Gear Review: Hario Coffee Grinder : All About That Hand Ground Morning Coffee


Coffee is better when it’s freshly ground! The smell, the taste, and the satisfaction of fully preparing the coffee yourself makes that first sip so much sweeter. The Hario Coffee Grinder is the perfect way to grind fresh coffee every morning!



When searching for a coffee grinder, we had three things in mind. The coffee grinder needed to use no electricity. It should ground the coffee not cut it. And obviously shouldn’t be astronomical in price. After researching loads of coffee grinders, we found the Hario Coffee Grinder was just what we were looking for.




Uses No Electricity!

            This may not sound like an important factor to most, however, if you’re wanting freshly ground beans while off the grid it’s a must! And hey, who doesn’t want to go green?!


Ground Not Cut!

Some of the cheaper coffee grinders floating around actually cut coffee beans instead of grinding the beans. Not being coffee snobs, we didn’t think it mattered. However, after researching the difference between cut and ground beans, we’ve found the coffee enthusiasts argue the coffee is more robust when it’s ground. More robust??… We’ll take it!


Price On Point!

            If you’ve ever shopped for coffee grinders, you know some of them can be upwards of 150 USD! That’s some crazy talk!! We would never pay that price for a grinder, and hopefully, you wouldn’t either! The Hario Coffee Grinder is right around 30 USD (keep reading to see where to get it) making it be a fairly cheap coffee grinder for the quality to get with it.


Adjustable Settings!

            There’s a gauge on the top of the grinder that you can adjust changing the size of the grounds. Who knew you needed different sized grounds for different coffee makers?! We have ours grinding pretty fine for our Aeropress Coffee Maker, but it can be adjusted to really any size!





Glass Base:

            That’s pretty self-explanatory. The container that collects the grounds is glass. There’s probably some science behind why the base is glass, however, the possibility of breaking it makes us nervous!


Sometimes A Few Beans Escape:

            This probably won’t be a problem for most, but since it has occurred more than once, we’ve got to let you know about it. When we put four scoops of beans in the grinder and are grinding away, sometimes a bean or two will fly out the top! It’s probably just user error, or simply because we’re putting too many beans in the grinder, however, we wanted to share just in case finding a bean or two on the floor every now and then is a turn off for you!





You can find your Hario Coffee Grinder on Amazon. By ordering this product prime, you’ll receive it within two days, without paying for shipping!! To read other reviews on this hand grinder and to purchase the Hario Coffee Grinder, click on the link below that best suits where you’re shopping from.


Hario Coffee Grinder for our United States visitors

Hario Coffee Grinder for our United Kingdom visitors


For our readers outside of the US or UK, please shoot us an email ( telling us where you’re from and we’ll add the correct Amazon link to our product reviews for you!


If you’re looking for a coffee maker to go with this grinder that also uses no electricity, is super easy to clean up, and makes coffee in just a few minutes, check out our Aeropress Coffee Maker Review.





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