Q Hotel Grand Cru Gdansk | A Cozy Hotel Just Off the River

The restaurant pictures of the Q Hotel Grand Cru Gdansk are what completely sold us on this hotel. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find out this hotel is more than just a cozy looking restaurant. The Q Hotel Grand Cru Gdansk is a lovely place to stay while in Gdansk.



With a review score of nearly 9/10, the Q Hotel Grand Cru Gdansk comes highly recommended by its guests. With a great breakfast, a perfect location near the river, and amenities like free wifi and a sauna, we can completely agree with this rating for a hotel of its class!




The Bed

Firm, yet comfortable, the bed in the room allowed us for a great night’s sleep. With two separate single comforters, you don’t even have to share the blanket with your partner. We were able to cover up as much or as little as possible without disturbing each other at all! The pillows provided worked well as both places to rest our heads and something to lean against while we watched movies in bed!

The Bathroom

With modern décor in the bathroom and eco-friendly soap, we think anyone would be pleased with the bathrooms at the Q Hotel. The shower pressure and temperature are both perfect, and with the adjustable shower head, you feel as if you’re getting a massage while lathering up!

The Space

The room we were given was extremely spacious. There was loads of closet space with shelving, a few different areas to work or relax in the room, and a very spacious bathroom. We could both work in different areas without feeling like we were crowding each other out!

The Extras

The staff at Q Hotel Grand Cru Gdansk make sure you have everything you need for your stay. They provide complimentary in-room coffee, tea, and water, and have a fully stocked fridge with items for purchase in each room. Robes are given to make you feel cozy and refreshed after a shower, and you can ask at the desk for any extra toiletries needed during your stay.





Fitness Room

Access to a fitness room is granted to each guest. We didn’t use the gym, so we can’t say much about it, however, it’s nice to know it’s there to get your morning going right.


Again, we didn’t use the sauna, as we didn’t come prepared to do so. Nonetheless, how cool is it that the Q Hotel has a sauna for guests to unwind?! Next time, we’re going prepared to get some use out of this!

Free Wifi

The public lounges, as well as each room, offer free wifi access to all guests. With decent internet speed, this is a nice touch to your stay. It’s more common in Poland to charge for wifi access in rooms, so this really is a great bonus!

Restaurant/Wine Tasting

Like we said above, the restaurant photos are what sold us on the Q Hotel. With an all brick interior, extremely inviting seats, and more wine bottles around than you can count, the restaurant at the Q Hotel is a great place to start and end your day in Gdansk.





In a gorgeous restaurant on the bottom floor of the hotel, you’ll find breakfast. There is a breakfast buffet laid out for the guests along with staff available to make hot dishes like an omelet! With both vegetarian options along with eggs and breakfast meats, there truly is something for everyone.

One of our favorite parts of the breakfast was the coffee machine. You can choose to have an espresso, cappuccino, or just black coffee with the simple push of a button!




You can reach the Q Hotel by foot or by cab. It’s located about a mile walk from the train station in Gdansk – which is the same area the bus will drop you off at from the airport. (Bus 210, 40-minute ride for 1 USD) From there, you can walk the short flat distance to the hotel, or grab an Uber or taxi.

If you would rather not take public transportation, cabs in Poland are extremely cheap, furthermore, the Q hotel offers a shuttle service between the airport and hotel.

The hotel is tucked away behind a couple buildings just off the main road of Grodzka. It’s about a minute walk to the main river walk in Gdansk and is within walking distance to most other attractions within the city.



The Q Hotel Grand Cru Gdansk is a lovely place to stay if you’re visiting Gdansk. If you would like to book this hotel or check out more reviews from other traveler’s head to the Q Hotel website here.



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