Gear Review : The MPowerd Luci Solar Light

What better way to enjoy light than having a light powered by the sun?! The MPowerd Luci solar light produces hours of light after a relatively short charge. It’s free energy in a compact, lightweight, waterproof product!



We had never even heard about the Luci solar light until we were doing our month-long cycle trip from Seattle to San Francisco! Yes, we cycled over 1000 miles, but that’s a story for another day. 😉 On that cycling trip, we ran into a cyclist carrying around this super small solar “thing” on the back of his bike. We had no idea what it was until we saw him at camp later.

It was an epic solar light! The MPowerd Luci solar light to be exact. We were blown away by the light it produced as we played games, ate dinner, and even planned out our next day’s ride all under this bright little thing! Since that trip, we have now collected three different Luci’s…we love her so much!! Let’s get into the specs!






The Luci all come in under 5 ounces!! Some even as low as 2.4 ounces!! Think about that… this simple light powered by the sun won’t be putting much weight in your pack. And better yet, you aren’t carrying around batteries either! We’d say that’s a win-win.



The inflatable side of this product is ingenious! Not only does it float, but it makes the Luci solar light so compact! Easily strap it on to your pack, or put it in the dash of your van to charge without it being in the way. Then when you want to use her, blow her up and she’s ready to go! So simple, so perfect!



So she floats because she’s inflatable, but she’s also fully waterproof! Next time you’re out paddling around the lake, bring Luci along and you won’t have to worry about the water putting out your light or ruining this product!


Long Lasting Charge

When Luci charges in direct sunlight, you’ll actually get more light use than the amount of time charged! She charges fast, and stays charged long! The duration of time your Luci will work on a solid charge will depend on what Luci you get, but in most cases, it’s at least 7 hours of light!


Handy Hangin’ Strap

This part of the Luci is one of our favorite specs! The strap on Luci allows for her to be connected to a pack or hang from something not only when she’s charging, but also while you’re using her. Simply place the strap on a hook, hang her in a tree, or latch her to basically anything, and you’ll have a hanging lantern! Some Luci’s have adjustable straps while others don’t, so be sure to read about the Luci variations below to pick which Luci is right for you!


Adjustable Settings

Depending on what kind of mood you’re in, Luci can match it! Luci comes with three different settings. A relaxed, bright but not uber bright light. A super-duper bright setting. And a strobe light… okay maybe not a strobe light, but it is a flashing setting. The bright light will run the charge down faster obviously, but you can still get a full night’s use out of the light on it! And if we’re honest here, in the van, we have yet to use any of our Luci’s on their brightest setting. The dim/lighter setting lights up the van just fine! Oh, and one more thing… The Emergency Luci even has an SOS setting… Great if you’re out in the woods on a long trip, or if you ever wanted to learn SOS!! 😉




This is where we typically say if something could be changed with Luci, but really we love everything about her. I mean… How genius is it to name a product a real name.. we feel like she’s part of the family! 😉




Luci MPowerd EMRG – 3-in-1 Emergency Inflatable Solar Light

-7 hours of light on a full charge.-Smaller light, so even lighter than the original at 2.4 ounces.

-Smaller light, so even lighter than the original at 2.4 ounces.

– Works as a lantern, flashlight, and even SOS!

Luci MPowerd Lux Solar Inflatable Lantern 

-7 hours of charge = 12 hours of light

-4.4 ounces in weight

-Frosted finish, so much more relaxed feel.


Luci MPowerd Outdoor 2.0 – Inflatable Solar Light 

– 7 hours of charge = 12 hours of light

-4.4 ounces in weight.

-Charge Reader telling you how much charge is left in the light.

-Three adjustable settings.




You can find your own Luci on Amazon! If you order your Luci through Amazon Prime you’ll get her within two days! After a quick charge, she’ll be ready for your next adventure!

To get your Luci, you can click on the photos above of which size/style of Luci you prefer or click on one of the links below that matches what country you’re shopping from! These links below will take you to the colored variation of Luci!

Luci Solar Light




MPowerd is working to change the world with their Luci Inflatable Solar Lights. If you agree that this is a killer product, but don’t necessarily want one for yourself, why not buy one for someone who goes without light? MPowerd works with non-profit organizations to give light to those in need. Head to this link here to find out more and to purchase a Luci for someone else!



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