The Cereda Household of Newport Beach

We left Disneyland and it hit us.. A week from that day (Sunday) we would be heading to the airport to take off for South America. What??!! How did this come up so quickly? Then we thought, a week… okay that’s plenty of time to still relax and hang out! You can get a lot done in a week!

We got to the Cereda house and had about an hour until Aunt Gina, Riley, and Jack would be getting there. We took advantage of this time and fit in a quick nap because we knew we would need lots of energy when the boys got home. At around 5:30 we were up and moving when Riley came running through the house so excited for us to be there! We were expecting him to be doing his happy hands dance, but after talking to Uncle Jeff later we found out he doesn’t do that too much anymore. Aunt Gina made a great homemade dinner, popped open a great bottle of wine, and we relaxed for the evening. When Uncle Jeff got home that evening we looked up what kind of free shows we could go to in LA. We ended up getting seats to a Conan Show for Tuesday afternoon.

Monday was very relaxing for us. We had laundry to do, lots of organizing and cleaning to get done with all our gear from the road trip, and some work to do on the computer for our South America trip. We woke up and walked the boys to school (something we did every morning) and Uncle Jeff took us down to show us around the boardwalk/beach stretch so we would know how to bike there and where to go. That evening we all went out for sushi that was absolutely delicious!

Our schedule for the week was basically to just relax and enjoy being in the same place for more than one night. The week mostly consisted of getting things done for our trip, spending time at the beach, and relaxing with the family.

Uncle Jeff and the two of us went to a Conan Show on Tuesday. The guest star was Dana Carvey who did the best impersonations of people that we have ever heard. Being able to watch a live show be filmed was really fun, and it being the Conan Show made it be really funny as well. After the show, we went to an amazing burger place in Brea, California, and then made the drive back to Uncle Jeff’s and we were able to see ourselves in the audience of the Conan Show on TV that night.


Ticket to the Show 🙂


Werner Brother’s Production Sight


Can you find the three of us??

Wednesday we ran errands in the morning to get supplies to make some homemade treats one last time before leaving the country. We ended up going crazy and getting stuff to make chocolate chip cookies, apple pie, and pumpkin cake. In the afternoon, we went down to the beach and enjoyed hammocking off the Newport Pier while reading and catching some sunrays. That night, we went to Brea to meet up with Mitchell and Alysa for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. We had such a great dinner catching up with them while eating some great wings!


Just doing the beach bum thing


Living the high life 🙂


Loving this time the Lord has given us!


Soaking in them rays


B Dub Dub with these two lovelies!

Thursday was another day for the beach. After taking the boys to school, we road bikes all the way down to Huntington Pier and relaxed there for a bit watching all the surfers. It was Aunt Gina’s birthday, so we watched the kids for the night while Aunt Gina and Uncle Jeff had a night to themselves. We ended up baking, baking, and baking, while making a huge mess in the kitchen. We made homemade pumpkin cake and apple pie, while getting flour in every place possible and eating cookie dough that we made the night before. It was a great time with the boys!


Huntington Beach

Friday morning we began laying out our clothes and gear for South America. It’s a good thing we started this process early because it wasn’t our top priority for the weekend. Uncle Jeff took us paddle boarding in the afternoon around a gorgeous area tucked back behind the harbor, then in the evening we went to Riley’s football game, his Fall Festival at school, then Jack’s football game later that night. It was so much fun getting to see the boys play football. Both were so into the game it was great! After football, we went and grabbed one of the best pizza’s we have ever had and enjoyed it that evening at the house.


Paddle Boarding.. such a great work out!


Riley getting ready to hike the ball!


And Jack ready to snag the ball.. or rip someone’s flag off!! He was great at both!!

Saturday we woke up and went to Jack and Riley’s soccer games. Again, it was such a fun time to see them running around on the field. It brought back memories of playing sports while we were younger. After football we went paddle boarding through the harbor seeing amazing houses and boats, then went to the house to grab the boys and take them swimming and hot tubbing for about an hour. All this time Aunt Gina was busy, busy, busy making her amazing homemade lasagna for our last homemade dish in the states. The lasagna was to die for, just as we remembered it from camping! She is an amazing cook! We had mouth-watering lasagna, garlic cheese bread, awesome salad, and delicious wine.

Sunday we woke up and realized this was the day we were leaving for South America. We looked around and realized we still had to pack and needed to make a last run to REI before taking off. So naturally, we went to REI in the morning, then went back to the house and grab our stuff and head to the beach for the afternoon. Leaving the country for an unknown amount of time means waiting till the very last moment possible to pack our bags and get all our stuff together. We had to leave the house around nine, so we got back from the beach around 5:00 or 6:00 to shower, eat dinner, pack our backpacks, and pack all our road trip stuff nicely into the closet. We FaceTimed Kristin and David while packing, eventually got everything together and ready just after nine, said our goodbyes to the boys and Aunt Gina, then left with Uncle Jeff for the airport.

On the way to the airport we Facetimed family, made our last phone calls for a while and listened to our theme song of the week one last time. (All About That Base) We got to our gate only ten minutes before boarding, of course, so we couldn’t do all the things we wanted to get done in the airport, but hey that’s usually what happens with us when we are on some kind of time constraint.

When we boarded the plane, the majority of the plane was full except for a couple seats. We were blessed to have three seats in the middle isle all to ourselves. This allowed us both to sleep the entire duration of the flight, except when they were serving dinner and breakfast of course!

Time at the Cereda house was so much fun, and we are looking forward to spending time with them again when we get back to the states! Stay tuned in for our next posts about the first few days in Peru and our Machu Picchu hike.

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