Defining SUCCESS with the help of #TheBucketListFamily

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Lately, we’ve been all over the place.

If we could record our conversations and share them with you, you’d understand.

Our ideas. Our dreams. Our goals… everything is changing from one minute to the next, and yet it’s staying the same.

Just writing that makes me tear up. Because here’s the deal. I want to speak from my heart. From a place of honesty. A place where I let you in.


But sometimes it isn’t that easy.


I wish I could make it clear and concise. Straight to the point. And while I’ve been at a loss for words for a while now, this morning I read an article on #thebucketlistfamily and it put things into perspective for me.  

Let me give you a brief background. The Bucketlist Family is a family of four whom have coined the term ‘Travel Journalist’. They began traveling the world and loved it so much they decided to make a business out of it to continue their travels. And let’s just say, they’re extremely good at what they do. {You can follow along on their journey and find out more about them here.}

They recently did a stay with Disney, #30stays30days, and it has caused some negative feedback… that negative feedback has moved my scrambled thoughts into scrambled words.. leaving me with the following. 


What is SUCCESS?

  • People define success in many different ways. What I deem successful, could mean failure to you.
  • Could perspective possibly define success? What is considered successful for you and I can be two completely different However, if our perspectives change, success can be found in both eyes.  


SUCCESS comes in ALL shapes and sizes

  • It could be wealth in money. It could be richness in experiences. It could be an abundance of joy and love.
  • Success can be found in fame and fortune and it can be found in the secrecy of a home.
  • It can be found in reaching one person, when for others it’s reaching millions.


Here’s the kicker though, regardless of how you define and reach your success,

 other’s will tear it apart.



  • When we (you and I) become successful at something in life, someone, somewhere will warp that success into something negative.
  • For some reason, there are people out there that can’t bear the success of others, so they have to invalidate it someway, somehow.
  • These days, that negativity is often found online through some sort of media outlet.



  • It’s easy to let other people’s negative thoughts, vibes, whatever define how we (you and I) feel about our successes.
  • However, in doing so, we are letting negativity determine how successful we (again, you and I) are.
  • When we align our successes with what other people say, we take away successes altogether and let society win.


And this is exactly what we’ve been afraid of, and in some ways have been believing.


Our dreams, our goals, our ideas have been molded and shaped around what we believe other people consider successful.

They change on a daily basis from society’s input. And because of that change, everything actually stays the same. Because what’s successful in other people’s eyes changes so often, that in the end, we in fact, don’t do anything at all.

After reading the article this morning about the #30stays30days with #TheBucketlistFamily, I realized that, like with them, in our (yours and my) successes, no matter what size or shape they are, people are going to be negative. People will deem it unsuccessful, say nasty things, and downplay the success we have in life. 

However, our job is to share our successes proudly, yet humbly.

To chase after our dreams and goals in life defining our success based on what we think not what others do.

To celebrate our successes no matter how big or small they may seem.

Today, I’m redefining success. It’s mine and it’s yours. It’s different for us all. And it can truly only be found in your own eyes, not in others.

How do you define your own success? For me, it’s changing from concentrating on what others think I should be doing, to finding success in what the Lord has for me. It’s reaching one person with a story, photo, or post we share. It’s celebrating running 4 miles <at over 12-minute pace> because I’ve never ran that long before.  I’m finding success in the little things, because to me, those things are huge.

Share your successes with us below so we can all be encouraged and uplifted by one another.

Blessings and Love,


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2 thoughts on “Defining SUCCESS with the help of #TheBucketListFamily

  • Another great one Heather!! so true about the little things! I read something before about how having a successful life is being happy with and grateful for the things in your life each day. I wish you and Jay a lifetime of finding your own success <3

    • Aw.. thanks, Shaughna! To you the same! 🙂 That’s a great outlook on success! It’s funny how it can be so completely different for each person, and yet, society tells us there’s only one way to be successful in life! We’ve got to change that and make success each on our own!

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