for checked bags and food costs extra on the flight! If you can find a really good deal (I’ve seen Europe to San Francisco for 99 USD before), then this will totally be worth just packing your own food for the flight. Weigh the pros and cons here!



WOW Air is an Iceland budget airline that is fairly similar to Norwegian Air as far as price points and what’s included with your flight. Again, they only fly from major cities in the states, and you need to double check what’s included with the price of the ticket before you actually book the flight!


Budget Airlines in the United States

Allegiant Air

Flying from less than 200 airports around the United States, you’re quite limited to where you can travel. But hey, it doesn’t hurt to check them out!


Budget Airlines in Europe/UK


RyanAir flies to over 200 destinations around Europe. With their FareFinder page, you can put in where you want to fly from and what your budget is, and find multiple flights out of different airports. Some flights are as little as 10 USD, and with deals offered all the time, we’ve seen flights for under 3 USD on there!

How to use the FareFinder Page: Ryan Air flies to loads of places from Dublin, as well as other places within Ireland. You can use this link to look into how much a flight would cost you out of any airport Ryan Air partners with to other places in Europe. Change the “from” to whatever city you’re searching to fly from, leave the “to” as anywhere, and then pick what price points suit your budget. On the next screen, adjust the dates to fit your time frame, and then be in awe of how cheap you can get to most other countries!


Easy Jet

We’ve flown with EasyJet a few times, and each time our round trip tickets out of the UK to different countries in Europe tend to be around 50 USD. One of our favorite things about their website is the map section. You can click on different cities, and then see all the different places they fly to from that city and for what price. It’s a really fun way to get inspired to travel!



Flybe doesn’t seem like it’s used as much as RyanAir or EasyJet, however, they again have great deals. Flying from some of the airports the other two don’t fly out of makes them well worth looking into!

{Traveler’s Tip… They have flights from Dundee, Scotland to Amsterdam! Random, but good!!}


Wizz Air

Wizz Air is a Hungarian airline that offers insanely cheap flights. They do not fly to as many destinations as the other two airlines, however, their flights are extremely cheap, and some of the airports they use both EasyJet and RyanAir don’t fly into, making them a great choice!


Traveler’s Tip…We posted how to fly with budget airlines – laying out more of their rules and what you can expect with them. You have to remember they’re budget flights, so in most cases, you’re paying for the bare minimum. Checked bags, food, choosing a seat, or even checking in at the airport instead of online typically costs money with each of these airlines. Check out our Budget Airline Tips before flying with these airlines!}



Incognito Windows

Each time you search for a flight, websites remember you! Have you ever experienced looking for a flight and then going back and searching again a few days later to see the price jump?! It’s because they remember you! There’s a way to search for flights on the DL… it’s called being a super spy 😉 Okay really though, it’s super easy. By opening up an incognito window in your internet browser, your search history is supposedly not saved. Not sure if this really works or not, but hey, give it a try… you really will feel like a spy!


Flexible Days

Instead of having exact dates to look at, be flexible with your travel dates. If there’s an option to show dates surrounding the days you wish to travel, choose it! Sometimes choosing a different day to fly can save you hundreds!


Book on a Tuesday – Eight Weeks Out

We’ve searched and searched for cheapest flights, have read loads of blogs on how far out you should book your trip, and two things always pop up. One.. Apparently, eight weeks out is the best time to buy your tickets. And not only eight weeks out, but booking on a Tuesday eight weeks out grants you the cheapest flights! We’re sure there are loopholes to this, but research has shown this to be the best!


Don’t Fly on Friday or Sunday

Friday and Sunday flights seem to always be more expensive. If you can avoid flying on these two days, you’ll be able to save some change!


Like we said in the beginning, finding flights can be a stressful task. Please, we beg you… stop using Kayak or Orbitz to book your flights. Booking through them is always, always more expensive. Give some of these ideas a try and see how much you can save!

As always, please share any questions, comments, or stories of using any of these airlines/websites below. We love hearing from you! And most importantly, enjoy your travels!


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