The Black Isle is our new back yard, and man, are we stoked about it!  Often times when talking to people about Inverness, The Black Isle comes as a highly recommended place to see. After spending a weekend in The Black Isle, we couldn’t agree more.



This last weekend marked the end of week one in our new town of Inverness. With Inverness being in the Highlands, we’ve made it a goal to dedicate each weekend exploring the Highlands.  For our first weekend out, we visited The Black Isle.


Friday afternoon we made our way to Cromarty, a quaint village on the tip of The Black Isle. (You can read about our journey to Cromarty here.) With an absolutely amazing wild camping place and the picturesque village below, we couldn’t resist spending the whole weekend there.


With our late arrival to Cromarty, we had to drive straight through the village and check out the potential camping spot at the top of South Sutor. We had read that South Sutor was a lovely hike just outside of town to an amazing viewpoint of both Cromarty Firth and Moray Firth.  With a large parking area on the map, we figured the trailhead would be an okay place to camp out for the night. We were in complete awe when we got to the top! An okay place?! Yeah right… this place was amazing!



Sitting on the little bench overlooking the Cromarty Firth, we decided we would rather spend the weekend relaxing in this cute town than drive all around sightseeing. So we did just that. We woke up in the morning and had a lovely breakfast while enjoying the sun and amazing view before hiking down to the village itself.



The hike is 1.5 miles one way beginning along a cliff, then through a small forest, and ending right along a beach in town. Although this hike was only 1.5 miles, we stopped and watched dolphins playing and seagulls soaring across the sky, making it take us a couple hours to get down to the village. We got a sweet taste of Oregon on this hike, with the trail and views reminding us so much of the Oregon Coast.



We spent the day strolling through the small streets of Cromarty, indulging ourselves in treats from the Cromarty Bakery, soaking in the sun on the beach, and taking in some of the local history at the Cromarty Courthouse Museum. This little village ended up being the perfect weekend escape!



After a full day in the village, we hiked back out the South Sutor Trail to enjoy a nice van cooked meal and some reading and relaxing with the amazing views surrounding us.




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