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When people talk about Croatia, they talk about three major things. Plitvice Lakes National Park, the party scene in most of the bigger cities, and sea kayaking in the Adriatic Sea. Sea kayaking in Croatia is a major adventure traveler must do, and kayaking in Hvar has got to be the best place to sea kayak in Croatia as a whole.


Typically, when we travel we pass on things that cost money. Like when we were in Dubrovnik and we didn’t walk on the wall, or when we were traveling through the states and nearly never paid for camping. But sometimes to really experience a place you’ve got to fork out the money and pay for a tour. Some things just can’t be missed like ice climbing in Chile, or completing the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu. And sea kayaking in Croatia is one of those don’t miss opportunities.


While researching things to do in Croatia, time and time again sea kayaking popped up. After doing some research on where the best sea kayaking in Croatia is, we found that sea kayaking in Hvar was the placed to sea kayak in Croatia. There are other places to sea kayak in Croatia, like off the coast of Dubrovnik, or out of cities in the north, but Hvar offers something a bit different.


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When we came across the company &Adventure, we knew we wanted to sea kayak with them. Their kayaking tour offers not only kayaking in the clear turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea, but also kayaking through the mini islands off the coast of Hvar.  Photos from their website sold us on doing a kayaking tour with them.


We’re not going to lie here, once we found out how long the tour was, (six hours) we were a bit scared. Were we fit enough to kayak for six hours? Would we be able to enjoy our time or would our arms and torsos be dead making the trip unenjoyable? We were nervous, but we were already signed up, and way too excited to pass sea kayaking in Croatia up!


Turns out, six hours of sea kayaking really isn’t as hard as it sounds. With plenty of resting points, both of us in one kayak, and a long lunch on an island we kayaked to, six hours was the perfect amount of time for the tour. And given the chance, we would do this kayak tour again in a heartbeat! Check out what the tour looked like for us in this video below!




Double or Single:

&Adventure has a variety of kayaks awaiting the guests. If traveling as a pair you can double up in a kayak allowing for a bit less effort while paddling, and great photo opportunities. Doubling up will also test your ability to work as a team, as you don’t want to be whacking each other’s paddles the entire time! Or you can choose to have a single kayak, giving you a bit more freedom, but also more work.

Keeping your Gear Safe:

When meeting the &Adventure team at the harbor, you’ll be offered storage space to keep things you don’t wish to bring with you on the tour. The space is huge, fitting our backpack in completely fine with loads of room for other people’s stuff too. For things you wish to bring in the kayak with you, you’re given as many dry bags as you need, both big and small, as well as a dry compartment within your kayak to keep things from falling out of the kayak if you do flip.


Flipping… It’s a Possibility:

Nobody flipped on our tour, but when talking with Kristian (our guide), he did say that occasionally people do. The sea is relatively calm, so you shouldn’t worry too much about flipping, however, if it does happen, you’re not strapped into the kayak, so no need to worry about getting stuck.


Getting in the Water:

While it’s not really possible to get in the water while actually kayaking around the open sea, you’ll have plenty of time for swimming during the lunch stop. There’s a great beach with beautiful water, making it the perfect place to jump in! There’s also great swimming areas all along the coast to the left of the kayaking meeting point for after your trip!


Two to three hours into your sea kayaking adventure, you’ll stop at a small cove with a lovely beach and small restaurant. Here you can swim while you wait for lunch to be ready. You’ll have spaghetti and garlic bread with water for lunch and can purchase other drinks from the bar/restaurant as well.


We consider ourselves to be a fairly active couple. Leading up to our trip, we hadn’t worked out in a while, so we were a bit worried about our upper body with all the paddling. To our surprise, we weren’t too exhausted from sea kayaking. We will say though, we’ve grown up on the water and have kayaked/rafted a ton, so we knew what we were getting ourselves into. Trust your body, and if you’re getting too tired before making it out of the harbor, turn around and head back to shore.

**Side note here: If you don’t know how to swim, don’t do this trip. We went rafting with a girl who didn’t know how to swim in Thailand, and nearly flipped – way too close to a disaster. Talk with &Adventure if you have any concerns about your swimming capabilities before you do this trip.




Being on the water, you’ll get the sun from above, as well as the rays reflecting off the sea. Be sure to lather up in sun screen and maybe even bring a hat too.


If you want something to drink from the bar at lunch other than water, you’re going to need some cash to purchase that drink. We didn’t have any on us, and were slightly bummed as a beer sounded so refreshing in the Croatian sun!


After swimming, you’ll need to dry off before heading into the restaurant. They don’t mind people being a bit wet, but don’t want you to be drenched. We recommend this travel towel for the perfect compact, good for everything towel.


We brought our camera with us as we were fully confident in the dry bags and not flipping, but we also brought our GoPro. Having a waterproof camera was so nice to not worry about it getting wet while kayaking, and to be able to use it while swimming around too! Just don’t forget a floatation device like this one, so if you drop it you don’t lose it!

A T-Shirt:

You’ll be wearing a lifejacket while on the water, so we recommend bringing a tank top or t-shirt to wear underneath so it doesn’t scratch your skin! You may even consider a light long sleep shirt for extra protection from the sun.


Don’t forget to bring water with you! You’ll be on the water for a long time, working hard paddling in the sun! Having enough water with you can really make or break your trip. If you’re interested in a water bottle that can keep ice in it for 24 hours no matter the temperature outside, check out this one here. We absolutely love ours… all three of them 😉




If you didn’t know, Hvar is actually an island off the coast of Croatia, so to get to the island you’re going to have to take a ferry. The sea kayaking with &Adventure is located in the town of Hvar on Hvar. – does that even make sense!? ha… You have a couple different options for reaching Hvar (the town) … all include some sort of boat transportation from mainland Croatia.

By Car:

Renting a car in Croatia in the off season is extremely cheap, and is our top recommended way of exploring the country. If traveling by car, you can take the car ferry to two locations on Hvar (the island). From Split, you can take the car ferry to Stari Grad. This is the closest port via car to the town of Hvar. Check prices and timetables of the ferries between Split to Stari Grad, Hvar here.  From Stari Grad, you’ll have about a 20-minute drive to Hvar (the town).

If you’re traveling from the south of Croatia, you can take a car ferry from Drvenik to Sucuraj. This is a shorter and cheaper ferry crossing, however from Sucuraj, you’ll have about a two-hour drive to the town of Hvar. Check prices and timetables for the ferry from Drvenik to Sucuraj here.


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Parking Your Car Near &Adventure:

Continuing driving on the road to the left of the harbor/beach meeting point, you’ll find spots to park along the side of the road. The spaces are limited, so we aren’t sure how many you’ll find in the high season. There is also a parking lot just before the harbor where we saw cars parked without any sort of ticket, so that may be an option as well – but do so at your own risk!

By Foot:

If you don’t plan on renting a car in Croatia, don’t worry, you can still get over to Hvar! There are passenger ferries to and from Hvar, however, they tend to be quite expensive, although quicker than the car ferry. Alternatively, you can jump on the car ferry as a passenger (with no car) for a really cheap price!

The best route to get to Hvar (the town) would be from Split to Stari Grad. Stari Grad is about 30 minutes away from Hvar (the town) and has public transportation to the town, or you could give hitch hiking a try.

{Traveler’s Tip… If you’re planning on taking public transportation here, have cash on you. It costs 27 HRK (4 USD) one way, and you need to pay in cash upon arrival. Look for the small white bus upon departing the ferry.. and be sure to depart fast, you don’t want it taking off without you!} 

To reach Hvar via Drvenik to Sucuraj without a car, you’ll need to first ferry to the island of Hvar, and then again either give hitchhiking a try or pay for public transportation (however, we aren’t 100% sure about public transportation from here). This is quite a ways south of Hvar (the town), so we don’t really recommend this option.

Once in Hvar (the town):

Once you actually reach Hvar, it can be a bit tricky to find the harbor/meeting point for your sea kayaking tour with &Adventure. We use the offline map app, and actually didn’t find the beach that we were supposed to meet at on there. We’ve since added it, so hopefully, it will be on there soon!

Instead of searching for beach name that &Adventure tells you to meet at, try searching for “Ina Hvar”. This is a gas station located right at the meeting point for the sea kayaking trip with &Adventure. If “Ina Hvar” doesn’t work, try searching for “Bepo” in Hvar, as this is also near the beach/harbor.




There are a couple different companies that you can go through when booking a sea kayaking trip in Hvar. However, not all the companies offer the same deals, or have the same experienced guides.

&Adventure is the best company we found to do a sea kayaking trip with. Not only are their sea kayaks more suitable for sea kayaking in the open waters, the tour itself offered a longer time on the water, and the price point is great. (Around 50 USD per person). To top that off, Kristain, one of the main sea kayaking guides with &Adventure, is currently working towards getting his sea kayaking trainer’s license… meaning he’ll be the only person in Croatia that is certified to teach others how to sea kayak. Talk about feeling safe with your guide!

To book your trip with &Adventure, head to their website, find a date and time that suits you, and enjoy your sea kayaking adventure!


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*Prices and experiences are from our trip to Croatia in May 2017. If prices have changed, please let us know!
*Although we joined &Adventure on this sea kayaking tour as special guests, all opinions are our own, and we can 100% recommend them to you!
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