Guadalupe Mountains NP


The Guadalupe Mountains in the background

We left Big Bend National Park, and started driving north to find a place to camp for the night. We were finally back into a place where free campsites from were actually not only present, but were located on roads we were traveling on. The closest one was Marfa Lights.

Marfa Lights was a “free campsite” right of the highway. When we pulled into the parking lot we were both so confused. There were tons of cars there, but not very many people. We got out and asked someone what everyone was there for. They were all, the Marfa Lights of course. Huh?? The Marfa Lights?! What’s that? After doing some research, and talking to a few people we found out what the Marfa Lights were!! They are lights that randomly appear just outside of the town of Marfa. Nobody can say what the lights are, or why they do the crazy things they do such as, float side to side, one light breaking into two lights and then joining together again, or flashing different colors. We just happened to be driving through and stopping here while it was a time you could view the light phenomenon.

We met this awesome group of people that we talked to for quite some time. The two ladies were on a road trip as well, and the man they were with was a realtor in the area. The ladies told us we had to see White Sands National Monument just west of Carlsbad Cavern (a national park we were heading to the next day) and the man told us we could shower and sleep on the floor in his hotel room. (We talked with them all about our journey and he knew we were going to camp in the car for the night, so that explains his offer). We decided to turn his offer down, and camp in the car in the parking lot for the night. After seeing three snakes earlier that day, you couldn’t pay us to sleep outside.






In the morning, we woke up and drove north to Guadalupe Mountains National Park. At the visitor center the ranger told us that if we wanted to also go to Carlsbad Cavern for a cave tour we would have to leave around 12:45 to get to the caves before they closed the natural entrance. This meant that we only had two hours at Guadalupe Mountains National Park to hike and explore the park. We decided to see the Frijole Ranch History Museum and hike the Frijole Trail. We had a quick lunch at the picnic tables at the head of the trail, then made our way on the hike. This trail was not well marked, and we ended up getting lost twice before deciding we would just head back to the museum, so we didn’t get seriously lost. We looked around the ranch museum then jumped on the road to head to Carlsbad Cavern.

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