No Coincidence. Only God.

Oh my goodness.. Is the Lord good or what?!?! Something amazing just happened and we have to share it with all of you…. Here’s the theme of this one.. No Coincidence. Only God.


First though.. Thanks to everyone in our little prayer circle for praying when we asked. The Lord gave us clarity and an answer sooner than we expected.


To backtrack… Lately we haven’t been 100% that the Lord wants us to still be traveling. We knew coming down to South America was of the Lord and we were sure He was placing us down here. Before we left on this journey, God revealed that South America was the place He wanted us to travel. And yes, we knew He would have us traveling, after all the bible says,


“Delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

Now of course the desire of our hearts was to go backpacking, and we knew the Lord was going to use us in ways only He could, if we allowed Him to do so. So we were open for anything. Our dream is to backpack through Southeast Asia, and we were planning on heading there, but the Lord had other plans for us, and oh man, He didn’t hesitate a bit to show us. He was basically screaming “Heather and Jason, Hello.. It’s not time for Southeast Asia, it’s time for South America.”


Leading up to us buying plane tickets and leaving for our trip, repeatedly the Lord was screaming. We had multiple people stay in our house that either lived in South America, or had great stories of traveling there and had brought up South America without us even talking about it.


No coincidence. Only God.


A guy in line at the bank began talking with Heather one day and just asked what she did for a living. Heather responded by saying she was a teacher, but was taking a year off to travel, probably to South America. He replied by saying his son had just got done backpacking through South America and hiking Machu Picchu.


No coincidence. Only God.


Jason was on one of his favorite websites,, and amazing deals were showing up about trekking to Machu Picchu.


No coincidence. Only God.


Patients at Jason’s work kept bringing up South America and how the wished they could have experienced South America when they were young.


No coincidence. Only God.

We were in Bend and were looking for new rain jackets for our trip and a girl that worked at the store told us she literally just got back from backpacking through South America.

No coincidence. Only God.

We were in Washington DC at a church service and the pastor was speaking about how he thinks everyone should hike Machu Picchu because it forces you to pray through the difficulty of it.


No coincidence. Only God.


We could go on and on about God intervening while we were planning our trip, but we have more to share, and we think you get the point. So there you have it, we were heading to South America with a one way ticket, open hearts, and prayerful minds to see what the Lord was directing us down here for.


For about the first two months of being in South America, and for the entire two months of our road trip through the US before flying down here, God’s presence was clearly felt. He was showing us where He wanted us and didn’t want us with as clear of vision as you can tell the colors black and white apart from each other. But lately, that vision has been a bit more gray.


We haven’t been positive about where we should go and what He has us doing. We were in San Pedro de Atacama around the 20th of December and were planning on going to Santiago/Mendoza for Christmas time. We headed to the bus station to get a ticket to Santiago and we were feeling a bit unsure of if we should head down there or not. The Lord showed us we shouldn’t go down there by not allowing us to get a bus ticket. Literally every bus seat was booked to Santiago until after Christmas. At that point, we were thinking, “Alright Lord, where do you want us?” The group of travelers behind us were heading to Iquique and told us we should head there too. So we bought our tickets to spend Christmas soaking in some sun at the beach.


We got to Iquique and looked at a few hostels before walking into one and getting an overwhelming sense that that was the one we were supposed to stay at. Little did we know, the reason we were supposed to stay there lied within the book exchange. Heather had just finished a book and was in need of a new one. The book “From Curses to Blessings” was on the shelf so Heather grabbed it. While she doesn’t believe everything in it she is reading, the Lord has used multiple parts in it for clarity in our lives and the lives of some of our friends.


Within the first few chapters, an answer was revealed to Heather through a bible verse in the book for something one of her friends was going through. After continuing to read, answers were revealed to things that Jason is going through. And now, the clearest answer of all has been revealed.


No coincidence. Only God.


Fast forward to now.. Again, we have been questioning if the Lord still has us down here traveling. Like we said.. Things haven’t been being revealed black and white anymore, but instead a bit gray. The Lord would reveal something that made us think for sure we are in the right spot, but then later something would happen that made us not so sure. We have been praying that a clear answer would be present, and finally decided to ask some friends to pray too. And bam!! The power of prayer kicked in, and rather quickly.


The Lord revealed to us scripture in Genesis. Specifically Genesis 12:1. It says,

“Get out of your country, from your family and from your father’s house, to a land that I will show you.”


Wow hello.. Thank you Lord. Literally Heather read it and teared up a bit. After reading it to Jason, he too got a bit emotional. The answer to if we are supposed to be down here was given to us and so quickly.


No coincidence. Only God.


Now yes, you can say that the verse just says to get out of your country and travel to see what the Lord has, and you guys have been traveling for nearly five months now. You already did that. But the key for us in the passage is this.. It says to get out to see the land that the Lord will show you. Lately while we have been questioning being down here, we have been to city after city and not seeing the land in between. We haven’t got out and been just in God’s land for quite some time, only in places where people have made beautiful buildings or made pretty parks. Now yes, these things are God’s land too, but we know He wants us to get out and into the land He created that is untouched by human hands. We know He wants us to continue traveling and seeing His beauty and sharing it with all of you. We know our time down here is not finished. We know He still has plans that we need to complete down here. We know He is still using us, and man does it feel good.


So in all.. No coincidence. Only God has been pouring down in our time down here and we are certain this is where we were supposed to come, and for now this is where we will stay. Traveling around seeing God’s creation, sharing the truth about Him with people we meet, and doing our best to be a light to all is God’s divine plan for our lives right now. And we will continue seeking Him and following where He leads us down here until He clearly reveals it’s time to head back to Oregon.


No coincidence. Only God.



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