Budapest’s Oldest Thermal Bath | Kiraly Baths a Thermal Bath Full of History Instead of Tourists

If we’re honest here, we knew nothing about Budapest’s thermal baths. In fact, we didn’t even know visiting thermal baths in Budapest was a thing to do until handy dandy Pinterest photos told us otherwise. Most photos we found were of Szechenyin Thermal Bath, however, honesty, it seemed a bit too touristy for us. After looking a bit more into Budapest’s thermal baths, and trying to find one with a bit fewer tourists around, we found the local feel and loads of history behind Kiraly Baths to be much more enticing.


The history of Kiraly Baths is really what sold us on visiting them. The bathhouse was originally built in 1565! People, that’s nearly 500 years ago! Walking up to it we were surprised to find the mix of both new and old architecture in the area, however, the old copper top of the building and the steam coming from the roof was a dead giveaway we were in the right place.


 Upon check-in, we were given bracelets to let us in and out of the baths and were directed up a lovely spiral staircase to the changing rooms above. There we found both private and shared changing rooms, and decided that we would opt for the shared, as they themselves had private stalls anyways.

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Making our way back downstairs to the thermal baths, we were hit by a wave of humidity, and couldn’t help but get a bit more excited to begin our relaxed morning in the pools. After soaping up we followed the path of steam into the main bath.


 Stepping into the main bathing area we felt like we were stepping back in time. Aside from it being now gender neutral visiting hours all day every day (it used to be only males could visit), it seemed like this historic bath hadn’t changed much since it’s reconstruction after World War II. The water was a bit cooler than we had expected, though nonetheless, still provided a relaxed atmosphere!

{Traveler’s Tip… The baths at Kiraly Baths range in temperature between 26-40 degrees Celsius. With that said, the baths are still a relaxing place to be with the medicinal properties of the water.}


 Walking around the main bathing room, we found there were a couple of more modern facilities inside. We found a steam room, traditional Finnish sauna, a cold bath to cool off in, and even a place to refill our water bottle… something we were so thankful for after being in the baths for quite some time.

{Traveler’s Tip… Definitely bring a water bottle to the baths! With the humidity and the warm water, you’ll want to drink more water than usual!}


 After some time at the main bath, the room started to become a bit busy with other guests so we decided to pop out and wander around the grounds. We found a smaller bath just outside the main one, and jumped in there to cool off a welcomed treat from the humidity of the main bath. You could really feel the minerals in this smaller bath and we were able to even float in it quite easily.

Following a few signs to the outdoor area of the thermal baths, we came across an open garden area for sunbathing. There were lounge chairs across the grounds and the cutest wooden bath on a small deck. We couldn’t resist soaking in this bath as it reminded us of our time on our cycle trip soaking in Turkish baths after a long day of cycling.


 After wrapping up our time in the outdoor bath, we knew we needed to get back to the flat, as Jay was after all in the middle of writing a dissertation. We saw a wee sneak peek of a modern Jacuzzi, and even an area to buy food and drinks for the time at the baths, however, we had to pull ourselves away.


 We made our way back to the changing rooms and left the baths feeling refreshed and recharged for our long day ahead. Those medicinal properties in the water really do work magic on your body!

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Who Should Visit the Kiraly Thermal Baths 

You must be at least 14 years of age to visit this historic bathhouse, but there are no other real restrictions to prevent others from visiting. If you’re into history, this bath is 100% for you! If you’re looking for a really hot thermal pool to spend some time in, you may want to visit one of Budapest’s other many bath houses!

How to Get to Kiraly Thermal Baths

Kiraly Baths are located just across the river from the main parliament building. You can take public transportation, ride the local bikes to get to the baths or walk as we did. If you choose to take public transportation, the tram route you want is route 19 and the bus routes are 9 and 109.

The entrance is on the main road with the address of H-1024 Budapest, Fo u. 84. You’ll know you’re there when you see the steam coming from the top of the bath house!

Current Pricing for Kiraly Baths

To check out the current pricing for Kiraly Baths, head to their website here.

*If you plan on only visiting for a few hours in the morning, as long as you finish by noon, you will get back the deposit for the wristband that lets you in the baths.

**Remember if you’re a student or senior, or if you have the Budapest pass, you get a discount upon showing the card or ID.

***The locker price is simply the shared changing room price, and there are private changing stalls in them. You’ll just have to put your belongings in a locker rather in the actual changing stall.  The cabin price simply gives you a small space to put your bag in a closet/changing stall instead of placing your bag in a locker alongside the changing stalls…check the photos above to see what we mean!

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Kiraly Thermal Baths in Budapest, Hungary | The Oldest Baths in Budapest | ArboursAbroad

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*We visited Kiraly baths as special guests, though rest assured all opinions and experiences are our own! I mean, you can’t fake Jay in that thermal bath!
** Because we were guests of the Kiraly Bath House, we were able to take photos and video inside the main baths. It is otherwise prohibited to take photos inside the baths, and you will get looked at funny if you try!! We got the stink eye a time or two, but hey, we did a good job not getting people in them!  


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