Gear Review : Aeropress Coffee Maker : Our Go To Morning Coffee Maker That’s Ready Within Minutes



Coffee, coffee, coffee. Who loves coffee?? We sure do thanks to our Aeropress Coffee Maker!! Making coffee in the morning can be a drag. Good news for you; the Aeropress Coffee Maker changes that messy, time-consuming job to an easy morning brew ready in minutes!!




I’m sitting here drinking my fresh pressed coffee with a smile on my face from the excitement of sharing this sweet coffee maker with you! On average, people who drink coffee tend to drink it five days a week. Getting coffee from your local café or drive thru is time consuming and expensive, so why not make it at home?! The Aeropress Coffee Maker is hands down our favorite way of having a coffee, continue reading to find out why!!






Barely Any Clean Up:

            The clean-up process with the Aeropress is a huge plus! As you see in the photos and the video below, there’s really no mess! The way the Aeropress presses the coffee through the filter cleans the body of the coffee maker on its own! Hallelujah to no messes!! Especially if you have little ones running around or live in a van! 😉



Ready in Less than Five Minutes:

            Five minutes is even exaggerating if you aren’t grinding your own coffee. You literally boil water, let the water sit for a minute, and then pour the water into the Aeropress. A minute after you pour it, you press down, and wala, you have fresh coffee!! It really is that quick! And with no clean up after it’s the fastest way to have your morning coffee!



Easy to Use:

            The Aeropress is basically fool proof. The only way you can really go wrong with it is if you forget to use a filter. (Yes, we have done that before, and that will give you some nasty cowboy coffee!) The quick video below shows you step by step how to make your fresh cup of coffee using the Aeropress.







Now that you know you want it.. you’ve got to go buy it!! You can find your Aeropress Coffee Maker on Amazon. By ordering this product prime, you can have it within two days, without paying for shipping!! We’ve seen the Aeropress in a couple of coffee shops as well, however, it’s typically cheaper to purchase through Amazon, just don’t forget to purchase your filters!


To read other reviews on this coffee maker (making it rank at 4.5/5 stars) and to purchase this dream come true, click on the link below that best suits where you’re shopping from.


Aeropress Coffee Maker for our United States visitors

Aeropress Coffee Maker for our United Kingdom visitors


For our readers outside of the US or UK, go to your local Amazon website or alternatively shoot us an email ( telling us where you’re from and we’ll send you the correct product link and even add the correct Amazon link to all our product reviews for you!






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