Edinburgh Christmas Market, A Wee Beer Festival, and Weekend Extras


It’s no wonder why so many people say a visit to Edinburgh during the Christmas Season is a must. Edinburgh hosts loads of Christmas festivities scattered throughout the city, with the major attraction being the Edinburgh Christmas Market right in the center. With great food, lovely handmade crafts, and even carnival rides, the Edinburgh Christmas Market makes for a great excuse to visit the Scottish capital!


We lived in Scotland for 11 months before visiting Edinburgh. For those of you not living in Scotland, let us explain this to you. Literally, every person we meet asks us if we’ve been to Edinburgh. And the face they made when we told them no was the face you made when you found out Santa wasn’t real. Disbelief. Shock. And disappointment. We can’t even count how many people have told us we have to visit Edinburgh.



Two problems with that. One… we would choose nature over big cities any day – hence the reason for all our other Scottish adventures. And two, Isobel is slightly afraid of city slickers, she does much better camping in the wild. With that said, when we saw a massive deal on train tickets from Aberdeen to Edinburgh, we couldn’t pass them up… leading to our first visit to the capital.


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Edinburgh Christmas Market

Traveling down to Edinburgh, we basically had one idea in mind. Visit the Christmas events throughout the city. We got to Waverley Station Saturday evening, and since the Christmas market is right outside the train station, we made it our first stop.



With no rain, and actually rather warm weather, the entire city was at the markets. To our surprise, there were carnival rides for children and adults, Christmas tree mazes, and an entire section dedicated as Santa’s Village. The Edinburgh Christmas Market should really be called Edinburgh Christmas Market and Fair!



Aside from all the fun extras, there were loads of market stalls. People were selling delicious food, mulled cider and wine, and beautiful Christmas crafts! It was a great first Christmas market experience for Heather, however, only made Jason more excited to show Heather more!



A Wee Beer Festival

Our friends that traveled with us down to Edinburgh were going to a craft beer festival Saturday night. After a few hours at the Christmas market, we decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to head to the beer festival with them!


We spent a couple hours tasting multiple delicious beers, ate amazing food from the small food vendors, and even played a couple rounds of video games! This beer festival was amazing!



Since the beer festival ran from 6-11, we decided to leave in the middle of it to enjoy some more Christmas events before returning for a couple more hours. When we returned there were hundreds more people at the event and we even ran into one of Jason’s professors!



Not Just an Edinburgh Christmas Market, but a Street Light Show…

So like we said, we left the beer festival and made our way across town to George Street where the Festival of Lights was to be held. This was a light show where the lights flashed sporadically to the recordings of either choirs or a fiddle band. We say sporadically because although they are supposed to go to the music, honestly, they really didn’t seem like they did! And we emphasized recordings because when we heard of them, we thought they were going to be live shows! Ha!!



…And Cute Villages Too!

Our weekend in Edinburgh was more than just visiting the Edinburgh Christmas market, tasting loads of beer, and seeing a Christmas light show. We spent a lot of time wandering down random streets in the city too. Although Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital, the outskirts of the city boast a quaint village feel.



A picture on #VisitScotland made us want to visit an area of Edinburgh called Dean’s Village. Now, what the picture didn’t show was how beautiful of a walk it would be to Dean’s Village. Heading out of town, we walked by adorable cafes and a small weekend market before finding our way along a path down the river.



We were amazed at how cute Dean’s Village is. It really takes you out of the big city, and into a charming little well, village!



{Traveler’s Tip… We’ve written a bit more about Edinburgh. If you’re interested in further details of how to get to Dean’s Village and Circus Lane, or other great finds we stumbled across while visiting the Edinburgh Christmas Market, be sure to check out our Hidden Gems of Edinburgh post here.}




Our first time in Edinburgh was definitely one we won’t forget about. Although everything was great in Edinburgh, we were off to a rough start when part of Heather’s bike got stolen the day before leaving, and then we missed our train Saturday morning. However, just because things seem to go wrong, doesn’t mean they have to be all that terrible.


Yes, we were frustrated, and Heather was even crying after we missed our train, but thanks to a nice man on the phone, we were able to jump on the next one and ride down to Edinburgh with our friends! We’re not going to lie, we were a bit hesitant about getting on the train, as it seemed the Lord was trying to prevent us from going. But it all ended up well, we made it to Edinburgh, had a lovely time, and are excited to go back again in the future!




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