Deiva Marina, Cinque Terre

After loads and loads of research of where to stay while visiting Cinque Terre, we decided to stay in Deiva Marina — a supposed “20-minute” train ride to the first of the five cities in Cinque Terre. Now, we say supposed “20-minute” ride because in reality the time it takes is more like an hour.


Deiva Marina caught our eye because of the gorgeous beach pictures found online, the appealing less tourist filled streets, and the killer campsites. After spending time in the Cinque Terre area, we realized another perk of staying Deiva Marina, the price of food!!



A bottle of wine in the shops we went into within the five cities of Cinque Terre was €12 whereas in Deiva Marina we could find one for €2-3. This means you can stay for six days with wine each day and spend the same amount on a bottle per day that you would buying for one day within the cities…Crazy!!  Yes, you can thank me for that tip later 😉


Other than the wine, the food in general was a bit cheaper. For the most part, any dish at a restaurant in Deiva Marina is at least €2 less than dishes within the cities. Now this doesn’t seem like much, but it will save you some cash in the long run. Although let’s be honest, with late nights in the cities, you will eat within the five cities a few times!


{Traveler’s Tip… Buy wine in Deiva Marina and bring it with you into five cities of Cinque Terre. There’s nothing better than finding a somewhat secluded rock to sit on and enjoy wine with an amazing view. Don’t forget to pack your bottle opener!}


{Traveler’s Tip… While you’re grabbing your wine, don’t forget the bread, meat, and cheese to make your own sandwiches. You can get freshly made bread and great cheese and meat for only a fraction of the price of buying a sandwich from a shop! As for produce, find a cute stand and get your fill of fruits and veggies from them (The one below was our favorite!!)}


Our first day heading into the cities, we made a mistake we want nobody else to make …PAY CLOSE ATTENTION HERE… we purchased our train tickets for Deiva Marina to Monterosso (the closest of the five cities within Cinque Terre to Deiva Marina). We hopped on our train and expected to stop at Monterosso, when phew… there it flew by. Then phew, phew, phew, phew, we flew by the remaining four cities as well. When the train finally stopped we were back in La Spezia (the closest train stop on the southern side of Cinque Terre)! We learned that we were supposed to switch trains in Levanto and get on the “Cinque Terre Train”.


What?!! How in the world were we supposed to know that?! Nowhere, and I mean nowhere, did anything inform us of the need to switch trains in Levanto! Take away message—When heading into any of the Five Cities of Cinque Terre from any city north of them, be sure to switch trains in Levanto. You will need to get on the train from platform 3 heading to La Spezia. On the train boards at the station (the ones in the big glass boxes) it will show a train time to La Spezia and then underneath the time it will show each of the five cities. Be sure to jump on the La Spezia train from platform 3!


{Traveler’s Tip… It’s worth saying it again so you really understand. Heading south on trains from anywhere north of the Five Cities of Cinque Terre, be sure to get off the train and switch trains at Levanto. The train that stops at the five cities loads on platform 3, and usually is at the platform for about 5-10 minutes before taking off! You must get on the train to La Spezia from platform 3 to ensure stopping at each of the Five Cities!}


{Traveler’s Tip… Validate your train ticket in the little green machines! Without validating your ticket, you will get a hefty fine! The machines look like the one pictured below!}


Alright, now that you understand a bit of Deiva Marina, and the perks of staying there, let us share with you a couple of our favorite places in Deiva Marina!


For Coffee in Deiva Marina…

Stella’s : Beach Promenade

Definitely head to Stella’s on the beach front/promenade. This café has indoor and outdoor seating with great views of the ocean and friendly staff! We started nearly every morning sipping on a cup or two of coffee here. Our personal favorite was the shot of espresso with a large shot of Bailey’s for only €1.50. What a great way to start the day!!



For Pizza in Deiva Marina…

Pizzeria Perbacco : Via Pietro Mancini 3

Perbacco is the place in town for pizza! We ate in the first night there, but ordered pizza to go the other three times we went! There is a €2 cover charge per person for eating in… Save yourself some money and grab a pizza to go and a bottle of wine from the grocery store, and enjoy them both on one of the many benches on the promenade.



For Camping in Deiva Marina…

Camping degli Ulivi : Localita Formaci

We loved it here!! This place is a bit more expensive than the other options in town (€31 a night for two people), but definitely worth paying the extra bit if you’re tent camping! It’s less crowded that the other campgrounds and is only a five-minute walk from the beach and main part of Deiva Marina. They offer a great covered area with lots of tables and chairs, ping pong and foosball, and large, clean bathroom facilities. The only downside to this campground is the proximity to the railway line. It’s right near the tracks, so you can hear the trains going by until late in the night, but honestly they didn’t wake us up at all, and being gone from camp all day, the noise didn’t bother us one bit. We walked around and got info on all the campgrounds in Deiva Marina and you can read about all the camping options in Deiva Marina here.



For Produce in Deiva Marina…

Don’t know the name Produce Stand😉 : Corso-Italia

Head to the produce stand on the main street of Deiva Marina. The produce here is amazing! We started our days grabbing all sorts of fruits from this place for snacks throughout the day. Jason typically didn’t even make it 5-minutes without finishing at least 3 figs!






We hope this gives you a good insight to Deiva Marina. For more information, check out these posts below.


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If you have any questions about the area, or have been to Deiva Marina or Cinque Terre and have any tips to add, please comment below. We would love to hear about your experiences there or help answer any specific questions about the area!



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