The Best of Bangkok’s Floating Markets

If you ask any traveler their plans for Bangkok, Thailand, a visit to one of Bangkok’s floating markets is typically at the top.  However, upon arrival to Bangkok, traveler’s find out that visiting on of the floating markets isn’t the easiest task to check off their bucket list, and often people leave it unchecked. Don’t be discouraged, we have the need to know information to ensure your visit to Bangkok’s floating markets!



First thing to know…Floating markets are weekend only markets. If you want to go to one, be sure to be in Bangkok on either Saturday or Sunday. You can check out our itinerary on Thailand here to see what we recommend.


Secondly, there are loads of floating markets around Bangkok, some taking upwards of two hours to reach. The long travel time combined with early afternoon closures of the markets, results in 5:00 am wake up calls… Which, let’s be honest, nobody wants to get up that early on vacation. However, don’t stop reading now, because you better believe we weren’t about to wake up that early to commute two plus hours for a market, and of course we want to share our secret of how not to do so with you!


After researching about the different floating markets, and being discouraged by the information above, we decided to ask some locals about how we can get to an authentic floating market. (We say authentic here because a good handful of the markets aren’t for the locals anymore, instead, strictly for tourist, and that’s not the kind of market you want to go to!) A few people referred us to the Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market, and upon further research, we decided this was the floating market for us!

The Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market is a rather small floating market about a 40 minute skytrain/cab commute out of Bangkok. With the short commute, the late afternoon closure of the market, and the authentic vibe, it is the perfect market for the traveler trying to escape tourism overload in Thailand.  (Read more about how to get there below!)


Now, this floating market isn’t going to give you the postcard perfect floating market photos that you have seen before.  It’s going to give you a true cultural feel of the locals, a whole new view on Bangkok, and a peaceful escape from tourism.



You’ll be surprised at what you can find at this market. We saw everything from furniture to shoes sold at the market, and you surely won’t be disappointed by the amount of local food available at your fingertips!



Produce as well as meals can be purchased straight off the boats floating around, while home goods, clothing, and even more food can be bought on land. Walking around you will see places to partake in Thai art and many people selling bread to feed the thousands of fish throughout the canals.



This floating market even offers long-tail boat tours running throughout the canals on the outskirts of Bangkok. Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market is definitely the place to experience some true Thai culture while in the heart of the backpacker’s capital of the world.




One of the easiest ways to reach the market is by taking the Skytrain near Patpong Market/Silom Center to the Wongwian Yai stop (34 baht). From there, grab a cab to the market (110 baht metered).  It will take you roughly 40 minutes to get to the market.


You can check out the app to search for more routes to and from the market. And we recommend having the map opened with the market pinned when asking taxi drivers to take you there.




  • Bring cash with you! You will need roughly 300 baht cash for roundtrip transportation, however, you will want more for food, shopping, and the boat tour if you choose to do it!
  • Get to the market around 10:00. It starts shutting down around 2:30pm, and you’ll really want to stroll through at your leisure. It’s not huge, but to fully take it in, we recommend at least three hours!
  • Bring toilet paper with you. There is a toilet, but it didn’t have toilet paper.
  • Go with an empty stomach!! You will literally want to eat every single thing you see!!



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