Why You Should Have a Poland Bucket List | Visit This Underrated Country in Europe

We’ll be the first to say traveling in Europe is expensive. However, experiencing the rich history, dreamy buildings, and great food doesn’t have to break the bank. Poland is one of Europe’s hidden gems. You can experience the true European feel on a much smaller budget in this country, and we’re sharing why you should now have a Poland bucket list here!



1. Pierogi and Other Polish Delicacies


Pierogi… ahh, this amazing dish! While flying from Scotland to Poland, we were chatting with the man sitting next to us, and he insisted we have pierogi. After his explanation of it in extremely broken English, we thought it didn’t sound too appealing, but we had to try it. And we’re certainly glad we did. This Polish delicacy is amazing! You’ll find pierogi, “pork knuckles”, and other great dishes for right around 10 USD at fancier restaurants in Poland, and even as cheap as 1-2 USD in the non-fancy places!

{Traveler’s Tip… The dishes above are from Folk Gospoda in Warsaw. All the pierogi we had in Poland was delicious, but this here was one of a kind!} 


2. It’s a Good Place to Splurge on Stays

Typically, we stay in the cheapest places we can find so we can travel for longer. However, when we were heading to Poland, we wanted to stay at some nice hotels because even they are cheap! While you’re in Poland, splurge on a fancy hotel – you won’t regret it!

{Traveler’s Tip… We were blown away by the staff, buffet breakfast, and extra amenities at the Westin Warsaw. We definitely recommend splurging there!}

{Traveler’s Tip… If you’re wanting to splurge, but don’t really have the money to, look into using credit card points if you have any! It makes for a much cheaper stay at a great price! We’ll share more about using credit card points in a post to come! Be sure to like our Facebook page or subscribe to the blog to get notified when we share these tips!}


3. There’s Loads of History


If you’re into history at all, you know that Poland has an amazing past. Large parts of the country were completely destroyed during multiple wars, and you can still find remnants of that throughout the country. Be sure to take a look at Poland’s past to really appreciate and understand the country you’re visiting!


4. It’s Not On Everyone’s Radar Yet


Like we said above, Poland is truly a hidden gem of Europe. With so few traveler’s visiting there, you won’t find huge tourist crowds at all the great places. You may even be one of the first to make a Poland bucket list, but you surely won’t be the last! Once word gets out of how great of a country Poland is the above picture of the “touristy” street will be dominated by people.


5. Cheap Accommodation and Transportation


While Poland is a great place to splurge on luxury hotels, it’s also filled with ones that come in at budget prices too. You’ll be surprised how cheap accommodation is, and even more surprised when you find how cheap transportation is. 30-minute bus fares to and from airports are under 1 USD, and trains (if booked a bit in advance and not on a Polish holiday) are super cheap as well!

{Traveler’s Tip… If you want a homier stay, check out AirBnB in Poland. You can rent out entire flats for dirt cheap all throughout the country! If you’re new to AirBnB, sign up through this link and get a nice discount on your first stay!}

6. Interesting Mixture of Old and New


What other place can you find a skyline like this? What a beautiful mixture of old and new! You’ll find this skyline in the heart of Warsaw right at the main bus/train station. Walking through the skyscrapers, you’ll find other hints of old Warsaw, and it truly becomes a game trying to find all the oldies but goodies in that city!


7. You’ll Find Streets Like These


Who knew you could find buildings like this in Poland. Typically, when we see photos of buildings like these they’re from some major city, however, they’re also scattered throughout Poland! Yet another reason to make a Poland bucket list and find all these hidden gems!


8. Milk Bars, Need We Say More?


Not at all what the name suggests! There’s no milk, and there’s no bar. Milk bars are a huge part of the Polish culture and something you’ll definitely want to take part in while in Poland! So what are they you ask?! They’re restaurants serving food cafeteria style at extremely reasonable prices! You can eat a full meal with a drink for under 3 USD. They first came about during the war for an easy and cheap way for people to get food when times were tough, and we’re glad they’re still around. Be sure to pay a milk bar a visit – you won’t be disappointed!


Poland is truly a remarkable country to visit. Like we’ve said many times already, you aren’t going to find many other tourists around, so if you’re looking for a crazy tourist scene, Poland isn’t the country for you. However, if you want to experience a country full of culture while getting off the normal backpacking through Europe route definitely head here.

This list is obviously not an inclusive list of places to go and things to see in Poland. They’re still loads more that Poland has to offer. We suggest you take these tips and start a Poland bucket list, we’re sure you could spend weeks in this beautiful country!

If you have places to add, please leave them in the comments below. Let’s build a community here, helping other traveler’s visit beautiful places across the globe!

[The prices and information in this post is from our travels to Poland December 2016. If you find that prices have changed, please let us know, so we can update the information for future travelers!]


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