One-Day Dubrovnik Itinerary | Your Travel Guide to Dubrovnik, Croatia

Not going to lie here, when we booked our flights to Croatia, we weren’t planning on spending any time in Dubrovnik. From everything we read, it was a bit too touristy for us. But after falling in love with the views from our villa on the hill, we ended up spending two nights, and one full day in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik is a super, super touristy part of Croatia, but it may just be worth a one-day visit, especially if you’re flying out of Dubrovnik airport at a time that allows you to spend a day in the city. Although we spent two nights in Dubrovnik, it was really more like one day, and we think that one day in Dubrovnik is just enough, hence this one-day Dubrovnik itinerary.


This itinerary is based off arriving on a late flight into Dubrovnik airport and then staying two nights in the hillside of Dubrovnik. Although, if you can get to your hillside villa before sunset on night one, there’s really no need to stay two nights in Dubrovnik.



Arriving to Dubrovnik

Take the bus from the Dubrovnik airport to the city. It costs 40 KN (6 USD) which is cheaper than renting a car for a day that’s just going to sit at your villa the entire day you spend in the city. Trust us here, you don’t want a car in Dubrovnik.

If you get in early enough to explore Dubrovnik that evening, get off at the first stop in Old Town. If not, get off at the second stop and make your way to your accommodation for the night.

{Traveler’s Tip… We stayed at Rooms Rita, and although breakfast wasn’t included, the views made up for it! If your place doesn’t include breakfast, be sure to stop at a store and grab something for the morning!}

In the Morning

Wake up and enjoy breakfast with a stunning view of the Adriatic Sea. Be sure your villa offers breakfast, otherwise you’ll need to pick up some fresh fruit, yogurt, or pastries the night before!

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Get Lost in the Dubrovnik Hillside 

After breakfast, pack a day pack and get lost in the alleyways throughout the hillside. Don’t use a map, just wander along whichever way you choose and see what you stumble upon!

{Traveler’s Tip… Be sure to leave early enough to beat the heat! You’ll be walking lots and lots of steps through the hillside! And definitely pack some water with you. Your day pack should include a swimsuit/towel, water, sunscreen, and of course a camera!}

Early Lunch at Gusta Me

Gusta Me is a Mediterranean restaurant on the south side of Old Town (A.K.A. not in the main touristy region) with nice views of the harbor and delicious tuna bruschetta. Enjoy a lite lunch here to save room for the other treats later in the day. Don’t forget to try the local lemon (limun) beer.

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Cool Off in the Adriatic Sea

Now’s about the time the heat starts hitting you. Walk around the far side of the harbor, all the way around the edge of the fortress, and find a nice little swimming spot to refresh in. There’s even a shower here to rinse off all that salt after your dip in the crystal clear water!

Afternoon Snack – Gelato!!

After getting in that beautiful water the only thing that will get you out is knowing you’re getting gelato! Rinse off, and wander down one of the side streets through Old Town to get to the entrance on the northern side. (Near where the bus dropped you off.) From there, look for Dubrovnik 1836 Restaurant and Café. It’s just outside the bridge to Old Town, and the gelato is delicious!

Wander Through Old Town

Now that you have something to cool you off while wandering around the streets, make your way back into Old Town and get lost in the nooks and crannies of the walled city. Be sure to get off the main walking street and step inside the picturesque alleyways!

It’s Dinner Time

Whether you stay in the Old Town for dinner or not, it’s up to you. We ate at Bota Sushi and Oyster Bar and had an overpriced meal with super small servings, so we ended up grabbing pizza at Tuttobene a Croatia “fast food” place, for dinner too! Depending on what time you actually get around to eating, you may even just want to grab cheese, crackers, fruit, and chocolate, and enjoy them with your wine – the last part of this one-day Dubrovnik itinerary.

{Traveler’s Tip… Dubrovnik is overpriced in general, so be prepared to spend a bit more on your meals here. It’s cheaper to eat outside the city walls, so if you do plan on going out check your options first!}

Sunset and Wine

The best part of Dubrovnik is by far the sunsets! Check what time the sun is setting, and be sure to be at your villa about an hour before then to really enjoy the whole thing. Don’t forget to grab a bottle of wine and some chocolate to snack on while you watch the sun go down on an amazing day in Croatia! If nothing else, you must include this in your Dubrovnik itinerary!

{Traveler’s Tip… Again be sure your villa comes with an ocean view. You really can’t beat the sun setting over the islands in the distance. You can search for villas here. Rooms Rita had a killer terrace to enjoy the view!}


Although Dubrovnik is touristy, there’s still beauty within the city. We hope you enjoy your time in Dubrovnik and all of Croatia. Secrets out – Croatia is one of our new favorite countries!! We recommend going in the “shoulder season” (May to early June and mid-September- October) and avoiding Croatia during the “high season” (mid-June through early September).

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As always, if you think something else should be in this one-day Dubrovnik itinerary, or you’ve been and want to share your experiences, leave a comment below sharing with all our readers!


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