Six Hidden Gems in London

When thinking of a trip to London, most people imagine the postcard perfect phone booths and red double decker buses, or the iconic images of the Tower Bridge and Big Ben. However, London has way more to offer. There are six hidden gems in London that need to be on your must see list for London!


When we travel to big cities, we typically are in and out of them in a hurry. We usually try and find cities that are quaint and not so touristy, however, our trip to London was much different than our typical big city experience. Having friends in London meant we were going to experience this big city in a who new light and possibly find the hidden gems in London. 


Visiting our friends was better than we could have imagined, and they introduced us to not one, but six hidden gems in London!



You’ll find this harbor near the Tower of London. Walking along the river, you’ll see a tunnel under the Tower Bridge Road. Go through that tunnel and to the left. You’ll be amazed at how little people there are walking through the harbor with gorgeous ships and cute cafes!




Hampstead Heath can be reached by taking the “overland train” to the Hampstead Heath Station. Exiting the train station, cross the street and walk to the right. You’ll run into a walkway through trees and grass. Follow this path and it will lead you to Parliament Hill where you’ll have a great view of London, and even find ponds to take a swim in!




Visiting London means having food from all different ethnicities at your fingertips. In the Whitechapel District, you’ll find loads of ethnic restaurants. Tayyabs is one you won’t want to miss. It gets extremely busy, and the wait is sometimes over an hour, but the food is amazing, the experience is well worth it, and you get to bring your own drinks at no extra cost, so it actually turns into a really nice and cheapish night out!




We saw a picture of this place on Instagram and just knew we had to visit this place. You’ll find amazing pizza (£20 for a 20 inch pizza), loads of health/natural food options, and a completely relaxed vibe! Neal’s Yard is located on a side street between the British Museum and Trafalgar Square.




To get the real London experience, you have to at least walk through the City of London District around 5:00. Even if you don’t partake in drinking a beer (which we recommend you do), witnessing hundreds if not thousands of business men and women drinking a pint around the pubs after a long day in the office is surreal.




The Westminister Abby is no hidden secret in London, but the roads behind the Abby seem to be. Take a stroll through the back roads in this area. It’s amazing how little people are walking around the backside of the Abby when there are hundreds of people near the front!  You’ll feel like you’re in a small village in Britain, not in the busiest city in the country!





We’ve given you loads of places to see, without giving you a map… But don’t worry, we aren’t going to leave you hangin’!! Check out this post to get your free offline map app, and be able to pin and easily find all these places without any worry!


Don’t be afraid to find your own hidden gems in London. Take the side and back roads and just wonder around the different boroughs! You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find! And if you find anything great… please share it with us! We’d love to add to our hidden gems in London list!!



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