The drive to get Daniel was full of lots of different emotions. We were excited to be seeing Daniel and the family, but this also meant that our road trip journey was at its end. The road trip was full of so many great things, and was such a freeing experience, that it was hard to come to terms with it being over. But, the end of the road trip meant the beginning of a relaxing time in Newport Beach, along with the start of focusing on our journey to South America. Thinking about all these things made the drive full of laughs, tears, story telling, and dreaming of things to come.


Squeezing an extra person in the car was quite the chore. We pulled up to get Daniel and while I was talking with his grandparents, Jason was hard at work rearranging things in the back seat so Daniel could fit. We managed to make a spot just big enough for Daniel to crunch on in. Before heading to Disneyland, we stopped at Uncle Jeff and Aunt Gina’s to grab some dinner, unload some things out of the car, and shower. Nobody was at the house making this a very quick stop. We then jumped back in the car and took off for Disneyland.


We parked at the hotel, and the three of us walked to Downtown Disney to meet up with the family. By the time we all got together it was well after 10:00, so we took the kids back to the hotel while Kurt, mom, Lauren, Dane, and Grandma Frankie all closed the park down. Hanging out with the kiddos made us forget about being sad that our road trip was over and allowed us to focus on the great time we were going to have in Disneyland. Back at the hotel, Jason did things on the computer, while Heather fell asleep with all the kids on the bed.



On our way into Disneyland


At the entrance.

Getting into Disneyland the next morning was such a blur. We got up early to get there when the gates opened, and for us walking into a huge park with so many people going crazy made us experience a bit of culture shock. After being out in the wild for so long, then coming to a place like Disneyland where everyone has to have ten inches of makeup on their faces, they have to look the best, and they have to take selfies every three steps was uhh.. interesting. It made us realize how grateful we were to be out of that and how lucky we are to not be so concerned with things like that.



Gotta get those autographs.


Pictures and autographs.

Now don’t get us wrong, we enjoy taking pictures, as you will see below, but it’s not all about the pictures. It’s more about the moment that you’re in and sometimes to really enjoy that moment you have to take the camera out of it. Regardless of how crazy it was, we still had such a great time with the family jumping on all the rides and being part of the craziness of Disneyland.



Before our first rides at Disneyland together!


The first round before baby swap


Second round to baby swap


Grand ol’ time


Splash Mountain, Disneyland


We be stylin’ for star tours.


big kids can ride little kids rides too.


Us in front of the Mickey Ferris Wheel.

The weekend with the family went by so quickly. Before we knew it, it was already time to head to Tortilla Joes (the best restaurant in Downtown Disney) to get our Mexican food, margaritas, and guacamole made right in front of us. After lunch, we did a bit of shopping then went back to the hotel to say our goodbyes. Luckily the goodbyes had to be very quick because the shuttle was already waiting for them, so only a few tears we shed.



A nice way to finish out our weekend with the family.

We are so grateful for that last bit of time we got to hang out with part of the family before heading down to South America.

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