Spring Break


Bikinis, sun kissed skin, and margaritas on the beach right?? Or rather, scarves and beanies, rain, rain, rain, and hot chocolate in the van!! Yes, we chose rain over sunshine.. but we had to get to Skye!!


Skye?!?! What’s Skye? Where’s Skye? Why would you go there?!


When talking with locals about heading to Skye for our “Easter Break” we had a mixed bag of reactions. Typical Easter Break traveling consisted of sightseeing in London, soaking in the sun on the beaches in Spain, or swimming with camels in Dubai- as one kid at church explained he did over his break. (Is that even a thing?! Who knows?) Not for us!! Skye was at the top of our list of places to explore in Scotland (you’ll see why when you see our pictures), and what better chance than a week off of school to explore the island? Not to mention the fact that at the beginning of Jason’s break we bought our new van, Isobel, and had to take her out on her inaugural run!


Our game plan for the trip was to head out on Sunday and make our way towards Skye, taking two days to get there, then spend three or four days in Skye and another day or two heading back to Aberdeen. With this plan and all the places to see and mishaps along the way, we decided to break down the trip into four posts so you can see all our pictures, and really get a sense of our trip without getting too bored with reading or overwhelmed with scrolling!!



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Read Part Two Here.. –>> Northern Loop of Skye: Part Two of The Inaugural #VanTrails Run <<–



Read Part Three Here.. –>> Western Loop of Skye: Part Three of The Inaugural #VanTrails Run <<–



Read Part Four Here.. –>> Skye to Aberdeen: Part Four of The Inaugural #VanTrails Run <<–







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