Inside Dunnottar Castle

After a weekend away from castles and simply enjoying the countryside by bikes, we were ready to go back to another castle! Waking up on Sunday to gorgeous weather, we decided to try heading to Dunnottar again–This time heading out with our friends Sydney and Dalton.


We had a bit more time to prepare to leave, so we packed some snacks and wine, all our warm weather gear and headed to the bus stop. We were again taking the bus that left right after church, and although it was nice literally all morning, we noticed the weather was beginning to change a bit. Fingers crossed, the weather would stay good for us while exploring the castle. A note for all.. Finger crossing doesn’t always work!!


{Traveler’s Tip.. Take X7 out of Aberdeen towards Stonehaven. You can get round trip tickets for right around £8 a person. Be sure to pack a snack, as this castle with a view is the perfect place for a picnic!}


We again took the X7 bus out towards Stonehaven and were in awe of all the sheep and lovely hillsides on the way out of town. It was blue skies and sunshine all the way to the castle! The view of Dunnottar Castle on the walk up was completely different than our view the previous time. (read about here) This time, we had gorgeous clear skies and the blue ocean as a backdrop to the castle.



Jason and Sydney were busy snapping away when Dalton and Heather realized something not so nice approaching quickly. We tried giving Jason and Sydney warning, but a huge cloud of raging hail hit, and hit hard. It was literally in a matter of seconds.. One second we were talking about how nice of a day it was compared to our cloudy day last time, and the next we were breaking out in laughter while wanting to cry because of the pain of the hail hitting our faces! We didn’t even have enough time to cover the cameras and put on rain jackets before getting blasted by hail.



We were sitting there with our backs towards the wind debating on what our next move should be. Should we make a run for it towards the castle up and down the crazy steps, or should we head back to the building near the parking lot? The castle it was. We carefully made our way to the entrance of the castle and took cover in the pigeon room. (Pretty sure that’s not actually what it’s called, but we’re going to call it that cause there was pigeon poop and feathers everywhere!) We waited out the storm there, hoping it would end soon so we could actually get into the castle grounds and explore the inside of the ruins. Eventually the hail stopped and we made our way “inside”.


Inside the ruins is absolutely amazing. Seeing the different areas/rooms and picturing what Dunnottar Castle looked like in its prime was such an experience. We saw where the king used to keep his own pet lion and where William Wallace, the guy from the movie Braveheart, snuck in the castle to set fire to the chapel. It was a true step back in time. Not only is the history of this place amazing, but the views from the different areas of the castle are to die for. It literally sits on the tiptop of a cliff with nearly 360 degree ocean views.



As we were walking out to explore the garden area and the smaller buildings of the castle, we saw another storm approaching in the distance. This time we didn’t take our chances. We ran into the nearest covered building and decided to wait out there for the hailstorm to pass. This passing was lasting quite some time, so we all agreed that it was time to break out the wine and snacks! What a gorgeous setting to enjoy a snack! Again, another one of those pinch me moments–Having wine and cheese with friends just hanging out inside the ruins of a castle in Scotland. How can this be our lives??



Once this storm passed through, we decided we wanted to try and explore the rest of the grounds and get back to Stonehaven before the next one hit. The funny thing about these hail storms was that is was literally hailing with limited visibility and then after about ten minutes of that, it was clear blue skies again. Don’t believe me.. just check out our pictures!!



Our walk back to Stonehaven wasn’t as enjoyable as the first time walking back with Garrett and Shaughna. (read about it here). This time we saw another storm in the distance, and simply wanted to get somewhere indoors before that one hit us! We quickly walked back, while enjoying the views that we had, and found ourselves stuck in a storm again.. Praise the Lord this one was snow not hail! It was lovely.. Such a beautiful little town, and so romantic in the snow! We heard the best place to get Deep Fried Mars Bars is in Stonehaven, and with it being quite chilly we couldn’t think of a better thing to have. We stumbled upon The Carron Fish Bar where Deep Fried Mars Bars were invented and each got our own treat. Deep Fried Mars Bars are sooo good!! You don’t even understand. If you think that sounds gross, then you need to get your booty over to Stonehaven and have one for yourself!! Ahh.. my mouth is watering just thinking about it now! We all wanted to get a second one, but decided maybe we should find a nice café and get some hot chocolate on the beach instead. We enjoyed warming up a bit more to a “luxury hot chocolate” at Waterfront Café Bar and then made our way to the bus stop still talking about how good the Mars Bars and luxury hot chocolate were–both of which we will be having again the next time we head to Stonehaven!



{Traveler’s Tip.. If your going to be in Stonehaven at all.. you must, must, must get a Deep Fried Mars Bar from The Carron Fish Bar. It was recommended to us to actually get three of them for ourselves. The first one is to try it, the second one because you can’t believe it was that good and need to try it again, and the third because it was that good and you will want another! The “luxury hot chocolate” at Waterfront Café Bar was really good too.. also highly recommended if you are up for a nice warm drink on the beach!}



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…Where We Are Now…
Well obviously we are pretty set in being in or around Aberdeen for the next two years, but a few things are on the horizon. Jason is still loving the way his schooling is set up and can’t imagine being in any other program. The Lord has provided a teaching job for Heather, and she will begin as soon as all her paperwork is cleared. We are still loving our time over here. We are getting really excited for next week..The first week of April is Spring Break for Jason, so after being super busy with studying and working on a big paper, we will get a week off to enjoy some more of the UK!



…Prayer Requests…
*Pray for Jason as he continues to dive deeper into his program. It’s getting harder, and he’s studying like crazy.. Pray that he can continue to enjoy it, and still balance the rest of his life with school.
*Praise the Lord for providing a job for Heather in His perfect timing, but do pray that the paperwork goes through quickly!
*Pray for us both as we continue to deal with a not so great situation with our rental agency. Pray that we continue to have patience and converse with them lovingly even when they aren’t so nice to us.
*Pray for our next big decision of possibly buying and converting a van. Pray that it would happen if the Lord would wish it to and that we can have clear insights on how to go about converting it safely.



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