Not Your Average Two Week Thailand Itinerary

Are you heading to Thailand and don’t know what to see and do? Have you heard of the gorgeous country side, breathtaking temples, and turquoise oceans, but don’t know where to find them? Yeah, us too… We went to Thailand thinking we could just move from place to place at ease and experience it all. However, we quickly found out that wasn’t the case. We realized you have to go in with a game plan if you want to get away from the massive crowds and touristy streets. So, we’ve created a game plan for you, A.K.A. Not Your Average Two Week Thailand Itinerary.



In this two week Thailand itinerary, you’ll find out what temples to see in Bangkok without hundreds of tourists, where to eat with the locals in Chiang Mai, how to enjoy the countryside in Northern Thailand, and ways to relax on the island of Koh Phi Phi.


If you’re not big on following an itinerary, think of this post as a highlight reel of what to see in Thailand and sculpt your own Thailand itinerary! We recommend flying into Bangkok on a Thursday night, as doing so allows you to experience some of the major markets in both Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Seeing how a Thursday arrival to Bangkok is what we recommend, this Thailand itinerary is based off just that.


For each of the different regions in this itinerary, we have more in depth posts including daily schedules, exact places to eat and stay, and specific tours to go on. You can click on the links below, or the bold, orange headings to get more specifics!!


Bangkok: Three Day Itinerary

Chiang Mai: Three Day Itinerary

Pai: Two Night Itinerary

Koh Phi Phi: Five Day Itinerary





Arrive to Bangkok Thursday, and get settled in at your hostel. Go out for a massage and amazing Thai street food.


Book your transportation and accommodation for Chiang Mai today. Following this itinerary, you will want to book it for Saturday night. We took the overnight train which you can purchase here. By doing so, you will save on accommodation for the night and save time too! You don’t want to be travelling for 14 hours during the day! Choose what seat you think you’ll be most comfortable in, and be sure to get a cabin with AC!! Not keen on the train? Check out other transportation to Chiang Mai here. 


For accommodation, we 100% recommend ZZ House. Find it on  and book for three nights, your 4th-7th days, and one night on your 9th day. (Yes, that’s confusing… Don’t worry, at the end of this post will be a booking schedule!) Read this to find out why we love ZZ House.


Visit the Grand Palace in the morning, and the Golden Mount in the afternoon/evening. Be sure to check out the sunset from the Golden Mount and a few of the Wats you pass on your way there!




Spend your day at Khlong Lat Mayom floating market. Check out why we recommend this floating market here. After the market, catch the night train to Chiang Mai.




Your train will arrive into Chiang Mai around 7:00am. Head to ZZ House and drop off your belongings before heading to Khualek Café for breakfast. Rent a moped today and head around to the different wats within the old city. Spend your afternoon relaxing at the Grand Canyon of Thailand. (Find out how to get to the Grand Canyon, and more of our tips about it here.)  Be sure to eat before you head out there, but not too much, as you will be filling your belly at the Sunday Night Market tonight!



Book your elephant tour today. Loolu Tours is a great company to go through, otherwise, visiting the Elephant Nature Park is also a good choice. You can read about our elephant tour experience and learn what to expect here



Rent a moped again today and explore the wats on the outside of the city. Moped through the hills on the west side of Chiang Mai ending with a drive up to Dio Suthep. Tonight, watch the sunset from the sunset viewpoint about 5 miles up the road past Dio Suthep. Have dinner in the main market, and end your day with a Lady Boy Show.



If you’re heading to Pai, book your minibus and accommodations for Pai today.



The entire day today will be spent with the elephants! From around 07:00-17:00 you’ll be completely taken care of with your elephant tour company. When you arrive back to ZZ House, you’ll be completely exhausted, so stick close for dinner and head over to the night market near Wat San Pa Khoi for dinner (you can find it using your app). Check out this post for more photos and insights on what your full day entails!






Relax in the morning. Grab breakfast and coffee at Khualek Café before jumping on the minibus to Pai. Arriving to Pai after a three hour ride with 762 curves, you’ll want to start to unwind by just sticking around your bungalow. Go for a swim, read a book, and then head down to the main street for some food.



Have breakfast and amazing iced coffee at Good Life. Rent a moped for the day exploring the beautiful mountains and waterfalls surrounding Pai. Make your way to Pai Canyon just before sunset to watch the sun sink below the horizon. Enjoy dinner down on the river tonight.


Book your minibus to Chiang Mai for tomorrow early afternoon.



We can guarantee you’ll want to head back to Good Life for breakfast again. After breakfast gather your belongings and board your bus back to Chiang Mai.


[If you get car sick, Pai isn’t a good choice for you. Other options for these days include going to Chiang Rai to see the Heaven and Hell Temples or heading south to Dio Inthanon National Park.]






When you get back to Chiang Mai, check out some of the temples at night. Treat yourself to dinner at Lemongrass, or eat at the Night Bazaar. Don’t stay out too late, as you have an early flight in the morning.



Arrange an airport pick-up with Boyd. Today’s a long traveling day, so be sure to have a good breakfast and bring snacks with you!





After landing in Phuket, grab a cab to the Rassada Pier ferry terminal. The last ferry departs at 15:00, and with a one-hour drive, you’ll want to head straight to the terminal. Upon arrival to Koh Phi Phi, walk around and get a feel for the island. Enjoy dinner at Amico Restaurant, and don’t miss the sunset over Loh Dalum Bay.




Spend your morning hiking to the island viewpoint (30 baht). Grab lunch at the bottom of the stairway, and then head to your accommodation and pack your beach bag for Long Beach. After a full afternoon at Long Beach, grab some dinner finishing up by 21:00. This will give you plenty of time to head to the nearest fire show for the evening.



Book your boat tour for tomorrow. We recommend booking through Siam U.K. Travel and Tours. Find out why and all about your Island Hopping/snorkeling tour here




Grab breakfast at Mango Garden. Their waffles are delicious, and it’s right near your meeting point for the boat tour! From 09:00-Sunset you’ll be on your boat tour. Be sure to pack some snacks and your camera! Tonight, have dinner at the local market near PP Supermarket. (You can find PP Supermarket on your app.)




Check out of your room and spend the morning swimming in the pool or head to the beach for a few hours. By 2:30 you will need to be on your way to the Maya Bay Adventures shop. Enjoy Maya Bay with few other people, swim with plankton that light up, and allow your taste buds to scream with the beach BBQ!



Arrive back to the island around 10:00. Gather your belongings from the tour shop, grab some lunch to go, and make your way to the ferry terminal. Today you’ll be ferrying back to Phuket, catching a plane to Bangkok, and then boarding your flight home.



Don’t forget to click on the bold headings of each day break to find out more detailed information for the different regions of Thailand. This skeleton two week Thailand itinerary gives you an idea of what to expect/plan, but the specific posts on the different regions each go a bit more in depth with our tips and tricks! And remember, while this Thailand itinerary is a wonderful tool to use while traveling the country, be flexible while traveling. You never know what random things will be thrown at you on the road!

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If you want to book everything in advance, you certainly can! If following our two week Thailand itinerary, this will outline what days of your trip you need to have your tours, where to sleep, and transportation arranged. Our only advice, is that transportation was definitely cheaper when booking from a computer in Thailand rather than booking online from your home country! Our recommendations are in parentheses! Keep in mind, you will definitely want to book in advance if you’re traveling in the high season (November-March), but can probably get away with booking on the go in the low season!


Day 1:

Room: Near Khao San Road (Chill Out Hostel)

Tours: None

Transportation: None pre-booked, minibus hire from airport to Khao San Road.


Day 2:

Room: Near Khao San Road (Chill Out Hostel)

Tours: None

Transportation: None


Day 3:

Room: None (Take overnight train to Chiang Mai)

Tours: None

Transportation: Train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai


Day 4:

Room: Hostel in Chiang Mai (ZZ House)

Tours: None

Transportation: None pre-booked. Rent moped from hostel upon arrival.


Day 5:

Room: Hostel in Chiang Mai (ZZ House)

Tours: None

Transportation: None pre-booked. Rent moped from hostel upon arrival.


Day 6:

Room: Hostel in Chiang Mai (ZZ House)

Tours: Elephant Tour (Loolu Tours)

Transportation: None


Day 7:

Room: Guesthouse in Pai (one with a pool!)

Tours: None

Transportation: Minibus or moped to Pai


Day 8:

Room: Guesthouse in Pai (one with a pool)

Tours: None

Transportation: None pre-booked. Rent moped today.


Day 9:

Room: Hostel in Chiang Mai (ZZ House)

Tours: None

Transportation: Minibus or moped from Pai to Chiang Mai.


Day 10:

Room: Hostel/Hotel on Koh Phi Phi (Gypsy Sea View)

Tours: None

Transportation: Flight from Chiang Mai to Phuket, taxi from Phuket to Rassada Pier, Ferry from pier to Koh Phi Phi.


Day 11:

Room: Hotel/Hostel on Koh Phi Phi (Bay View Resort)

Tours: None.

Transportation: None.


Day 12:

Room: Hotel/Hostel on Koh Phi Phi (Bay View Resort)

Tours: Full Day Snorkeling Tour (Siam U.K. Travel and Tours)

Transportation: None.


Day 13:

Room: None. Overnight tour

Tours: Maya Bay Overnight Adventure

Transportation: None.


Day 14:

Room: None. You’re heading home today.

Tours: None

Transportation: Ferry from Koh Phi Phi to Phuket. Taxi from ferry terminal to airport. Flight from Phuket to Bangkok or home. Flight from Bangkok home.



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