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Hvar is a small island off the coast of Croatia. With fairly easy access to and from the island, many travelers choose to visit Hvar. While you can make a day trip to Hvar, there are so many things to do on Hvar that you may just want to stay longer.  Take these ten things to do on Hvar and plan the trip of a lifetime!

When we went to Hvar, we had NO idea what to expect of the island. All we heard was that Hvar (the town) had quite the nightlife scene, and we knew we didn’t want that. After turning in a huge paper of Jason’s we wanted a few days of simple rest and relaxation. Thankfully, our sea kayaking guide he told us some secrets of the island, and we had such a great time, we wanted to share those secrets with you.


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1. Sea Kayak Through the Smaller Islands off Hvar

While we normally don’t recommend doing tours while traveling (because let’s be real.. they kind of kill a budget), some places you really just have to. Sea kayaking in Croatia is definitely one of those have to do tours. And more specifically, sea kayaking from Hvar is a must. Kayaking through the small islands, seeing Europe’s top nude beach ;), and breathtaking water is something you’ll never forget!

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2. Drive the Old Highway of Hvar

One thing we hate about using a map is that you really don’t get to experience old roads – which are often more scenic and take you through cute villages. Getting to Hvar, we had never even heard of the Old Highway, but luckily our guide told us it’s something we really have to do, and honestly, it didn’t disappoint. Although the roads or extremely narrow, and sometimes scary to drive, the views and less tourist route are worth it all!

{Traveler’s Tip… The old highway can be reached from the town of Hvar. If you’re driving up towards the castle on the hill take the right hand turn up towards the mountain towards the village of Brusje.}


3. Visit Croatia’s Machu Picchu

Okay.. So we’ve been to Machu Picchu and it’s not exactly the same, but if you’re on Hvar it’s worth seeing! All across the island, you’ll find piles and piles of rocks… and while at first we were just straight confused what they were for, we quickly learned otherwise. These “piles” of rocks were actually where lavender and other plants were dried way back when! It’s crazy to think how these thousands and thousands of rocks were moved and built into what they are today!

{Traveler’s Tip… You really will see these scattered all across the island, and actually across Croatia as a whole, but the best place to see them is when you’re driving the old highway!}


4. Swim in the Adriatic Sea

Even though Hvar is an island, it can actually be quite difficult to find a place to get in the water. With most of the sea crashing against jagged cliffs and rocks, an effort has to be made to swim, but man once you find a good beach it’s worth it! You’ll find rocky beaches down near the Opizena Glave viewpoint, and some further south in Zavala.

{Traveler’s Tip… During the high season (mid-June to mid-September) the beaches can be packed like sardines. If you visit before the high season, the beaches aren’t nearly as packed, but the water isn’t as warm. Visiting just after the high season through the end of October is the ideal time to go to Hvar, as the water will be warm coming off summer, but the crowds will be few!}


5. Soak in the Views of Croatia

There’s no better place to soak in the views of Croatia than from high ground, and let us tell you.. the views are amazing. Drive to the top of the island via the old highway towards Hvar, or the normal highway heading south. With loads of small islands off the coast of Croatia and a beautiful coastline, you can’t go wrong looking in any direction from the top of Hvar.

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6. Eat Fresh Seafood

You can’t visit and island and not eat seafood… right?! Hvar is home to the BEST seafood we’ve had in more than five years of travel. In fact, we’d argue Hvar hosts the best food we’ve had ever! At the Hotel Skalinada restaurant, you’ll find food that is more than something to satisfy your hunger, but instead gives you a first class dining experience. With more than 40 years of experience coming from the kitchen, you really can’t go wrong with any dish here.


7. Stop and Enjoy a Sunset

When we were leaving the island, we made our way all the way down to Sucuraj to take the ferry over to Drvenik. On our way down, the sunset was AMAZING! We were driving on the top of the island for nearly two hours with the sun setting in our rearview mirror. Being worried about missing the ferry, we didn’t want to stop, but eventually gave in and pulled over… And man was it worth it! Be sure to make time to slow down, and enjoy the little things, like the sun setting behind the island!


8. Visit Hvar

Now that seems counter intuitive.. obviously, you’re going to visit Hvar, after all that’s the name of the island! Nah… we’re talking about Hvar (the town). Located on the west side of the island is the town of Hvar. This is where most people visit for a quick one-day stay. There’s loads to do in this town, including a castle to see and cute roads to walk around. Just remember, you are on an island and there is so much island beauty to find outside the town!


9. Be Transplanted to Real Rest and Relaxation at Hotel Skalinada  

Arguably reason enough to visit Hvar is Hotel Skalinada. This is a hotel located in the town of Zavala in the middle of Hvar, but really it’s more like a homestay. With half board hotel options or guesthouse stays, this place has something for everyone. Not to mention the gorgeous grounds and perfect beaches! We’d bet money that after staying here, you’ll want to go back year after year!

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10. Find the Cutest Village Around

One of our favorite things about traveling is to find villages and towns that aren’t infiltrated with tourism. On Hvar in general, you won’t find many villages and towns that are. However, when we came across Pitve there was really something special. The way the village sits on the hillside with vineyards all around made Pitve Jason’s favorite village on the island.

{Traveler’s Tip… Pitve is a small village just off the main highway near Jelsa. There are few places to pull over and wander around the village, but if you can find a safe spot to pull off the road, definitely do so!}


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Recommended Gear for Hvar:


The photos in this post were taken with this camera using this lens. We absolutely love this camera and cannot recommend it enough. However, if you’re not into photography, you really don’t need to lug around a massive camera. With Hvar being an island, we definitely recommend bringing a waterproof camera like this one here though.. or at least get some sort of waterproof casing for your phone! 🙂

Towel or Wrap:

Typically we travel with our raqpak towels, as they’re super small and easy to pack.. and they dry super fast! But if you don’t want to bring a towel, we suggest getting some kind of sharong in Croatia. That way you have a souvenir that doubles as something you can use!

Water bottle:

We always carry this water bottle on us. It keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours and drinks hot for up to eight! They’re a bit on the spendy side for a water bottle, but they have lifetime warranties, and having ice cold water is so worth it!


Okay.. this one will make you feel like a kid again, but come on.. you need to have goggles when the water is as clear as the Adriatic Sea. Whenever we go somewhere tropical, we bring small goggles with us because they don’t take up much room, and you can still do some “snorkeling” with them!

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*We visited Hvar in the shoulder season in May 2017.. All information is from our experiences during that time. We highly recommend visiting Hvar in the shoulder season, as it is quite a different experience in the high season!

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