Moving to Inverness

So we moved to Inverness. Here’s the questions I presume are going through most of your heads. First, what in the world/where in the world is Inverness? And second, didn’t we just move to Aberdeen, why are we moving again?


I guess I should back up a bit.


With Jason’s physiotherapy program (physical therapy for you state folks) at RGU, he has six different clinical placements scattered across the country. These placements can be anywhere from within the town of Aberdeen to the villages of Orkney or Shetland Islands. With our desire to get out and see as much of this country as we can within our time here, we are rooting for any and all placements outside of Aberdeen, and really praying we get an island placement for his next clinical!


For his first clinical, which, holy cow, we can’t believe is here already, he is placed in Inverness – a rather large town in the north west part of Scotland. This was the absolute ideal first placement for Jay. He’s working at a Multiple Sclerosis Clinic getting loads of experience with many different neural patients and is absolutely loving the placement thus far. Not to mention the fact that Inverness is the gateway to the Highlands.. aka.. Adventureland here in the UK. How much more perfect could it be?!



With Heather working from home, we were able to both “move” up to Inverness. Man, Praise the Lord for this!! We are so excited that we get to be together for this six weeks rather than having Heather work/live in Aberdeen and Jason work/live 2.5 hours away in Inverness.


Now, saying we “moved to Inverness” is only a partially accurate statement. In reality, we moved into our van. (Read about our van purchase here) If you remember, when we bought the van (Isobel), she was partially built out and we bought her with the intentions of remodeling the entire inside. This remodeling process has happened in a few stages. We first redid the bed, insulation, and paint in the van and took a trip to Oban to see what else we wanted to change/add.


We then were in Aberdeen for two weeks where Jason studied his booty off for his huge tests, and prepped himself for this placement. Wednesday of last week, Jay finished his OSPEs and we had four days to finish the buildout of Isobel, move out of our flat into the van, and drive to Inverness. Talk about a crazy, hectic time!


The buildout went great. We truly loved creating our new living space together and making it perfect for our needs. While we still have a few things to add – like a kitchen sink –, we are enjoying being in Isobel parked down by the river 😉



Now, before you start thinking we’re showering in the river only twice a week like we did on our roadtrip across the US, we aren’t. That wouldn’t fly so well with Jason working at a health clinic. We found a killer gym here with a spa and climbing area… both of which we are equally excited about, and we will be showering there to stay fresh and up to par with our stench 😉 (man I wish you could do emojis on a blog… I would totally put in the raise the roof girl here)



Some of you may think we are absolutely crazy, others of you think we are turning into a couple of hippies, and yet a few think we are livin’ life the way it should be lived. I think any of the three thoughts are right.


It is completely crazy for us to dump our picture perfect flat and move into a 20-year-old rusted van without a shower, toilet, or running water. We do love the fact that we are using the sun to power our lights and recharge our batteries. And man oh man, we sure are livin’ the life not owning much and being able to focus on each other and the little things that make this life so sweet.


Simply put, I think we were made for this. We were made to enjoy every little detail of life, have minimal distractions of what is important in the big picture, and to get lost in the beauty the Lord created for us to escape to each weekend.



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