Nashville, Tennessee

Tennessee oh Tennessee.. Where do we even begin?!?! We got to Tennessee and had to pull off at the visitor center in Memphis because the Welcome to Tennessee sign was literally in the middle of the bridge. This pull off ended up being a great decision. We got to see a bit of what Memphis has to offer before finishing our journey to snuggle with Kaylee for the first time in way, way, way too long!! We, well mainly Heather, was basically wetting her pants with excitement of reuniting with Kaylee for a bit.


We found one we could take a picture with!! 🙂


Cool skybridge tram!! 🙂

We got to Kaylee’s and pulled a total creeper move by creeping through the windows knocking on them before actually getting to the door. Then bam!! It happened.. Heather and Kaylee were joyfully reunited.. Hugs, kisses, and a few booty grabs later we actually got through the doorway and met Rachel, one of Kaylee’s roommates, and a couple of her friends. We sat and told all the ins and outs of our trip until that point, got a tour of their most adorable little house, hung out for a bit, then headed to bed.


Reunited at last!!! 🙂


Time with this little lady was oh so sweet!!

Kaylee had clinical the next morning until noon, so we slept in, went on a nice run through the back roads of East Nashville, took another real shower, and updated our blog. When Kay got home we made our way into the city where we grabbed coffee and walked on the walking bridge that crosses the Mississippi to get a view of Broadway Street from above. We then went on a wild goose chase to find a couple of Kaylee’s friends that were road-tripping across America as well. By the time we found them we were all ready to eat. Kaylee took us to this amazing local place, Edley’s, where we got fried pickles, a pulled pork sandwich and pulled pork tacos. Every last drip of it all was finger licking good. We then headed to Broadway Street and the four of us road trippers gave Kaylee a run for her money. We were absolutely OBNOXIOUS. Just picture this.. four people that have been stuck in cars driving in the middle of nowhere with no big cities around us for the past who knows how long.. then shabang.. Kaylee takes us to the wildest part of Nashville. We were talking to people out the windows.. dancing like crazy.. everything possible you think a car full of high schoolers do.. we basicially did. Kaylee was so relieved when we finally found a parking spot and she wasn’t trapped in the car with us all. Little did she know.. We weren’t done being crazy. It’s okay though.. since we were walking the streets at this point we fit in just fine with all the crazies of Broadway St. We enjoyed people watching, listening to horrific karaoke, and smelling smells we hope to never smell again before heading back to the house and calling it a night.


“Hey do you mind taking a picture of us?”.. “Oh actually, can you get the city in the background?” (under our breath… “Not the ugly construction on the other side”)


View from the walking bridge


Where the craziness happens.. down on Broadway

The next day we woke up to Kaylee being a wonderful hostess and making us pancakes and bacon. Simply put.. we sure did miss bacon! It was great. We spent the day relaxing and catching up on life. We did our laundry.. like real laundry this time.. with a washer and dryer.. and dryer sheets!! Our clothes smelt so good!! We went and filled Kaylee’s car with way too many cinder blocks and built a fireplace in her backyard then showered and Kaylee went to work, while we went and picked up a crockpot to make some frozen soup for the second part of our trip. After shopping we stopped in at Kay’s work, watched her work her booty off.. she is a bomb digity, good looking bar tender that knows how to shake it real good!! We then went back to Kay’s place to meet up with Rachel and head over to a friend’s for a BBQ. After barbequing, we met up with Kaylee at a karaoke bar called Santa’s. If anyone ever goes to Nashville, you have to go to Santa’s!! It’s a doublewide trailer that has cheap bottle/canned beer only and karaoke. It’s a great place to be that not many people know about. We thoroughly enjoyed Santa’s and headed home. Kaylee had two tests Monday and one on Tuesday the following week, so we decided to give her a day to study and we headed to Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky on Saturday then returned to Kaylee’s house Saturday night for a little fire around the new fire pit. Check out the Mammoth Cave blog to read more about our Saturday spent in Kentucky.

Sunday we woke up and joined Kaylee at the church she attends for a great service. We then hit the road to go see Halie and make our way to Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

…Prayer Requests…

*Pray for Kaylee as she is in a tough nursing program and still working on top of school, homework, and clinicals. Also that the Lord blesses her for the hospitality she showed us.

*Pray for Halie, as she continues to adjust to her new life in Tennessee—she seems to be doing great!!

*Pray for Kaylee’s church, as the building they are in is getting bought out and they need to find a new building.

*Pray for zippy, she is displaying an oil and transmission leak.*

P.S. -We are in the middle of New Mexico at a Jiffy Lube updating the blog. We will be staying with Aunt Kathy in El Paso tonight, then going to Saguaro National Park and seeing Kevin tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “Nashville, Tennessee

  • I loved reading this entry the most so far. 🙂 Glad you got to make Nashville one of your stops. Actually I just love reading all your entries and living your adventures thru them. Praying little zippy makes it safely all the way back home.

    • We were so glad we were able to stop there too and hang out for so long!! It was one of my favorites to write so far!! And thanks!! We can use all the prayers we can get for Zippy at this point.. She’s struggling a bit and we have just over 1000 more miles to go 😬😬

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