Need some inspiration for your trip to North America?! Are you wanting to road trip across the United States or see the amazing Niagra Falls in Canada?! This North America page is just the place for you!! When we first traveled abroad, the most frequently asked question was this.. "Where have you traveled in North America?" Sadly, before our road trip, we hadn't seen much of the amazing diversity found throughout the States. Lucky for us, and for you, we've now visited about half of the US and part of Canada. On this North America page, you'll find inspiration to spend some time throughout the entire continent! 



  • Four Ways to Camp for Free in the United States

    Four Ways to Camp for Free in the United States

    The United States is full of great campgrounds ranging in prices from free to over 30 USD. (Yes, over 30 USD for camping… that’s California for ya.) Paid campgrounds tend to have fresh water, bathroom facilities, RV hookups, and camp hosts. If you can pass on these things, you can camp for free! We’ve come Read more about Four Ways to Camp for Free in the United States[…]Read More »
  • The Cereda Household of Newport Beach

    The Cereda Household of Newport Beach

    We left Disneyland and it hit us.. A week from that day (Sunday) we would be heading to the airport to take off for South America. What??!! How did this come up so quickly? Then we thought, a week… okay that’s plenty of time to still relax and hang out! You can get a lot Read more about The Cereda Household of Newport Beach[…]Read More »
  • Disneyland


    The drive to get Daniel was full of lots of different emotions. We were excited to be seeing Daniel and the family, but this also meant that our road trip journey was at its end. The road trip was full of so many great things, and was such a freeing experience, that it was hard Read more about Disneyland[…]Read More »
  • Joshua Tree NP

    Joshua Tree NP

    After leaving the Grand Canyon we drove for about two hours and stopped at the very finest Walmart we could find. This was our last time sleeping in a Walmart parking lot, so we found the classiest one! In the morning, we woke up and made our way to California. We took our last picture Read more about Joshua Tree NP[…]Read More »
  • Grand Canyon NP     

    Grand Canyon NP    

    Well, since we were stuck in Flagstaff for the three days that we were supposed to be in the Grand Canyon, we only had one and a half days to spend there. We decided that we would go to the visitor’s center and see if we could get a back country pass so we could Read more about Grand Canyon NP    […]Read More »
  • Stranded in Flagstaff, Arizona

    Stranded in Flagstaff, Arizona

    Clunk, gurgle, gurgle.. “Is that our car?” “No that’s not good ol’ Zippy, she’s a champ!” Clunk, gurgle, gurgle.. (A bit louder this time) “Uhh.. yep, that’s definitely our car!” “We’re almost to Jiffy Lube, we can make it!” Gurgle, gurgle, no power.. “I think we can roll down to that gas station.” And there Read more about Stranded in Flagstaff, Arizona[…]Read More »
  • Petrified Forest NP

    Petrified Forest NP

    We left Tucson around 10:00 am Sunday the 12th to head up to Petrified Forest National Park in the northeast part of Arizona. This park has very, very little hiking trails, so we knew it would be a park to only spend three or four hours at then hit the road again. Driving up to Read more about Petrified Forest NP[…]Read More »
  • Tucson and Saguaro NP

    Tucson and Saguaro NP

    We made it to Tucson, Arizona in the late afternoon,  as soon as we made it to Kevin’s house the three of us got right back in the car and drove out to Saguaro National Park (East) to explore the Saguaro Forest Drive and hike a few short trails. We have never seen a Saguaro Read more about Tucson and Saguaro NP[…]Read More »
  • Sporadic Trip to The World’s Largest Balloon Festival and El Paso, Texas

    Sporadic Trip to The World’s Largest Balloon Festival and El Paso, Texas

    When we were at the bat viewing at Carlsbad Caverns National Park, the ranger asked the question, “How many of you are here from the balloon festival in Albuquerque?” After more than half the people in the amphitheater raised their hands, we decided we had to find out what this balloon festival was. We looked Read more about Sporadic Trip to The World’s Largest Balloon Festival and El Paso, Texas[…]Read More »
  • Carlsbad Cavern NP

    Carlsbad Cavern NP

    After a quick trip to Guadalupe Mountains National Park, we made our way into New Mexico to tour the Carlsbad Caverns. Carlsbad Caverns National Park is literally right down the road from Guadalupe Mountains National Park. As we were driving, we were waiting for a “Welcome to New Mexico” sign and drove right by it Read more about Carlsbad Cavern NP[…]Read More »
  • Guadalupe Mountains NP

    Guadalupe Mountains NP

    We left Big Bend National Park, and started driving north to find a place to camp for the night. We were finally back into a place where free campsites from were actually not only present, but were located on roads we were traveling on. The closest one was Marfa Lights. Marfa Lights was a Read more about Guadalupe Mountains NP[…]Read More »
  • Big Bend NP

    Big Bend NP

    We left Emily and Dylan’s and had about a four-hour drive to Big Bend National Park. Big Bend is located right on the border of Mexico and Texas, on the little hook that is on the southwest part of the state. The entrance that our maps were showing as the only one looked like we Read more about Big Bend NP[…]Read More »
  • Del Rio, Texas

    Del Rio, Texas

    We drove and drove and drove for 11 hours total on Friday, October 3rd. We straight shot it from New Orleans to San Antonio, Texas. We stopped in San Antonio for dinner at Sushi Zushi, one of the best sushi places we have been to, for Jason’s birthday dinner. We had spicy edamame, tempura veggies, Read more about Del Rio, Texas[…]Read More »
  • Where we are Now :)

    Where we are Now 🙂

    Hey everyone…   We’re sorry we are still playing catch up with the blog! We promise to write all the posts about the road trip before we take off for South America.   We thought we would let you know what the plan is for us at this point and give you some insight on what’s Read more about Where we are Now :)[…]Read More »
  • New Orleans and Our Trip There

    New Orleans and Our Trip There

    New Orleans, sweet, New Orleans…but first, Destin, Florida and Mississippi. Upon punching in New Orleans to our GPS, we found out we were not going to be going through Florida. We really wanted to get in the Gulf of Mexico waters, so we decided to take a detour down to Destin, Florida. Decided to go Read more about New Orleans and Our Trip There[…]Read More »
  • Congaree NP

    Congaree NP

    After leaving Alexandria, we were able to stop and see family before getting to Congaree National Park. We have family over on the east coast in North Carolina so we headed straight for the Atlantic Ocean. Yes..we finally we able to put our feet in the Atlantic.. We made it literally all the way across Read more about Congaree NP[…]Read More »
  • Washington DC/ Alexandria, Virginia

    Washington DC/ Alexandria, Virginia

    We arrived in Alexandria late on a rainy evening to Madison welcoming us with open arms, a cozy home, and a hot, home cooked, delicious meal. We hung out with Madison for a few hours just talking and catching up with one another. Chris was still at work, so we tried staying up till he Read more about Washington DC/ Alexandria, Virginia[…]Read More »
  • Shenandoah National Park

    Shenandoah National Park

    Shenandoah National Park is hands down one of the most beautiful national parks we’ve been to!! The colors of the trees during fall is something everyone should experience once in their lives!!     We made it to Virginia!! We naturally found the closest Walmart once we got into Virginia and set up home for Read more about Shenandoah National Park[…]Read More »
  • Great Smokey Mountains NP

    Great Smokey Mountains NP

    On the way to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, we planned on making a stop to see Halie. Halie is a little girl our family used to foster that moved to Tennessee. We were so excited to go and pick her up and hang out with her for a bit. We hung out at her Read more about Great Smokey Mountains NP[…]Read More »
  • Mammoth Cave NP

    Mammoth Cave NP

    Saturday we woke up and jetted over to Kentucky to Mammoth Cave National Park. We had to pre-book a cave tour for this national park, and let us tell you.. This was the first time we actually had to be somewhere at a specific time in about three weeks. Let’s just say we were running Read more about Mammoth Cave NP[…]Read More »
  • Nashville, Tennessee

    Nashville, Tennessee

    Tennessee oh Tennessee.. Where do we even begin?!?! We got to Tennessee and had to pull off at the visitor center in Memphis because the Welcome to Tennessee sign was literally in the middle of the bridge. This pull off ended up being a great decision. We got to see a bit of what Memphis Read more about Nashville, Tennessee[…]Read More »
  • Hot Springs NP

    Hot Springs NP

    We drove and drove until somewhere in the middle of Kansas where we found a Walmart to set up camp for the night. What we didn’t know was that this Walmart was not open 24 hours, causing us to have to hold going the bathroom all night!! We got up and got on the road Read more about Hot Springs NP[…]Read More »
  • Rocky Mountains NP

    Rocky Mountains NP

    After getting refreshed from a nice shower and lunch at Great Sand Dunes NP, we made our way up to Rocky Mountain NP. We camped about 20 minutes outside the park at a location that was quite nice. We set up camp, made some spaghetti for dinner, and called it a night. Although we Read more about Rocky Mountains NP[…]Read More »
  • Update blog

    Update blog

    We are doing an update blog due to our forgetful minds leaving behind two camera cords in DC/Alexandria. We are unable to post pictures until we get the cords in the mail in Texas–so this will have to suffice until then. 🙂 We have since soothed our sore bodies in the hot springs of Hot Read more about Update blog[…]Read More »
  • Great Sand Dunes NP

    Great Sand Dunes NP

    We left Black Canyon of the Gunnison and had about a five-hour drive ahead of us. Knowing this, we looked for a free campsite just outside of Great Sand Dunes NP. We were out of luck with this search, but found a town not too far past Great Sand Dunes NP that had a Walmart Read more about Great Sand Dunes NP[…]Read More »
  • Black Canyon of The Gunnison NP

    Black Canyon of The Gunnison NP

    Black Canyon of the Gunnison is a national park located in the beautiful state of Colorado. This national park isn’t very well known, making it one of Colorado’s best kept secrets. With a great backcountry campsite, amazing trekking, and little to no tourist, you won’t want to miss Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park! Read more about Black Canyon of The Gunnison NP[…]Read More »
  • Mesa Verde NP

    Mesa Verde NP

    When we woke up on the side of the street it was still raining. We got out and ran to the gas station to freshen up, then got on the road to Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. It rained, no poured, this entire drive. Literally it was raining so hard and we hadn’t showered Read more about Mesa Verde NP[…]Read More »
  • Canyonlands NP

    Canyonlands NP

    Canyonlands NP is only about a 45-minute drive away from Arches NP making the ride there very short and enjoyable. We headed into the park, expecting to camp at a free campsite just outside the park. As we drove past the campsite, we decided to not set up camp yet, but instead head in and Read more about Canyonlands NP[…]Read More »
  • Arches NP

    Arches NP

    Arches National Park was a really fun park to run through and explore. With the free wild camping, the short and long hikes, and amazing red rocks all around, Arches National Park is a must! Everywhere you look there’s gorgeous views, crazy rock formations, and unbelievable arches!     Heading into Arches NP we began studying Read more about Arches NP[…]Read More »
  • Capital Reef NP and Salt Lake City

    Capital Reef NP and Salt Lake City

    CAPITOL REEF After Bryce Canyon NP, we made our way over to Capitol Reef NP. This was the drive we were told we had to stop to get a burger in Boulder, UT at Burr Trail Grill. We were driving by the burger place and nearly missed it. Thank goodness we didn’t!! We both ordered Read more about Capital Reef NP and Salt Lake City[…]Read More »
  • Update Blog…because we are soo behind!

    Update Blog…because we are soo behind!

    As you may have noticed, we are not currently up to date with all of our travels, therefore we wanted to update you on where we are, what we are doing, and what is to come. We are currently in Alamosa, Colorado sitting in the car outside of a McDonalds and will be sleeping in Read more about Update Blog…because we are soo behind![…]Read More »
  • Bryce Canyon NP

    Bryce Canyon NP

    Once we left Zion, we wanted to find a free campsite in between Zion and Bryce, so we quickly got out our phones and went searching. We came across one that seemed perfect, just 20 minutes outside of Bryce. As we were approaching the park, Heather wasn’t feeling that great, but we just dismissed it Read more about Bryce Canyon NP[…]Read More »
  • Zion NP

    Zion NP

    We made it to Utah!! Before we got to Zion we stopped and camped out.. so before you get to read about Zion NP you get to hear about our awesome camping experience.   We took of from Great Basin NP after dinner and were wanting to get a couple hours of driving in before Read more about Zion NP[…]Read More »
  • Great Basin NP

    Great Basin NP

    To start this post off, sorry we haven’t been able to update everyone sooner than now. We have been out of good service and Internet availability for a few days. We stopped at a coffee shop just for all you that want to read our blog 🙂   Great Basin National Park is located in Read more about Great Basin NP[…]Read More »
  • And We’re Off

    And We’re Off

    Wow, what an adventure we have begun…and a bit later than what we were hoping, but hey, it’s a road trip, that’s expected right?   Our original plan was to leave Friday afternoon – we quickly realized that was an extremely unrealistic goal with how much we had to pack and whom we still needed Read more about And We’re Off[…]Read More »

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