Italian Vacation

Vacation season is upon us and boy do we have everything at our fingertips!!


We have absolutely loved traveling through Scotland in our beloved van, Isobel!! However, when Jay was told he had a week off in the middle of June, we were prepared to leave Isobel and explore elsewhere! Guys, get this… not everyone in Jason’s program had that week off. In fact, he was the only one with that vacation. With his boss taking the week off, and no other PT in the office to shadow, Jay too was granted a holiday. Remember how awesome we thought his placement was when we moved to Inverness?? This week break was just icing on the cake for a perfect first placement!!


With the ability to fly extremely cheap throughout Europe with airlines such as EasyJet and RyanAir, we were stoked to jump on a plane and head outside of the UK. With a desire in both our hearts to see Cinque Terre, (more on what Cinque Terre is here), this was the perfect time to head there. We were looking for a bit of relaxation, loads of sunshine, and an interesting new place to explore – and Cinque Terre offer all three of these!



Friday the 10th, we left Inverness and drove down towards Glasgow. We spent a night in Glenfinnan, got eaten alive by midges, and then enjoyed a night in a hotel just a mile away from the Glasgow Prestwick Airport. I don’t even think enjoy is the right word for that hotel. It was amazing. Showering without having to push a button every 15 seconds to keep the water running, having a huge, extremely comfy bed, and waking up to an amazing breakfast spread was heavenly! We splurged on a hotel because we could park Isobel at the hotel for free. Holla!! We sure need to splurge more often..we were living like kings!!


We flew into Pisa, Italy Sunday morning, then took a train to where we would spend the next five nights camping just outside of the Five Cities of Cinque Terre. Yes, we camped on our relaxing week away. We miss being in our tent in warmer weather, so it was definitely a must. Not to mention it allowed us to eat amazing Italian food every night, have gelato not once, but up to three times a day, and drink delicious vino by the bottle without breaking our budget!


{Traveler’s Tip… Pisa is a great hub for exploring more of Italy. It’s extremely easy to get to Cinque Terre from here, as well as Florence and Rome.}


{Traveler’s Tip… When you get a train ticket, be sure to validate the ticket before jumping on the train!! It’s quite a large fine if you’re ticket isn’t validated prior to boarding the train!}



If the sentence above doesn’t sum up our trip in Italy, I’m not sure what exactly will! We basically relaxed each morning in the town of Deiva Marina, and then trained into one of the Five Cities each day. While the five cities are super touristy these days, we were able to find ways to escape the crowds and enjoy each other with beautiful views before us.



Friday rolled around way too quickly, and while we were planning on spending the day in Monterosso (one of the Five Cities) we ended up taking our new friends up on an offer for a ride into Pisa that morning. We hopped in their ’96 VW Van and embarked on an hour and a half ride to Pisa. The entire ride we discussed any and all things South East Asia, mainly Thailand – as our next big trip we have planned is to there. (Coincidence they had been to SE Asia 6 times between the two of them and that’s where we want to head next month? Or coincidence they’re traveling around in a van the same year as Isobel, we think not! Remember what we think about Coincidences? If you forgot read about it here.)



We spent the afternoon and all through the night exploring, or more so people watching, in Pisa. If you’re looking for a good people watching place, we think Pisa is now at the top of our list!! We had more fun watching people take pictures holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa and sneaking into people’s photos than we did walking around the streets of Pisa! (Can I get an amen from everyone that follows Jason on snapchat?!) Seriously.. People watching is spot-on here!


{Traveler’s Tip… Don’t plan on spending more time here than one day, or even a half a day. We usually don’t like just rushing through cities, but really with just a half a day here, you can take in all the city has to offer with no rush at all!}



A day in Pisa is really all we needed, as there’s not much to see and not too much history there. With a full day ahead of us before flying out Sunday, we decided to hop on the train Saturday morning and spend the day in Florence! Florence is filled with history, great gelato, and again loads of tourist. We stumbled upon an archery competition, enjoyed the best Italian food we had the entire week, and watched the sun go down over the city as we sipped on wine discussing how extremely blessed we are to be living this life!



Jason is now finished with his first clinical placement which means starting today, we have a whole month off of school!! While we were originally thinking to head to Iceland for the month, we realized that Thailand is a much better option!! So, Monday the 4th, we jump on a flight to Bangkok and will be staying there through the 30th of July, getting back just in time for Jason to start back up with classes on the 1st of August. If you have been to Thailand before and have any tips on traveling around there, please, oh please, comment below!! We want all the backpacking tips and tricks possible on this beautiful country!!




…Prayer Requests…

*Praise the Lord that everything is going well with the van. We are truly loving being in it, are are really looking forward to the endless possibilities it allows us to have.

*Pray for Heather as part of the blogging process has been a bit overwhelming lately (hence the lack of posts). Pray for clarity with the posts to write, and that the Lord can been seen throughout the posts.

* Pray for ease in processing all the travel ideas and information stored up in our heads! We have so much we want to share with you all about how traveling can be down cheaply and how everyone can get out and do it, but man it’s hard to write it all down!! Guys.. we literally have over 30 ideas written down for posts to really share how to travel with you all, but we need some prayer with how to exactly write them!!

*Praise the Lord for us running into a friend from back home while in Italy. It was such a divine intervention the Lord had planned, and He used Cody to encourage us, and make us check ourselves and our relationship with the Lord.

*Pray for healing for Jason. We know that through the power of prayer he can be healed, and after dealing with some not so fun stomach issues for a month now, we need prayer for healing of his stomach!


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