Websites to Know for Your Trip to Iceland

Iceland is full of some of the friendliest people we’ve met across the globe, so it’s no wonder they have really helpful, specific to Iceland websites for locals and travelers alike. While traveling through Iceland we were told about a few Icelandic websites and honestly, they really changed the game for us while visiting the country.

These Iceland websites are great tools to use for your trip to the land of fire and ice. They fill you in on some of the need to know information and can be literal lifesavers during your vacation to this beautiful, rugged country.


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Road Conditions in Iceland

This one’s literally a lifesaver when traveling to Iceland in the winter, and honestly probably in other seasons too! With the color coded rating system on roads and warnings of storms or snow in real time data, this can help you not get stuck in the rugged countryside!

It’s super easy to use and paints a very clear picture of road conditions.

On the top left of the website, you can choose which region of Iceland you want to take a closer look at, and on the top right, you can look at real time webcams! And, with the labeled F roads on the map, you don’t have to stress about taking that precious rental car on roads it’s “not suitable for”. Though, secrets out, we took ours on F roads and had no problems.. just use your best judgment here!

Knowing the road conditions before hitting the road was SO helpful while we road tripped the south of Iceland in January. We learned of roads that were impassible and even had an idea of what to expect as far as snow or slush on the road between point A and point B! Seriously, check this site out!

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Carpooling in Iceland | Iceland Ride Share

Hello, amazing money saving hack! Rideshare is common in a lot of places, and is a bit more reliable than just sticking your thumb out on the side of the road. Though, we totally recommend hitchhiking at some time in your life! It’s such a common form of transport in Iceland, that some genius made this website for people to organize rides!

If you don’t want to drive yourself or take public transportation, pop on this site and see if any other travelers are traveling in the direction you want to head!

You can even write in where you’re wanting a ride to and from, and then see if anyone offers you one!

Not only will it save you money sharing rides with other people, but it’s a great way to meet other travelers too! Whether you’re looking for a ride, or want to offer some of the free seats in your car, pop on here and see what new friends you can make!

Where to See the Northern Lights in Iceland

If you’re visiting Iceland in the winter, you may just have a chance to see the Northern Lights a.k.a. Aurora Borealis! I mean, isn’t that everyone’s dream. While we don’t recommend making a trip to Iceland just for the Northern Lights, we do recommend at least checking if you have a chance to see them while visiting Iceland!

This website shows you the expected cloud coverage for Iceland within a three-day stretch. And, on the right side, shows you at what strength the aurora is forecasted to be! Contrary to what it seems, the green is actually the cloud coverage, while the white is expected clear skies!


I Heart Reykjavik

We didn’t even go into Reykjavik, but seriously found so much helpful information on Iceland in general on Audur’s website! I don’t even know how we stumbled upon her site, but man, it’s a gold mind of information on Iceland! From do it yourself road trips to practical tips and walking tours, literally everything you need to know is there! Go check out IHeartReykjavik, but be forewarned, you’ll probably spend hours reading reading post after post after post… not speaking from experience or anything here ;).  Seriously so much helpful info over there!

These websites really did change our experience in Iceland and we hope they help you enjoy your time in the rugged, yet beautiful country too!

If you’re searching for more of our tips on Iceland, check out our Iceland Travel Page, full of insider details and secrets to a country we fell in love with the second we stepped off the plane!

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