Our Move to Scotland


Woo hoo, we took the plunge–Packed up all our things and moved to Scotland. Time has gone by so incredibly fast. We couldn’t believe how quick the move crept up on us, and now it’s hard to believe we have been in Aberdeen for over two months!


Just a refresher.. First, we know we are so, so far behind on our blog.. we really do hope to one day catch up! But we didn’t think it would be fair to everyone to not give you all a bit of an update on our crazy lives before catching up with everything since we have been out of South America, so here’s a quick version of our past six months.


We spent our last few months in the states attending weddings, doing an epic cycling trip from Seattle to San Francisco down the 101, traveling a bit more of our beautiful country, and visiting friends and family one last time before taking off. Wow, I can’t believe that’s all we are going to say about that, but if we start talking about that stuff, we will never get to the Scotland part of the blog. 😉


Two weeks before moving abroad, we tore apart all our boxes of clothing and everything that was kept at our grandma’s house to pack for Scotland. It was like Christmas!! We were finding things we totally forgot we even had and Heather kept putting on all her “new” clothes and shoes and saying, “Grandma look at this!! Now check this out!” Bless our grandma’s heart for letting us keep all our stuff at her place while we are busy running around like hooligans! She really is a saint giving up her spare room so we can store our belongings there! Now, although this was fun and exciting.. we would not at all recommend only giving yourself two weeks to do the following.. pack your things, organize all the business side of moving, and spend all the time you can with family in the area.. this was in no way, shape, or form enough time.. Queue the stress levels!


But we made it through.. We managed to get everything packed and only left town two hours later than planned, pretty impressive if you know anything about the way we travel/pack!


Sunday came around way too fast!! We were still scrounging around to pack all the last bits of everything, while trying to snuggle with Alexa and Jonathan as much as possible. This would be our last day seeing them for possibly two years. Now queue the rivers of tears flowing through everyone’s eyes that afternoon. Words cannot explain how difficult it was to leave our family. It was hard. It was really hard. Thank the Lord for FaceTime and Skype. Jonathan was so mad at us for leaving, and Alexa was begging us not to go. Now just over a month later, we get to FaceTime home often and catch up on life with the family. Jonathan is just starting to talk to us on Facetime —he’s finally over being mad at us, and continually asks us to come home and play trains or helicopters with him (He still doesn’t quite understand where exactly we are). Alexa loves telling us all about her days at school, reading us books, and simply chatting with us or showing us her favorite toys at that moment in time. Although there are still times where we -us and the kids- get teary eyed on the phone, we constantly try to remind them how great it is that we can talk on FaceTime whenever they want to, and how much we still love them even though we are miles away.


You may be wondering about the rest of our family.. thinking hello.. there are more people in your family than Alexa and Jonathan, and you’re right, there are. It was hard leaving all them too. Saying goodbye to the grandparents, siblings, a niece, and parents proved difficult as well. Praise the Lord we were able to spend time with everyone before taking off.


Although it was difficult leaving, we are so happy to be settling in here in Aberdeen. It’s the first time we have had our own space other than our tent or Zippy (our car) for over a year, and it’s been quite the change!


Let’s talk about how we got here.


Leaving for the airport from The Lee House in Portland was quite the experience. Saying our tearful goodbyes, packing and repacking to fit weight requirements for our luggage, and getting to the airport only an hour and a half early for an international flight accumulated into one crazy morning! Yes, you read that right. We got to the airport only an hour and a half before our flight left. Grandma dropped us off at the front while she pulled around to find a parking spot. We got in what we thought was the right line for check-in, but since we had no return flight, we had to change lines after waiting for 15 minutes in the wrong one. The line for check-in was crazy, and we knew we weren’t going to make it in time being at the end of it. But better to try and fail than to not try at all. Jason went to the end of the line, and I stayed near the front with our 200+ pounds of luggage. Grandma Frankie came in and we talked about how we only have now an hour before our flight leaves… keep in mind we have to make it through check-in and security, find our gate AND boarding takes place much earlier than the actual departure time of the flight. A lady started walking around asking if anyone was leaving on the flight to Amsterdam. Heather chased her down saying we were, and she shooed us to the front of the line. Praise the Lord. We were then cut by two cranky people, whom we just laughed at, and finally were in the check in process. Our four bags each weighed in at a whopping 51lbs, so much more than our 20-30lbs backpacks we had been traveling with for six months in South America! We made it through check-in and were pleased to find the security line quite small. We said our goodbyes to grandma, and rushed through security. We started walking towards our gate only to hear our names being called over the intercom for our flight.. oops.. a little late we suppose. As we were boarding, Heather was on the phone with Verizon cancelling our phone plan- nothing like waiting till the last minute!


We were so distracted by everything as we were boarding that we nearly walked right passed our seats. One bonus of being sooo late to a flight.. they give away your seats! Now yes, this seems like it could be a terrible thing, but for us it was great. They gave away our cheap seats, and upgraded us to business class- in the exit row!! We literally could put our legs straight out barely touching the seat in front of us! This 11-hour flight was going to be perfect! And it only got better.. we got cute eye masks, ear plugs, a toothbrush and toothpaste, free drinks, and loads of food! We love flying Delta!!



Upon landing in Amsterdam, we found our next flight to be cancelled. They rerouted us to Norway and then down into Aberdeen. During the rerouting, our luggage, as well as everyone else’s luggage was lost. Only two people on our flight had their luggage arrive. The rest of us had to go through claims in order to hopefully get our luggage the next day. Again, sounds awful.. but it was perfect! The Lord had some bigger plans for that time! A girl on the flight that also had her luggage lost started talking with us. She ended up being a student at RGU that was just completing the course Jason was just about to begin. We talked with her for quite some time, and after learning that our luggage was probably going to make it in on the next plane, we decided to all have dinner together at the airport and chat about life as an RGU Physio student. It was fantastic. We gained so much great knowledge about what our next two years would look like.



Our first week in Aberdeen, we stayed at an AirBnB place near downtown. We spent the week exploring the city, trying to find a flat to rent, and getting all the necessities of starting life in a new place lined up. It was a chaotic but exciting time for us. Aberdeen was experiencing some of the worst rain and flooding it has had in quite some time, and we were thinking what in the world have we got ourselves in to? This is a lot of rain!! Much to our favor, it hasn’t rained that much again, and the weather has actually been really nice.



After being on the road for 16 months, you can only imagine how weird it was for us to come here and know that we were going to be spending 2 years in this new city. Falling in love with a flat was easier than we thought it was going to be. And although there has been quite the amount of problems with our new place, we are excited to be settling in, and have loved our month of being on Ashvale Place.

Things that are so strange about the flat..
*Waking up in the same bed every morning for now a month.
*Having our own dishes.
*Having a fridge and cupboards that store only our food.
*Having a set of keys to a place that is just ours.
*Having a shower that only lasts 8 minutes.



Things that we absolutely love about the flat..
*It’s on a cobblestone street!
*It has an open floor plan!
*We can host friends at our own place again!
*We have a projector to watch movies on instead of a computer screen!
*We get to get dressed out of a closet of clean clothes instead of a backpack of “clean” clothes



We are certainly adjusting to our new life over here. We love exploring the city and the surrounding areas, and love our little weekend getaways! Jason is going into his eighth week of school, and really enjoys the way the classes are designed and all the practical experience he is getting. Heather is still on the hunt for a job, but we know the Lord will provide the right one at the right time. We both got bikes right away.. who were we kidding thinking we could go without bikes for a bit after living off them for a month. There was no way.. our legs were itching to start pedaling again! We found a great church that’s only a five minute walk from our flat, and have met some wonderful people through it. The Lord definitely answered our prayers about us finding friends over here! We have been blessed with some great people through Jason’s program already, and cannot wait to continue to build those relationships further!



We are getting used to the thick dialect over here, and while Jason’s loving the sampling of all the whisky he can get, Heather can’t even handle smelling it! We have tried the famous deep fried mars bar and it was love at first bite.. simply amazing!! After a month of being here we finally found black beans (a really big deal to Heather), and we made our first big Costco trip to stock up on the essentials! While it’s crazy to know we are going to be in one place for quite a while, we are looking forward to what the next two years have in store for us over here in Aberdeen!



Read about our first castle experiences here… Our First Scottish Castles



{Side note.. New Country, New Blog?? Please, Please, Please, comment and let us know what you think of our new page.. It’s definitely still in the works, but we had to post to give you an update on our lives–even if the blog isn’t so pretty!!! We had to buy our own domain due to the amount of photos we are sharing with you, and it’s a lot of work making your own page user friendly..We’re trying to make it as easy to navigate for you as possible and we want your input!!  Let us know what you like about our new page! What’s easy to work, what’s hard to work, what would you like to see changed?? Fill us in!}


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