Great Sand Dunes NP

We left Black Canyon of the Gunnison and had about a five-hour drive ahead of us. Knowing this, we looked for a free campsite just outside of Great Sand Dunes NP. We were out of luck with this search, but found a town not too far past Great Sand Dunes NP that had a Walmart we could sleep at. We took advantage of the few extra hours we had to update our blog and FaceTime our homegroup. We found a nice little coffee shop to update the blog in, went and had dinner at a park, and then went to Walmart to get a car charger for the computer. After getting our car charger, we made our way to Mickey D’s, our long way due to a missed detour sign, and FaceTimed Brian, Ashley, Kiara, Ricci, Jared, and the dog Charlie. (Ashley and Brian, don’t tell Charlie we called him a dog!!) After getting kicked off the internet, we headed back to Walmart and called it a night.


Our car setup!!


Tieing blankets all around!!

We got up early the next morning and went into Great Sand Dunes NP. This national park is literally huge sand dunes in the middle of Colorado. We decided we would do the hike up the dunes that took us to the highest point of them. We were the dumb ones wearing flip-flops on the blazing hot sand, so we stopped frequently to dig our feet into the cold sand and to catch our breath! The view from the top was awesome, but the journey back down was the best!! We enjoyed acting like kids running and jumping throughout the dunes all the way down, getting sand in places you never want them.


huge amount of sand in the middle of Colorado


Looks like we went to Egypt


Kids at Heart


heading up the never-ending dunes.


Jay’s all taking pictures.. and I’m all check out those people sand boarding over there!!


We made it to the highest point of the dunes!! 🙂 Right around 650 ft!!


Snack- Time


Running down the dunes!!


Or more like trying to keep ourselves from getting a face full of sand!!

Once we got to the bottom we took total advantage of the showers that were meant for getting the sand off of you. We changed into our swimsuits, got our soap and took a full on shower in the middle of the parking lot/bathroom area. This was a complete answer to prayer. The post we posted before heading into the Great Sand Dunes NP had a prayer request of praying for showers. We did this somewhat jokingly, but we asked, you prayed, and God answered. Thank you to all of you who prayed for us!!

After our showers we had some lunch and got on the road to head to Rocky Mountain National Park.

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