Iguazu Falls… A Must Read in the Shower

Pictures can only go so far when trying to tell a story of an event in one’s life. Yes, they are important and a picture can say a million words, but to completely understand Iguazu Falls from somewhere afar, you have to do a bit more than read this post, watch the videos, and look at the pictures. You need to do it all while standing under the shower feeling the water crash down on your head. That’s when you’ll get a small understanding of this place!



Heading to Iguazu Falls, we encountered people describing the place as romantic and breathtaking while others said it’s too crowded and too much of a tourist attraction to really enjoy it. We even had someone tell us it wasn’t worth it to go in for the day and they spent only an hour there before leaving because it was so crowded. Needless to say, we didn’t really know what to expect getting off the bus at the falls early in the morning.


{Traveler’s Tip.. If you’re heading to Iguazu Falls from Buenos Aires by bus go with the company Cruz Del Norte. It’s an extremely long bus ride, but they give you wine, beer, champagne, and lovely food! Definitely the perfect company for a long ride!!}



We are so glad we didn’t let other people’s opinions of the place deter us from going there. Iguazu Falls is amazing!  Yes, it’s touristy, and yes, there are a bagillion walkways that you have to stay on to get from one place to another, but man, is it stunning. Even with the manmade walkways, you can still feel the power of the nature around you. The water crashing down everywhere you look drowns out the people talking at your side, and the beauty of the falls distracts you from seeing anyone/anything else.


{Traveler’s Tip.. Don’t let anyone talk you out of experiencing Iguazu Falls. If you stop focusing on the people around you or on getting that perfect picture, and just sit and enjoy this amazing natural wonder, you will have one heck of an experience. If you go there just to say you went or just to get that one picture, your experience will be far from the exhilarating experience we had. Go there and enjoy it. Feel the water splashing on your face from any point in the park and notice the reality of the place you’re witnessing.}



About those walkways, oh those walkways… You literally are walking right over the falls. It’s the scariest/most thrilling/beautiful thing to experience. You get lost in the falls and don’t even notice everyone around you taking selfie after selfie. We’re convinced if you just stare at the falls, you will feel like you’re the only one there! Ah I have the chills just thinking about standing over the crashing waters beneath me!


{Traveler’s Tip… Bring food and lots of water with you and find a spot to eat and enjoy the falls, birds, or monkeys all around!! Plan on spending a whole day here!! And don’t just go through the motions of each walkway... stop and enjoy the views throughout each one!!}



Here’s the deal though... you don’t just have to stand over the falls. You can literally let the falls crash on your head! Here’s the shower part we were telling you about. At Iguazu Falls, you can take a boat out under the falls. Thinking back, it’s definitely not the safest thing ever, but it surely was one of the most exhilarating experiences we have encountered. The boat drives around to two different parts of the falls, where you literally get drenched head to toe as the boat creeps up to the base of the falls. The water pounding on our heads is an experience we will never forget. Just look at our joy in the videos below!


{Traveler’s Tip... Do the boat trip!!! You will totally regret it if you don’t!! Be sure to bring a change of clothes to wear... you’re guaranteed to be soaked through to your underwear after the trip!}



Iguazu Falls was an unexpected destination for our time down in South America, and after being there, we would recommend going to anyone. It’s a bit out of the way, okay a lot out of the way, but if you’re in Buenos Aires, it’s worth the trip up, especially if you head into Uruguay after (which is what we did).



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