So… We Bought A Van… Surprised?!?!

How in the world did we think we were going to live in a country with amazing Creation to explore without having a car? Coming over here, having a car wasn’t even a thought.. After being here for about a month and realizing all the beauty this country has to offer not having a car was out of the question.


And could you have guessed we went for a van?


After our road trip across the United States and backpacking through South America, our new dream was to convert a van and travel in it for extended periods of time. Possibly even live in it for a wee bit. Hello perfect opportunity for this dream to become a reality. We knew we wanted to have a car a bit bigger than Zippy (check out our #ZippyAdventures here) and we wanted to be able to comfortably stay in whatever we bought for long weekends or even weeks at a time. It only made sense to buy a van!


We searched and searched for the perfect van for month on Gumtree and Ebay. For those of you back in the states, Gumtree is the Craigslist of the UK. By we, we mean Heather searched–While Jason was at school Heather spent her time researching vans and searching for the right one for us. Spring break came around and we had a few lined up to view. After viewing the first one in Dundee, an hour trains ride away, we came back home empty handed. We were a bit uneasy about this, as it was the beginning of Jason’s Spring Break and we really wanted to be in a van traveling around by that time.


Upon arriving back to the flat, Jason began searching for a van. He did more of an open search for vans in general, and found one that he loved within minutes. It was much smaller than the ones we were looking for before, and was already partially built out, but we had to see it. We emailed the owner, and set up a viewing the next morning.


Man the relief we felt after just setting up the viewing. We almost knew we were going to buy this one before even seeing it. We woke up and jumped on our bikes for a ten-mile bike ride to view the van. The ride was gorgeous, out along the coast the entire route. We had such peace about what was going to happen it was unreal.


We viewed the van and fell in love. Jason test-drove it around, discussed the build out with Stu, the previous owner, and then we sat inside and dreamed about it being ours. We had to seriously consider the fact that it was a small wheelbase with a standard roof, making it a bit smaller than what we were looking for, but in the end decided we would make it work. We wanted this cute little thing to be ours!


After getting all the paperwork sorted out, and figuring out insurance, we hit the road with HUGE smiles on our faces knowing we were driving away with our dreams becoming reality.




Read about the process of buying a car in the UK here –>> Purchasing a Car in the UK <<–



…Praise Report…

The Lord is so, so faithful. He continues to amaze us with all the blessings that have been poured out onto us. Buying a van was something that took lots of thought, prayer, and patience. There are so many factors to think about when buying a car.. multiply all of those times about 10 when buying a new car in a new country, and by another 10 when buying a car you want to be traveling in and converting. You can only image in the stress and attention to detail there was throughout this process. But man the Lord is faithful! The perfect van came up at the perfect timing. The Lord knew we wouldn’t have the time to completely gut and build out a van with Jason in school. He knew the amount of money we were able to put forth for this purchase. Fun fact–the van was about $100 less than what we had saved in our car fund back in the states.. and we didn’t even realize that till after the purchase. He knew exactly what to give us and exactly when.. and it is perfect! Praise the Lord for His guidance and direction!


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