Italy is one of those places you’ll always want to go back to. With the amazing food, mouthwatering gelato, and beautiful cities, you really can’t go wrong with a trip there. Indulge in the culture, lose the diet, and learn about all kinds of history in this beautiful country!

  • Cinque Terre, What’s That?

    Cinque Terre, What’s That?

    So, you’ve heard about Cinque Terre and have seen pictures of the gorgeous cliffside villages, but still don’t quite understand what Cinque Terre is. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. After spending an entire day researching about Cinque Terre, we still didn’t quite understand it. We thought, if we researched all day and couldn’t really understand Read more about Cinque Terre, What’s That?[…]Read More »
  • Camping in Deiva Marina

    Camping in Deiva Marina

    Camping while visiting Cinque Terre is a great way to save your budget. With the amount of campgrounds in the area, it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed with searching for the right place! So, search no more, we’ve done the research for you!!   We know you don’t want to spend your time in Read more about Camping in Deiva Marina[…]Read More »
  • Deiva Marina, Cinque Terre

    Deiva Marina, Cinque Terre

    After loads and loads of research of where to stay while visiting Cinque Terre, we decided to stay in Deiva Marina — a supposed “20-minute” train ride to the first of the five cities in Cinque Terre. Now, we say supposed “20-minute” ride because in reality the time it takes is more like an hour. Read more about Deiva Marina, Cinque Terre[…]Read More »
  • Italian Vacation

    Italian Vacation

    Vacation season is upon us and boy do we have everything at our fingertips!!   We have absolutely loved traveling through Scotland in our beloved van, Isobel!! However, when Jay was told he had a week off in the middle of June, we were prepared to leave Isobel and explore elsewhere! Guys, get this… not Read more about Italian Vacation[…]Read More »

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