Grand Canyon of Chiang Mai

Naturally, when people talk about the Grand Canyon of Chiang Mai, images of the Grand Canyon in the United States pop in our mind. For us, the words Grand Canyon scream a natural canyon as far as the eye can see, carved by a raging river that flows at the bottom. In reality, the Grand Canyon of Chiang Mai is nothing like what we expected.



If you’re in Chiang Mai, we’re sure people have told you about the Grand Canyon of Chiang Mai. If you’ve never been to Chiang Mai, we’re sure you haven’t even heard of it. The canyon used to be not well known and difficult to find. However, with the big buy out of the canyon, it has become quite the tourist attraction.




  • It is really nothing at all like the Grand Canyon in the states. The Grand Canyon of Chiang Mai is actually an old rock quarry that has been filled with water and created into a tourist attraction. With that said, it still can be an enjoyable experience.

{Traveler’s Tip… Bring cards or a book to keep you occupied at the canyon. They’re both great to have, especially if traveling during monsoon season!}

{Traveler’s Tip… There isn’t much shade at the canyon. Be sure to pack lots of sunscreen and water!}


  • The Grand Canyon of Chiang Mai isn’t a canyon for hiking, but rather a place to swim or wade in refreshing water. It’s turned into somewhat of a small waterpark having paddle boards and rafts for rent and an inflatable obstacle course. On the plus side, there are stabilized free bamboo rafts to float on. A decently priced restaurant on site provides refreshments and an escape from the sun.

{Traveler’s Tip… Your entrance ticket grants you a discount on drinks from the restaurant. The coupon can be found in the brochures at the restaurant counter; Be sure to ask about it!}

{Traveler’s Tip… Although the prices at the restaurant aren’t terrible, you may want to bring your own food and drinks. Just know that they check your bags and throw out any food or drinks you try to bring in, so be sure to keep your snacks in your moped!}

  • Accessing the water can be done by walking down a somewhat steep ramp, or jumping from the cliffs of the canyon.   If you don’t know how to swim, don’t worry… There are loads of free life jackets for your use!

{Traveler’s Tip… Wear a dark colored swimsuit if possible. The ground is red-dirt, meaning it will easily stain light colored clothing!}

{Traveler’s Tip… There is a specific place along the top of the canyon where you can jump into the water. If you jump from elsewhere, there’s a hefty fine!}



  • Something worth noting… A couple people have drowned at the canyon. If you don’t know how to swim, please, we beg you… don’t jump in the water! It’s too deep to be able to touch! Grab a life jacket and wade in the water near the ramp!





To get to the Grand Canyon of Chiang Mai, you can take a 20-minute cab ride from the city center, or embark on the more preferred way and moped out. The majority of the ride is along highway 108, and while this seems a daunting task for a moped, with large shoulders and lots of other mopeds, it actually feels quite safe. You can find directions to the canyon using the offline app. Although, once you get close to the canyon, you will begin to see signs plastered everywhere for the great tourist attraction.


Regardless of what people say, the Grand Canyon of Chiang Mai is something to see. It’s interesting to experience something the locals seem to be quite proud of and promote a lot! Be sure to enjoy a relaxed afternoon at the canyon under the sun!


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