Palatinus Baths | A Well Known Place to Visit in the Summer, but Quiet in the Winter

In a city with more than ten thermal baths, it’s hard to know which one is best to visit. Budapest hosts baths that are historic, really touristy, made for kids, baths that have indoor and outdoor pools… you get the idea, Budapest is full of all different kinds of thermal baths! So, how do you choose which thermal bath is for you?

After visiting Palatinus Baths, I think it may just be right for everyone! The Palatinus Baths are well known for summertime visits, however, after a visit in October, I’ve got to say, I think people are missing the ideal time! Don’t get me wrong here, the Palatinus Baths seem like the place to be for summer, but man, they’re the place to be for winter too!

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Highlight Reel of Palatinus Baths

  • Newly Reconstructed
  • Very Open and Breathable
  • Indoor and Outdoor Pools
  • Large Main Bath
  • Children and Adult Pools
  • Actually Hot Thermal Water
  • Natural Steam Room
  • Summer Time Water Park

Walking into the Palatinus Baths’ entrance you’d never know the building was originally constructed in 1938, it looks so modern and new. Only after talking with Cristian (the man walking me around the baths) did I find out that the reason the baths look so new is that the most recent remodel/reconstruction just finished in July 2017.

And let me tell you, this remodel is dreamy! With more than ten pools, most of which open year round, there’s a pool to suit everyone’s needs. As I walked around the grounds of Palatinus Thermal Baths, I realized the pools were built in a way to restore the history of the place, while really aiming to reach both young and elderly visitors as well as those who want to simply relax or be a bit more active.


As impressed as I was with the inside bathing area, as I was shown around outside, I couldn’t believe how large the grounds were. Not only are there loads of summertime pool activities, like the water slides and wave pool (both closed for the winter), but there are even heated outdoor pools for the winter time too.

{Traveler’s Tip… The grounds are huge, and while there are both a buffet and café on site, I recommend packing your own food and drinks and having a picnic on the lawn.}

And.. get this, there’s a lap pool containing the same medicinal properties as the other thermal pools. Meaning, not only do you get a good workout in, but the water properties are good for your body to be in too! That’s a huge win, win.

{Traveler’s Tip… I’m not 100% sure, but I’m fairly certain you need a shower/swimming cap if you want to swim laps in the lap pool. If you don’t have one with you, you can rent one on site.}

Heading back inside the thermal baths, I quite honestly found myself getting lost in all Palatinus Baths offer. I couldn’t stop just wandering around inside peeking around each corner and checking what thermal surprise hid behind each door.

I found an indoor kiddie pool, a couple of small thermal baths for just one or two people at a time, a traditional dry sauna, and the part of the baths I found the most impressive, a geothermal steam room!

At first, I was wondering what the heck a geothermal steam room actually is. I learned the steam is made naturally when the thermal water from 353 meters underground is cooled to 36 degree Celsius for using in the actual thermal baths. The steam from the cooling process is funneled by tubing to the steam room thus making a geothermal steam room! And while it doesn’t really look any different than any other steam rooms, you can smell the medicinal characteristics in the steam, making it feel extra special.

While I found the geothermal steam room quite impressive, my all-time favorite part of Budapest’s Palatinus Thermal Baths is the newly remodeled main indoor thermal bath.


This thermal pool was SO different than the Kiraly Baths Jay and I visited the day before. It’s so open and spacious and literally had only a handful of other people enjoying the pools with me. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, and so desperately wanted Jay to be there with me. It’s the perfect place to spend a relaxing day beating the cold outside!


With the openness of the thermal pool, there isn’t much steam or mugginess that often comes with indoor hot springs. Thus leading most people to spending time simply laying on the lounge chairs reading the newspaper or a book, and I even took it one step further and brought my book in the water with me!


I simply couldn’t resist. With the waters as hot as they were (36 C), and at some points only two other people in the entire pool with me, it was the perfect place to sit back and literally soak it in while getting lost in a good read!

After spending about three hours at the pools, I decided I needed to pack up and head back to the flat for lunch. And I’m not kidding when I say the entire time I was there, I could count on one hand how many people I was sharing the thermal bath with. The main pool itself is quite massive, and could be shared by loads of people, but the grounds as well are huge, so even if it did get a bit busier, I’m positive I could find space to relax without others near!

{Traveler’s Tip… If I had packed my own food, and didn’t have plans to meet Jay for lunch, I would have easily stayed all day. Learn from my mistake, and pack to spend an entire day at Palatinus Thermal Baths.}

Who Should Visit Palatinus Baths

Palatinus has baths for people of all ages. With no age restriction for visiting the baths, the pools/baths make for a great family outing – in both the summer and winter.

We can also fully recommend these baths to those wanting to visit a less touristy winter bath and have a truly relaxed experience. And with over ten different baths, there really is a place for everyone, and trust us when we say you’ll want to spend an entire day here!


How to Get to Budapest’s Palatinus Thermal Baths

The Palatinus Thermal Baths are located on Margaret Island (Margitsziget). There’s a public bus that stops right in front of the thermal baths, or you can rent the city bikes, and there’s a parking area right out front too!

Margaret Island is full of other fun activities as well like bike hires through the park or golf cart rides. It’s a great place to spend an entire day, or even two!


Current Pricing for Palatinus Baths

To check out the current pricing for Palatinus Baths, head to their website here. And to understand those prices a bit better, check out this guide explaining the wording on that page!

*If you plan on only visiting for a few hours in the morning, as long as you finish by noon, you will get back the deposit for the wristband that lets you in the baths.

**Remember if you’re a student or senior, or if you have the Budapest pass, you get a discount upon showing the card or ID.

***The locker price is simply the shared changing room price, and there are private changing stalls in them. You’ll just have to put your belongings in a locker rather in the actual changing stall.  The cabin price simply gives you a small space to put your bag in a closet/changing stall instead of placing your bag in a locker alongside the changing stalls…check the photos above to see what we mean!


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If you’re looking for a bit more history and a bath that really has stayed true to its origins, check out Kiraly Bath House. While this bathhouse doesn’t boast an open-air hot spring, or water as warm as Palatinus, it’s still a nice historic experience to have in Budapest.

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Budapest Thermal Baths, winter thermal bath, Palatinus Baths, arboursabroad

Palatinus Baths, Budapest, Thermal baths in Budapest, arboursabroad


*We visited Palatinus baths as special guests, though rest assured all opinions and experiences are our own! And for reals… we 100% can say you should visit this bath!!


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