Dare to Dream

Sitting at home today cozied up on my couch with a cup of coffee and the snow falling outside, I had a reality check. Actually, honestly, I don’t know if it can be called a reality check. It’s this underlying message that keeps getting in my head time and time again, and today, I’m finally willing to face it and share with you all.


As most of you know, Jay and I have bought a van with hopes of traveling around this beautiful country we now call home. Oh my, I love that van. The freedom it gives us to get out and do what we love, the adventure that’s always at our doorstep (literally, it’s parked right out our doorstep at the moment), and the sense of fulfillment and excitement to be tackling a dream is all a bit much. I can’t even explain the joy I get when looking at the van and dreaming of what’s to come from owning it.


Wait go back and reread that last sentence.. What’s wrong there?? Here’s what I found..


That word dreaming.. That’s my reality check.


I constantly find myself dreaming. Dreaming of van designs. Dreaming of places to go and see. Dreaming of this blog and what I want from it. Dreaming about photography. Dreaming about teaching. Dreaming about being a better reader. Dreamer about being a better follower of Christ.


But here’s the kick.. What’s dreaming really worth if you just hold it as a dream? If you never make that dream a reality is it really worth dreaming about at all? I am in the perfect place in my life right now to accomplish some major dreams, big and small, and yet I find myself still dreaming about those dreams instead of actively trying to make those dreams come true.


Let’s rewind a bit. Jay and I moved to Scotland in the beginning of January. It took the first month of being over here to settle in and create a base for living in a new place (new bank, doctors, flat, etc.). Then, Jason started school, and I began the push to find a job. The first place I interviewed, I was offered a job on the spot. After visiting the pre-school and discussing pay and other potential job opportunities, I decided to turn this job down. Since then, I have been offered two other jobs, but have been waiting on paperwork to go through to be able to start teaching (a long, long process). Sitting and waiting on paperwork has given me so much free time, in fact nearly two months of it.


These previous two months, along with the upcoming few months, are the perfect opportunity for me to chase and conquer my dreams. So why is it that I find myself sitting and dreaming instead of actively conquering? Now I won’t be too hard on myself, I do have days I feel extremely pro-active and I have accomplished a lot in these last two months, but too often I find myself looking for inspiration instead of creating inspiration.


I find myself scrolling through Instagram to get ideas for our van conversion. I read blog after blog to pick up on tricks for molding and shaping this blog. I have become a Pinterest maniac, searching for all the greatest new ideas to accomplish my dreams. And yes, while those things are great to do, where do I draw the line? When is enough research enough? When is it time to actually make a move on my dreams?


Today, as I watch the snow drift through the air, I realize I need to make a move. I have done my research. I have the tools I need to fulfill my dreams. I have everything I need to start doing. So today, I’m drawing the line. I am going to stop dreaming about dreams and start accomplishing those dreams.


I am going to work on the van, designing it and making it our own. I am going to pursue working online, so that when Jason and I have kids I can stay at home with them. I am going to spend time with my precious God and get to know Him more. I’m going to write the blogs I have been jotting down ideas for. I am going to teach myself new things, read more books, and listen to more Podcasts. I’m going to stop waiting and start achieving!


I’m encouraging you to do the same. Figure out what your dreams are, and then choose a dream that you can make into a reality at this point in your life and conquer it. Go at if full force. Let’s see where this takes us!!


All the best,




I want to know your dreams! Tell me about them below, and let’s start achieving our dreams together!



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