Five Day Koh Phi Phi Itinerary

Who wants to stress about making sure to experience a place to its fullest while on a short vacation?! We don’t think many of you will be jumping up and down saying “I do! I do!”, so we put together a five-day itinerary for Koh Phi Phi. You’ll find it full of relaxation time, snorkeling, and great places to eat.

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If you haven’t read our post about What to Know Before You Go to Koh Phi Phi, be sure to check that post out first, as it will give you some explanation of the island before heading there. In this itinerary, we will assume you took the tips from that post before heading to Koh Phi Phi. 😉

{Traveler’s Tip… If you don’t have, get the app before heading to Koh Phi Phi. It is a user input, offline map app, and it will really help you get around the island. We added in all the places we talk about in this post, so they should be easy to find! Check out our Must Have Travel Apps for more info on!}




Arrive to TonSai Pier (typically late morning/early afternoon), and head straight to your accommodation that you pre-booked for the night.  Drop your bags off, make yourself at home, and get changed into your swimming gear. Head down to whatever beach is closest to you and take in the gorgeous views of this island while soaking in the sun, or even taking a dip in the water!


After enjoying the beach for a bit, head over to Loh Dalum Bay for sunset. Even if you don’t think the sunset is going to be nice, it’s definitely worth heading over just in case it turns out to be good! (Two different nights we missed amazing sunsets because we thought it was too cloudy for a good one!)


Head to Amico Restaurant for dinner. It’s one of the “not so local” restaurants on the island, but we found it to be the best bang for your buck with great food and huge portions! After dinner, head back over to Loh Dalum Bay and see how the beach has already transformed into one huge party scene. Even if you’re not into joining the party, it’s fun to walk down the beach and see how it’s changed in a matter of hours!  If you’re joining in on the party great… you’re already there. If not, head back to your hotel and rest up for your big day tomorrow!


Today you’re heading out of your accommodation around 9:00am. Don’t let this early wake-up call scare you; you’ll be able to nap on the beach in the afternoon 😉 Throw on your walking shoes and grab some water and snacks, then head up to the viewpoint. You want to get up there early before it gets too hot and all the rest of the tourist flock that way! Blow past the first viewpoint and head straight for the second one. The views are amazing from there. Find a spot in the shade, have your snack, and hydrate yourself.


After you’ve taken in the view, head down the hill and stop for lunch at the bottom. (See the picture below for the lunch stop.) We know you’re skipping the third viewpoint, in our experience, it wasn’t very nice. Although, if you choose to check out that viewpoint, there is a place to eat and get some drinks at the top.

{Traveler’s Tip… Tickets are 30 baht per person for the hike. Keep your ticket, as they check them at a couple different spots. Toilets are an extra 10 baht charge.}


Head back to your hotel and pack your bag for Long Beach. You can either walk roughly 30 minutes to Long Beach or take a taxi boat for around 100 baht per person. Relax on the beach for the rest of the day. No need to bring snacks with you, there is a minimarket and a couple of restaurants for snacks and cold drinks! Hang out at the beach until the tide goes out, then instead of walking on the trail back, you can walk on the sand. Be careful if walking on the rocks, they’re extremely slippery!


Freshen up back at your hotel before venturing out to book a boat tour, grab dinner, and watch a fire show. We recommend booking through Siam UK Travel and Tours near the Phi Phi Bakery. Check out this post to learn about the different boat trips, how to make the most of your island hopping trip, and why you should go with Siam UK Travel and Tours.

{Traveler’s Tip… It’s 400 baht extra to actually step foot on two of the islands the snorkeling tours bring you to. Read this to find out how to make the most of this 400 baht charge!}


Here, you will find our personal reviews and photos of restaurants on Koh Phi Phi. You can either dine at one of the restaurants with a fire show, or eat elsewhere and wrap up dinner by 9:00. Fire shows on both Ton Sai Beach and Loh Dalum Beach start at 9:30. Head to whichever beach you want, grab a seat, and enjoy the show! These are free, but they do take donations at the end of the show.  Once the show’s over, head back to your hotel, you’ll be meeting your boat tour between 9:00-9:30 in the morning.


Side Note: Sometime during the day, you need to go shopping for some snacks for your Day Three boat trip. Depending on where you’re staying, you can figure out when the best time to grab snacks will be. You don’t need much, as the boats do provide food, but we always suggest having food on you. It’s no fun being hangry on vacation! 



Full day boat tour… Need we say more?! 😉 Don’t forget to pack a towel and your snacks for your trip. It’s going to be a blast!! You’ll be taken care of all day. Think: amazing fish in the crystal clear waters, wind blowing in your face while cruising across the ocean, and sun beaming on your tan skin! Want to know more about your day.. Read this Island Hopping Guide!

Once you’re back on Koh Phi Phi, if you didn’t get to view the sunset, be sure to head to Loh Dalum Bay to watch the sun go down. Tonight for dinner, you’re eating local. Cheaper will be better tonight after you’ve spent money on your boat tour! There’s a couple of great local restaurants that people say has the best Pad Thai in all of Thailand, yet they’re still a bit of a secret! You’ll find the local restaurants near the grocery store. No, not 7-Eleven, the real grocery store. Search for “PP Supermarket” on your app, and in that same area you will find some local dinner stops!

After dinner, if you’ve got anything left in you, check out the fire show at the opposite beach than the one you watched last night.


Today you’re going on the long awaited Maya Bay Tour. (Yes, we know, another tour…We aren’t huge fans of tours, but this tour and yesterday’s snorkeling tour are great ways to experience Koh Phi Phi!) You don’t need to meet up for your tour until 3:00. If you booked a hotel with a pool, it’s a great day to spend the morning relaxing poolside. If you don’t have a pool, spend your morning at one of the local beaches — the beach by Bay View Resort isn’t too bad or head back down to Long Beach! Be sure to leave time to check out from your hotel and grab some lunch before heading out on your Maya Bay Adventure. You’ll be able to store your stuff at your hotel for the day, and then grab it and store it at the Maya Bay Shop for overnight.

{Traveler’s Tip… Make sure your cameras and GoPro’s are fully charged before heading out on the tour!! You don’t want to end up with a dead battery!! And as always, pack a few of your own snacks!}

Side Note: Unfortunately, we don’t have any photos of this tour because we didn’t actually do it. Heather got an injury preventing her from being able to go in the water, so we had to back out of this tour. However, we so badly wanted to that we have to recommend it to you! And If you go, be sure to tell us all about it!! 



You’ll get back from your overnight tour around 10:00am. Sadly, you’re leaving the island today. If you haven’t had a mango smoothie from Mango Garden, grab one when you get back to shore! They’re amazing!!  See more pictures and pricing at Mango Garden here. Gather your belongings from the shop, go back to your favorite restaurant and get a lunch to go, and then board your boat for your trip back to the mainland. The last boat to Phuket leaves at 2:00, be sure not to miss it!



We hope you enjoy this five-day Koh Phi Phi Itinerary. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Koh Phi Phi: Know Before You Go. Obviously, you can switch up the days on the itinerary, or skip the boat tours if you’re looking to just relax on the beach, but we highly recommend at least snorkeling in the area! Looking for more ideas for your trip to Thailand?! Check out the posts on our Thailand Page for more itineraries and reviews on places we went!



If you think we’ve missed something, or have a great recommendation for the island, please comment below and let us and other travelers know! If you go to Koh Phi Phi and follow this itinerary, or even just snag up some of the ideas, please give us some feedback! We love to hear from you!!



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